Game of Words: Free Word Games & Puzzles

Author: DreamLoft

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Game of Words: Free Word Games & Puzzles – This brilliant new puzzle game takes word games to a new level by combining cross word solving and word puzzle fun!

Starting with a simple word scramble and progressing to challenging brain teasers, play through over 3500 free word games that will boost your vocabulary and put your crossword ability to the test.

** Incredible word gameplay! **

– Relax and unwind with word games in beautiful settings
– Hunt for special items and uncover unique challenges
– Improve your vocabulary and word puzzle ability with cross word challenges
– Compete against friends and build your way to the top
– Solve word scrambles and earn rewards to feel real progress!

This new word puzzle is unlike any other. Build a home, discover new lands, and improve your word IQ. Start playing Game of Words and enjoy non-stop cross word fun with thousands of free word games that offer addictive brain training!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 1.4.6
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: DreamLoft
Price: Free
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Customer review

Linda Paulen

I love this game. But..what do I have to do to get a pet. I have 52 in line. No matter if the money is high or are being stingy. Please fix this glitch.

Paul Bushaw


Vangie Ramos

very nice game of words,amazing

Hilma Kashinambudhi J

The game is very nice. I enjoy playing it. Untill it starts freezing. Kindly work of this freezing story dear management. I'm even thinking of uninstalling it, which is not a good idea. Starting over isn't going to work.

Jason Bon

sow nice this game

Rondol Kirkwood

Fun Game! User Friendly! Good Graphics! Thanks!

stephen stones

brilliant game

Arturo San jose


Gator Smith

I've loved this game fir quite awhile, but since I was playing it yesterday and today it won't let me get more rewards where the chest is, just keeps saying loading. I've uninstalled it a couple time and rebooted mu phone and it's still doing it. Driving me nutso. If this keeps up I'll just find another game to play. I think that when you get to a certain point it they won't let you get anymore rewards until you get the paid version. Cuz game itself loads ok.

Rosanna Hiligan

so much fun I love ut

Robyn Morris

great game

Lucy Atienza

this app is so nice to refresh for learning

Barbara Brown

Love this game,fun,free,educational and works your brain well.Hours of fun....THankyou.

Trevia H

it's a easy gme,i like it

Harold Kobuk

on a slow day, something to work on.

Miss Jennifer Ryder

Can't Think Of A Word. Then It Just Come's To Me. Great Game. Brain Trainer.

Richard James


roberta vendsel

too early to tell

Johnetta Harper

Good brain game!

Sharon T

Love this game. The pets and home upgrades are fun. Last level was great. Look forward to seeing more. I have enjoyed this game but the advertisement for tokchat was insulting. Those are the young girls being trafficked from the border. Made me sick that you accept this. Yes I am from Texas and we hate what is being done to these poor girls. Shame on you!

michele Beache

This game is stimulating . I am able to remember words that I jave not used in decades.

Janine Tekura Naomi Tito

fun game to pass the time

Patsie Gibbons

good 😊👍

Meta4 matt

fun, too many ads

Abubakar Rajab

I Learn to fixed words and I need this to my brean to understand so much, I got more knowledge and improvement to my personal life, no need to hire person to teach you and learn about this, this is awesome apprecited to those who are invinted this game, I love it very very much and I love you all out there, I think you can make another game to the people's like to learn and improved the're grammar like me, improvement and learn is the most important to us, thank you more bless God guide you all.

Melissa Lankford

it's a word game alright

Shannon Chambers

game is OK. not enough energy to play more than 5 min. The building upgrades are a bit pricey.

rasha salah


Rachel Maleka


khaity Naguit

this good game and can boost your brain


this game is amazing

Rubencito Bartolo



I love it.....

Mary Gilbert

Love it and I'm very good with words helps a little bit try you'll love it also Mary Gilbert

Benjamin Varela

While I download this game I sit here and read the reviews so now I'm thinking in uninstalling this game I don't want a bunch of commercials I just want to play this game ok it's upload is complete oh alright I will give it a try and only then I will see if this is a good game for me wish me luck

Mitzi Bingham

i love it

J Johnson

App freezes and reward is not granted. I am at level 20, and now uninstalling this app because of too many ads and I have been denied getting rewards after watching ads. The last month this app is terrible. Do not use!!!

Nilanjona Sultan



Really fun!!

