Furies: Last Escape

Author: Blue Ultra Game Limited

1,000,000+ install


Furies: Last Escape – Build your military empire, conduct all kinds of army, rebuild the world order!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: May 26, 2021
Current version: 1.300.299
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Blue Ultra Game Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

max dean

this game is the worst. first nothing is done when a player starts harrasing me but when i report the message nothing is done. whoever checks the reported needs to be fired for not doing there job. so i suggest yall do your job correctly something like should have been delt with.


Binding the account doesn't work for some unknown reason every time i click to one of the 2 choices it just brings me back in the game. Its a great game but i dont want to lose my progress if i accidentally delete the app.

Tristan Giraud

Actually this game was quite nice (mostly because I met professionals who know what they do). But the Gacha system for orange hero is broken. In fact, everyday you recieve one free orange ticket. But after 2 months of gacha I am bored to recieve always blue heroes. And the ressources regeneration is too slow! And too much diams to purchase a shield whereas I am attacked everyday. Next, there's no new event upcoming and no real update. I think you let out this game for real! Thank you

Eugeo dono

So bad

Roosevelt Mack

Quan and saki forever

Orimura Sazuka [Kawaii Anime Boy]

I love this game. The characters are ❤️beautiful and cute❤️. There's no problems or bug in this game. If it does maybe a little glitch or laggy. A lot of players were complaining about this game.(others than bug issue) I don't think that's the problem about this game. Don't listen to them ok creator. This game is perfect. 😉I have lots of idea to give it to u😉. Too all players I suggest u use your strategy so others can't attack ur base🙂. Don't blame the creator for your lost in game😤.

Dummy Kenth

Can't be played

Ethan Stewart

Not single-player, copy and paste game like warpath or King of Avalon, ready your wallets, because there is a massive chance of transactions. Lots. And lots. Of transactions. Additionally, it is in anime form and has slightly lewd characters, and a strange lack of male soldiers. Which is odd, given the large majority of soldiers across the globe is male, so there's a good chance this feeds off 13 year olds. Just sayin'

Boggy Sam

Rubbish game. 1. Content of this game is as old as 3 year back. Nothing much update. Event has repeated itself for almost 4 year.. same old event 2. Many of the event that was mention to be coming soon, but the coming soon is like 4 to 5years ago. It never came. 3. Came out so many p2w hero and now suddenly they just notify everyone that they are ongoing another game and there wont be any event upcoming.. 4. You pay to be strong, and pay even more to be stronger.

Mikhael Anthony

i like night-bird flag ❤️

Myron Spurlock

Never have enough supplies or resources. Build menu shows 2/3 buildings like a shelter for population. But then says base needs to be level x when you try to build it. Clearly it should be 2/2 if I can't build it. The list of little annoyances is too long.

_0399 Lê Nguyễn Minh Khoa

Game keep freezing when I entered world map, and pls remove those unplayable events thing like that alliance base, this game also full of bs who idiots did the math in daily mission

Wai Wei




Edilyn Delacruz

Very good app no bugs no problems and No adds thanks for developing it☺️☺️☺️

Pepper 101

Best anime style strategy game on the market.


Decent so far but its annoying that i have give permissions to storage yet everytime i try to change profole picture, nothing changes or happens.

Sword String

The issues with the game are numerous. First off is that they're using some characters from zgirls 3 which is done by a different company and one of the quests is to like that game on Facebook. Another, is that you can only recruit heroes when you pop your newbie shield on lvl 6 and build the hero building. Unless you spend, you're stuck with the one hero beforehand. With the newbie shield gone, you're open to constant attack, so good luck at trying to grow.

Anshul gaming

Very best game play with my friends op game


i'll just leave this 5 stars. i'll just patiently wait for devs on improving the game and stuff.

Samuel England

Is really fun if you like base building games

Aditya Nurpratama

Dead game, no event, no player, p2w everything, no cs

Joe Day

It's dying, there's pay to win.

Mr Goose

MY ACCOUNT! I load back in after a few months and my account which I spent money on has disconnected from me. It made me restart the whole game despite the fact that I already did it!

Utkarsh Srivastava


Elsy Messy

Among the worst games around. There is NOTHING good about this one.

Shaun Sites-Formerly SPEEDFREAK6988

Horrible game design,locked everything behind actual pay walls and sets up beginners to immediately fail.It used to not be this way but ultimately I became another trash p2w game.Uninstalled.

Zwag Harness

I purchased the profile picture pack and the game is saying I did as well but when I try to change it the game won't let me. I contacted in game staff and they haven't responded it's been 3 days now! Please fix for 5 star!

Terlisa Pacquiao

People kept raiding my base :/

hi ur gay

This game is very p2w in alot of things like needing to pay irl money for changing your pfp which is very anoying you should make that free also it would be better if you made the game more f2p friendly. Also it would be nice if you could replace the alliance leader no matter what your rank is when your leader has been inactive for more than a month

Clyde Ramirez

I buy the bundle when you can change permanent avatar. but not even working when changing the profile.


Dear Developer and Customer service team.i had a problem after updating to newer version and still has no solution!this the 3rd time edit this Reviews than i shall wrote the truth..as base building anime styles it pretty promising with bunch of cuteness 😍 P2W/F2P are able to win trust me! I've playing from 1st day this game launching it have LST platform but it does have trust issues with Cs and Dev Team has no Response neither solution for their Bug..my advice do not updating to newer version

Mark Vincent Binarao

It's fun to play but the activation codes are so outdated this days 😢

Kirasume Akari Anemachi

It good and easy I don't care about the gacha but it good


This game is pretty fun, and somewhat low maintenance. For some reason some of its notifications have the name Zgirls 3, which is weird

Garry Marcelrene

This game is dead hardly no one fights back or anything all the castles different players are dead

Brian Burkill

SO many new bugs introduced on every upgrade. Game is alright. WHEN you are able to play it. Every upgrade introduces new bugs which never get fixed.


