Furnish Up!

Author: Original Labs

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Decorate your new home! Get the delivery and design your house according to your stuff! Remember, every item belongs in a room, make sure you move it to the right places.

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Update time: Jul 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Original Labs
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lucinda VanDyke

The game does not have enough houses to do and it does not take long to finish had all 3 houses done in no time and the more lots available le soon is taking too long to show more houses to furnish.

Nat Coggan

Fun but a couple adds

Carlo Lowe

love it sought of reminds you of the sims just amd as you play more the bigger objects have really good graphics

mom mcgee

It only let's you complete 3 houses.

Bryce Childress

It wont let me finish my house! 😠

Leighamary Jane

I kind of like it if it wasn't for the ads

Maola DanielsMcCroey

It's a different game but I think I will like it.

Samantha Weaver

Love the game but when will there be houses. Only done I think like 3 or 4. Please do more

Dorothy Vernatter

really fun game

mohsin shah

fahad shah

Afifa Firadhatul Jannah

The haptic is so annoyinggg

Bushra Ibrahim


Harmony Raymond

Lags every 5 second and have to log upt of the app

Stephanie T

Needs more levels there is only 3 at this time. And you have to watch ads to get the premium items

Nik Fatisuriani Suyani

Why i can't install this game huh?

Jane Holmun

Love this game. Please hurry with some more houses 🏘️.

Warren Ross

needs sound on it would make it a lot better

Jessica Hernandez

Game kept freezing once I reached the second house, I refreshed the game then my phone and nothing worked

peny lol

Bad. When I got a package, I got books and idk where they go, so I left and joined but I still get these. STUPID. BOOKS. where do they go?

Jordyn Neilson

Fun Game... But not enough levels. If it doesn't update with new levels I'll cut my losses. But I did enjoy the game.. I just wish there was more levels 🙄

Farhana Begum

I. like. this. gane

Tiffany Ducey

I guess I finished the game then. I did 3 houses and it said more slots coming soon and ts been over 3 days now. It would be better if you had a choice in what the furniture looks like.

Bobbie Mansberger

To many ads you get maybe 2 box's the an ad comes up, could use more furniture options too and sell what you don't like after you open a package. Uninstalled

Jamie Stockdale

Way, way too badly ads. I would gladly purchase to remove ads, or a way to purchase upgrades with either an ad or the money you've earned right off the bat. Overall, the game is fun, but there's still a lot of things that can be improved quite a bit.

Amy Harris

Waaaaaaay too many ads. Interrupting actual gameplay, forcing you to click on them. Could have been a cool game without so many.


Re Review : Cute Graphics,Nice layouts and furniture, but only 3 houses. Only took me 3 hrs to finish. Needs alot more ,different ,large ,small houses. More selection of furniture. And create your own Avatar. Otherwise. I really enjoyed your Game. Looking forward to updates soon. Also ,would be nice to be able to clear the 3 houses and start over.Aug.8.22. I just Started and so far so good. will update later.

Samantha Lee

Addictive game, but seems incomplete with only 3 houses to furnish. "New lots will be available soon..." Is what it says after house 3. In hoping for their sake, it's dinner rather than later. No one wants to keep an unuseable game on their phone for too long. The only other issues I had was that the videos didn't like working all the time and the game froze and I was kicked several times. But, because I liked the game itself I dealt with it. Please fix these things. Thank you.

Shahd Shiref

B net or without net

Marisol Garcia

i love this game

Marie D

First: I love the idea of this game. Relaxing. The lack of stars is because of the constant freezing and crashing, which resets the game back a bit. Fix this, and it would be 5 stars.

Luna Maya


Mamta Kushwah

Good game



Alexandrea Parrish

Can't play with the constant vibration at every turn

Mystic Fire

Might be a fun game... Almost every time I have to watch an ad (less than 5mins) the game closes. May try again later on.

Sushma Latha

Why can't we keep the furniture where we want? Please reply 🥺🥱🥱

One black truck Handyman services

Like others no many houses and all same design but I hate all of the random pop up ads

Kristin Heyn

Really wish there were more levels than the three houses. But fun, just waiting.

Aqeel Khokha

This game is not working then I start the game automatically this game was close 🤔🙄


Incredibly boring and tedious. Can't even choose where to place furniture.

Umesh Bhatt


Ahmad King

It's to bad game it,s not going to download I will delete Three app for this game but this game not downloading

Abdul Wasy


Gabby Diaz


jhas mine

Laggy and boring i wish this app never have been created..🤣🤣😡😡😡

Nevaeh Westcott

Its soo fun but so many ads

Michelle K

There were only two houses to furnish, then it says to move on to the next house but there is no next house??? So lame.

