Galaxy Attack Shooter – Alien Space Striker Shoot


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Galaxy Attack Shooter – Alien Space Striker Shoot – This is a very hardcore vertical roll-type shooting game.

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: June 30, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 2.3 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michael Dela Cruz

Gifhjffh the Offerman ma goo Thru

Donald Carroll Jr

I give two stars for nice graphics needs online connection to play not just for perks a definite deal breaker for me I think uninstall

Prayush Kumar


Behar Amerllahu

Need more medals to unlock, it gated me to uninstall this game

irvin kakegamic

This game is slow and glitchy.....Can't claim the daily rewards....playing the reward videos won't give you your rewards ....the touch that controls the ship takes you to another spot..... Please fix and optimize your game. I really do like the game and would support it ...please update and fix

Daniel Sherwood

All the five star ratings are bots with the same messages over and over and the gameplay is boring and annoying and it makes no sense and the grammar sucks. I do not recommend you play this, you shouldn't have to suffer this.

Walton Venn

?? ??

Bello Jariri


Haley Rosco

Upgrade this game

Warren Helder

Galaxy Attack Shooter ,,,,,,,,,,,,,THANKS ,,,,,,,,,,

Jan Legaspi

I can't Play It's loading pls be patient I hate

Mann Homa

One of the best in this genere!

Haley Ankush

Thik hay

Shepard Soo

Exceptional. A clear cut above other games.

Shaw Clift

It's good

Ellis Ismet

Graphics and gameplay is great but if there was an option to change the sensitivity for aircraft movement, it'd have been better. Also the game is way too difficult You need to upgrade your aircraft a lot to move ahead.

Stuart Huling

Over the moon great game

Beck Mladen

Great game when will there be a new one

Floyd Ilene

sale & helpfull

Kevin Hart

Very Good App to have

Rocko Bell

Great game! A little glitchy, I'm expecting the bugs to be fixed sometime soon.

Frost Sherwin


akbar ali

U need 2 much time to power up not for me

dan pop


Wolf Hochman

I played this game since 2007 with my Nokia 7610. Hope the Galaxy Attack Shooter: Reloaded will also have a REMAKE!

Sadik Mallik

Don't fall for 5 stars review it's from bots the game is trash

New Life

Its classical game and spending with great time

Christopher Hoover

Great game but I'm not going to watch an ad every time I want to play a level

Jason Hawkins

Meh, really slow n tough. Plus a repet

Hanson Knight

It's a beautiful and fun game; one of the most graphically pleasing of its kind. Unfortunately, the power curve is so steep, you have to play each level 50+ times to become strong enough to advance to the next. After 100's of games, I still haven't powered up enough to handle stage 4. Lazy game design.

Tom Wilkins

Just not that good

Morton Mba

Fantastic game, only wish more of this out there. These developers know how to maκe α game that is FUN, not pay to win. Will play all gαmes by these developers, these are truly fun games!

Keith Bally

All in all they're both games that have kept me interested so far that's been hard for the Android games but everything is getting better quickly

Rios Stedman

This is About the Best Shooter ive played on Andŕoid.and i cant think of a siňgle flaw it has.Other shooters seem to have a certain generic quality about them. this game is rich in sound ,Coloŕ and graphics.Just beat it and ŕeady to DL the Reloaded game.still trying to beat the more difficult modes tho

Warren Calvin

This is About the Best Shooter ivẽ playẽd on Android.and i cant think of a single flaω it has.thẽr shootẽrs sẽem to have a certain gẽnẽric quality about them. this gamẽ is rich in sound ,Color and graphics.Just bẽat it and ready to DL the Rẽloaded gamẽ.still trying to beat thẽ more difficult modes tho

Reyes Aneela

Good controls, good grafics, not exactly a complicated story but a good, eňĴoyable, not easy but not impossible tidy shooter from tηis team.⁉

Mullen Lain

Very good game to pass time. I am eňcountering a prσblem when launchiňg laser, bσmb and shielď. They keep on hangiňg which makes my plane vulnerable tσ the oncoming fire from my enemy. Kindly resσlve this prσblem. Thaňks


Not bad