George Hicks III

entertainment through the roof

Rosalind Sheridan

quite a queeky game keeps interested and fun to play

Cliff Walkley

I gave it ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ but I will give it 4 - 4 1/2 only because of the ads.

Brenda M. Mays

One of my favorite word games - stimulates the mind!

Fran D'Aubrey

Good casual game only problem I've had is that it doesn't recognise some words the first time they are entered

Ivy diaz Domingo arbizo

I enjoy playing this game because it enhances my it

Marietta Wheeler

love it

Arian Rumaguera

That's amazing game though👌no ads all the time when level up so.

Lyn arie Zamora

its a good

Betty Gaines

first time playing/

Yeo James

Good past time. Interesting game


absolutely love it.

theresa fernandez

totally entertaining


nice to play

Arielle Edwards

really fun and engaging word game. help you pass time or help you fall asleep

judith hodge

love it


The game is very good like the challenges thanks

Char Luedtke

It's fun and relaxing

Julieta Carupo

nice game

Irvin Dixon

very addictive, and fun. The only issue I have is the hints should not cost so much mine are up to 5,500 per hint.

Big Mom


Baz Myers

good brain workout

Jefferson Melecio


dovie myburgh

I have download game of words now 6 times,,it downliad till 100% then i fet a message can not install what does that mean please

Laurie Faulkner

I love word games! This one's just like the ones I used to do in the books . Well done 👏 👏👏

Leandra Engelbrecht

Love it! so relaxing

Viance gylle Clemenia

nice game

Leif T Hovda

yery entertaining

Stino Hendricks

Fun and enjoyable ❤️

Elaine Whidden

Love the game, need to spend my coins, I have over 2 million, what can I do with them?

Mari Spiegel

I love Word Games

crystal gaultier


Debra Golden Whidby

Love this - challenging as well as educational!

Debbie Anderson

Very enjoyable

Elvie Sing

I like this one of my favorite games.

Zeny Ramirez

I really like this game,


keep your brain Sharp

CM Blignaut

Must wait to see whether payment into my PayPal account actually occurs. Enjoyable up to now.


Finished and need new levels! 👏👏👏👏 5205... 33/33 Emerald Isle... 629,535 coins... 590 goes on the wheel and 28 keys left. 🎁 Yet to release the Unicorn but well on the way to finishing the Camel and Dragon. 🎉 Please release new levels and put me out of my misery 👍😉

Wendy Phillips

This is a great game. I've been playing it a long time and never get tired of it. Great enjoyment.

Sandy Greener

Brilliant!! Best game EVER!!This game is so addictive!! It keeps my brain active and tests my word knowledge. I've actually uninstalled one of my other word games as this one beats it hands down. I note that the developers have been promising more lands, but have yet to see this happen. I paid to remove the ads and that was money well spent. My only criticism would be that there aren't enough strawberries to keep my pets fed, as the game progresses. All in all, a fantastic addictive game!!

Gail Dorries

Game is really good, but some ads keep taking you to the play store and you can't get the ad to go away. I dont know how long you have to wait for it to go away but it seems like you have to restart the game. Hate to uninstall cause I really like it. I keep trying to play, 3 times I restarted the game and the ad won't go away so I might as well uninstall this game.

Lianne Narciso

great games😚🥰

Cheri Johnson Johnson

good game

Lorie Paxton

Great game!!!

Richard Adams

After I got to so many levels, I couldnt get the prizes out of the treasure chest. It stopped working. That's not rightl

Irene Rosal


Tweak Italong

nice game keeps your mind busy

patricia hooks

nice game

Dalene Engelbrecht


Stephanie Onyeuka

is very nice and enjoyable

Black Mamba

I thought the game would be more on grammar.

Candi Davis

Got to level 434 and game stopped working BOOOOOO

Chifred Gold

Enjoy the game but there are some ad online

Glenda Thomas

Really fun to play

Phumza Dyalivane


Leonella Liu

I had fun, not a bad game, enjoyed

Scott Hentschel

fun, educational and addictive thanks

javira mayaman

SuperAwesomeGame,.. Feeling so gr8 and My Stress reliever❣️

Shiela Smith

just challenging enough.

Teneshia UlaSharice Ingram

This word game has, sentences that has a blank to fill in. Game of Words is excellent!