Hen Heang

Sya main ini furnish up lucu lucu

Jason Fitzgerald

let me down load

Cinnamon B

the walking animation is the dumbest I've ever seen

Gabija Smailyte

It's great but after 3 houses you done

LaKeysha Tipton

Love the game, not enough levels.... Is taking up space for me to keep waiting for new levels.

Lady Titi Fountain

I was having fun until I finished the last house and went to do the next one and there wasn't one there how misleading. And disappointing 😞

Andrea Denes

When u will update? We are waiting too long!!!I finished the third time my 3 houses but still there is no new plot!! But the game is getting better!!!

Kerry Sutton

Only completed 3 houses and it says slots available soon... 2 days ago! No new houses available yet. The designs are almost the same and not much choice at all. Would be even better if more choices of different furniture could be made available, I'd personally like to name my character and choose hair colour etc... It would make it more fun.

Stylish Boy


Heather Kuretz

While I agree with the other reviewers my biggest issue with this game is the lag and freezing. Other than that I really enjoy this game.

Chell Hamb

I didn't have any problems with bugs. Love this game but they need to make more houses to unpack. Even better if the house had actions with furniture.

Kelly Reynolds


Johnny Jobless

It helped me build my own house.

Serena Federixo


Hanzala Ali


Nimma Tvs

this is a nice game

Deb Kaminski

I really like this game. Please make another house available as I've done all three all ready to the maximum.

Nicky Joyce Galvan

𝙄 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙨𝙨𝙨

Mohammad Nazri


Clare Card

I was trying to play and the game started to go crazy and i could not play im deleting it right now.😠😠

Alisha Imran

So boring and can't choose what you like to put into the rooms .

barbara munnsroad

A good game but need a lot more houses then the 3 that are there. More houses for more stars.

Carla Baguinan

Nice app

Ahmad Nazeer

This game is very enjoyable & satisfying. I don't have anything more to say about this, but it's a cool game..regardless the friendship options xd. 5 stars for me..I'm also waiting for more updates about the game!

Cici Culp

Game frozen as soon as it opened. Did not get to play it at all. Not worth one star honestly.

Angela Coleman

This game is fun but is it crashes a lot!!!

17 H Priyal Singh

As others said too many adds and no levels like not that fun

Alisha Davis

it is a fun game. I want it to be a no add game

Karnati Samuel


maria carolina yuson

It's a fun game but after I placed the bed and got another package it didn't load the package in and I asked my cousin (player of the game) did it happen to her she said "no" I hope you fix this glitch thanks

Jennifer Pavuk

So the update is actually pretty great. The additions are super fun and ads are working way better to get the upgraded items too, but my issue is house #3 is just a complete repeat as before. There's nothing new to it. But really, is coming together awesome! Just sad I finished all the houses lol.

Evelyn Gyamfi

It's good and all but just a tiny bit of ads and it's really fun like your decorating a house but your really not because it's a shop and the fact we have to put lot's of things to get customers is to much


Super fun at first. Then you just buy more houses and do it again. The problem is, you have to watch several ads to really get anywhere. That isn't even including ad breaks! I understand there needs to be ads for them to make money, but this is extreme.

Terbela 123

This is amazing game

cameron l

I think this game is fun but the only issue is every time I play the game it freezers

Samantha Curnutte

it's relike glitchy qnd leggy, randomly shuts off. if it wasn't for that it would be awesome!!!!

Karry Corey

It's fun but short

Rameen Rameen

dy is

MuhArslan Live

This game is so bad i hate it to many adds and girl in the game is not walking properly it is dancing plz mixs it 😠😠😤😣i will give one star bye

Brandi Bice

There's only 3 houses to furnish after that it says more houses will be added soon. I don't recommend the game

Violeta Dimitrova

I do like this game but I couldn't finish the first house because when I was on the bedroom the guy threw the box and I just had to unstall the game and play it again it was going good so far when I was on the bathroom the same guy threw the box and I couldn't pick it up

eva tsc

Very fun wish there were more stages but ultimately very satisfying to play

August Carignan

There's no tutorials and when I opened the premium package I couldn't put the dog down and couldn't find a place for the books. a hint or tutorial would help

Alex Nothing

It's just not a good game in mu opinion the game is just kinda weird. It's a no from me.

Mano Ji

It's toooooooooooooooo goooooooood

Shazia Perveen

I like it is game

Moosa Kazim

We can play only 3 houses

Megan-Kayte Watkin


Merly Gonzales

this si so fun promiz go install na😊

Samantha Poole

I got boxes for 3 rooms then no boxes for days still. That cant be it.

Gracie Schwartz

Hard to walk in the game

Harisson st velus

like it you should try it

Windy Whisenant

I like this game but I agree with everybody else too many ads and there's only three houses you need to have more houses and do a buy no ads because they're really annoying will change my grade if you do better and soon