Game of Words: Free Word Games & Puzzles

Author: DreamLoft

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Game of Words: Free Word Games & Puzzles – This brilliant new puzzle game takes word games to a new level by combining cross word solving and word puzzle fun!

Starting with a simple word scramble and progressing to challenging brain teasers, play through over 3500 free word games that will boost your vocabulary and put your crossword ability to the test.

** Incredible word gameplay! **

– Relax and unwind with word games in beautiful settings
– Hunt for special items and uncover unique challenges
– Improve your vocabulary and word puzzle ability with cross word challenges
– Compete against friends and build your way to the top
– Solve word scrambles and earn rewards to feel real progress!

This new word puzzle is unlike any other. Build a home, discover new lands, and improve your word IQ. Start playing Game of Words and enjoy non-stop cross word fun with thousands of free word games that offer addictive brain training!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 1.4.6
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: DreamLoft
Price: Free
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Customer review


Another update!! I'm still not able to play!! I haven't been able to play for months! What's up with that!!??

Daddi Red

great game for concentration

Brian Darnold


Rey Mond

Still playing this game, I have it on two phone's and the wife's phone, love the graphics keep up the creative wonder. Ray

Darlene Benwoir

very good game

Y Perryman


Eduardo Zayas

Fascinating educational game.

Zanele Mbambo

The game is very exciting however i did have it nd got deleted by mistake so i was so confused why it did not take me to my previous stage

g pax

I sent them 3 emails over 2 weeks and they dont answer why i did not receive a fan award each time i got it. They do not believe in customer service

Melissa Tedrick

I got to a certain level and it would not go on to the next level. I got to the end of the puzzle and I filled in all of the spaces two were left black and it would not move on.

Kory Furr

all and all its a good game

Michael Gurganus

this game is fun and relaxing to play

Jeanine Reeves

Wow game

Marilyn Schick

great game

Linda Paulen

I downloaded the updated version of this a couple of months ago. I have yet to get any COLLECTIONS. LOOSEN UP PLEASE. ACTUALLY TOTAL..I'VE Played FOR 4 YEARS . My rank is 2761. You act like you are actually handing out your own money. Thank you for your time please think about redoing the collections section.

Barbara Sue Agoglia


A Google user

Thank you for updating more levels and pets to take care. Like on enhancing grammars kindly consider adding c hoosing the correct spellings.

Linda Bishop

different more challenging words

E. D. Lister

The best word game here. Beautifully done. And the only game I have found here so far that has an exit button, trusting the player will return as any player who recognize a quality game will do. This one will & does.

deborah cox

Enjoy the puzzle and figuring out all the words and extra word points! Plus you fix up lands as you go with the coins you earn! They don't overwhelm you with ads!

Katie McCaddin

I am enjoying it. it gets harder as it goes.

Jul Maulidal

nice one

Richard Jones

I love to play this game

Marcia scott

Its awesome keep my mine from thinking whats going and in the word but ineed to get back to the top where i was ionly have three houses to complete ca game of word put me bck where i left the game oh i had a new device

Kerry Maloney

It seem interestingly smart for me to play on this game.

sandra mckirdy

In a nutshell I love it. Played on my old tablet and got quite far along. My only problem would be I had to install on my new tablet and have had to start at the beginning, perhaps I did something wrong, so no biggy.

Yvonne Blackwell

ok problem I got two candle holders & two plain pearls from the chest . Not showing on list. Can they be deleted for some reason ? I like the game.

patricia robinson

this is a wonderful game

Shelly Mann

I had a technical issue after playing for a while but the issue was resolved & I think this one of the best games I've ever played

Dorothy Crist

awesome game and fun to play !


Fun game until you get in the upper levels where the winnings are higher on the wheel.. but it never stops on them. Same with amounts when you open chests.. never seem to get the high paying prizes anymore. Made it up to level 1486 and going to give up. Spent too much already on the package deals.. where your amounts drop significantly after you've bought some. Too much of a rip-off.

Roisin Kane

brilliant gane.

stephanie zufelt

better and less glitches than most of the other scrabble games

Linda Hoekstra

Game of words is fun and engaging. A few problems exist, especially the game's failure to catch and place words the player spelled in the proper boxes. When blank crossword spaces require a word already entered, it's frustrating. Also, spelling is often the UK version, such as "flavour", instead of "flavor".

Arianna Mincy

great game

Itsme Youknowwho

I would give more stars if they provided definitions for words?? So many words are not real words in the english language! Also, you receive far too little for completing a board (250 coins) when you need 55,000 to get to the next build.

Jill Winter

Can't update. No new worlds in over a month. No new pets. I see your response but it's been over a month since the last land and levels were update. My doctor wants me to play games like this for brain health and I love playing this game and love the pets. But I'm bored

melissa el

keeps me entertained

Margaret Morris

good game - keeps my old brain active/ super so far ☺

Kymberlyn Reed

This has to be the BEST of these types of word games. For one thing, it's challenging which I appreciate. There's a higher quality of vocabulary which really helps to sharpen the old noggin, lol. There's plenty of ways to collect gold, prizes and build cool fantasy homes. Moreover, the ads aren't too intrusive and they're not demanding real money in the middle of game. Plus the fantasy-style music is soothing.