Translator not working, unable to communicate

Naufal Qayyum

All I wanna ask, is this game for girls only?

Uriel Arteaga A.

Game is dead lmao

Oliver Graham

Keeps crashing

Procely may Miraran

2star for now cuz nothings new improvement, atleast work on state immigration from lower state cuz its dying to boring to come and play if there is 10 old state merge it to 2 state only, the state might be alive again

Wesley Overacre

I don't like to be attack by the enemy alot of times🤬

Danial Hafiz

nice game.i like it😇

Aeh Lye

For me it's the best survival game ever (◍•ᴗ•◍) I have nothing to say because it's good. Graphics check very amazing it's beautiful it's almost realistic.


Very good game ngl

jeremia kenick

Great game

Rem Rem

nothing to say i like this one

fepe jhonjhon


Mondo Gringo

Would run real slow on Lenovo TB-8505F. Unusable...

titi picolo

So good

evilwhisper r

Seems to be missing Alot of characters

Knowell Rapa

This game is a pay to win

Gary hodge

This game is incomplete. The parts that are strategy and base building are solid, but the plot, characters, and parts not grafted from other games need work.

Cody Nitzel

Can't even login constant connection error message and it isn't my internet.


I love the game but I have a huge problem with people attacking without any notification popping up like it would 'normally' and the fact I have a shield on... It's as if the game is delayed and it's very frustrating...

iliya xo



Game abandoned

Helmi Januar

Boored. Different gameplay from ads. FAKE ADS

Adam Ikhlal Fahrezi

To many bug now in this game

Ferdinan Josua

Storage is Full.


Its so fun but in this Day its seem like error can i fix it i hope... 🥲

Vin Devera

Well this game is awesome

Chuks Nelo



I saw so many people talk about sound,do you guys know that you can turn off the sound at setting?

chupapi muñañyo

This game kinda nice but the sound is soo annoying and all think in this game was copy in last shelter and the building grahpic is poor plss make its kinda nice look and last there a bug when i was building when i use speed boost nothing happen plsss fixed thanks :)

Arham Rihab

Crushes every time I try to use TRANSPORT

Calvin Ferkel

Im done trying tonplay this game when it wont work for me so bye, and this was the worse customer service because i have emailed and everything butni never got a reply back


Trash support

francis ace dela cruz

I like it I don't encounter any bugs or glitches so there's no problem when playing the game




The game defenately deserves the 5 star, but I have it at 4 stars just because of a feature I dont like Sorry I know, it sounds dumb but, when your medical tents fill up troops shouldnt die they should just refill the tent. Either that or just lower the amount that die by probably 70 percent and that will be fair. Once you fix that I will bring it to 5 stars. Anyway everything else is a 5 star.

Kelly Chen


william holland

It's a great game it's just it takes alot of megabits to play through it and I dont know why

Voirbaby 2


Jhon Erikson

I love this omg

Nike Husaini

I don't know it's bug or nope but when I play this game for while, it kick me out from the game to homescreen of phone and then I need to open it again to play at the last time I been kick out from the game and it's kinda bothering me tho cuz I didn't really save progress of game sometimes

Syko puppet

Can't see anything on the menu, I played before but this bug is something else , I can't buy anything or see what I'm trying to buy.

Jeanylord Pajenago

It's okay I guess

Rainer Ilagan

Is the bugged is fixed or not yet?

Snow Ball

Games broken as hell. So many textures and graphics missing uninstall twice and still not working and chat is dead as well.


The game keeps crashing when I try to refill my food and water and it only shows my base

mlbb tiktok

Not so bad But still need improved ! we player waiting Plz more develop !

Sophia Pauline Alvarez

Good game!

Andres Contreras

Fun game! Just keep building and upgrading! Make sure to make troops constantly!

Nathan Collings

Love the game it reminds me of generals ,it has both my favorite things anime girls and and defending the base ,the only thing i hate is the loading takes too long be other than that its a good game Thank you for this game.

Amber Jackson

Pure pay to play and win game, now with a 50% quit rate thanks to mergers, devs destroy what took years of negotiating peace in state 40 now we're at war with heavy pay to win players in state 24, WE DID NOT WANT TO MERGE WITH ANY ONE! We're all prisoners of state 24 now.

Cameron Draskovics

Good game

Ezekiel orencia

Good game I hope everyone enjoy this game

Z.x. Mizo Artrisk

I like this game


Why map still snow

m. C.

Have toxic players, its okay if its pvp but players seriously just gonna trash talk because they feel want to bully you, if you dont have cash you will not have a chance to win

Chris AMV'S

Love this game can't stop playing it.

mohamad halabi


Heaven Heaven

Good game! 1. This game helps me practice my social skill through chatting with players, there are a lot of friendly players (Raids a lot). 2. (Edited_03/26/21) The new update. Clown search function is very helpful for players. 3. (Edited_03/26/21) This game is fun with friends!


Fix the sound!!!!!! When in war

MDFaz Fir

Good games but pay to win.i recommend you to change fake picture.I know it's strategy to attract people but it's disappointing to customer

Kurumi Tokisaki

thegameis fun but you're no much for people who spend money. this is totally a payto win game

Jake Brimicombe

No need anymore for the rest of the course but I think I will be able to get the rest of the course on the 1st of September and the next course of the course will be the first course I have been working on the same for ⚒️⚒️⚒️⚒️

Khairul Shamsuddin

Definitely the best anime style strategy game. Yes it's copied from other games, but it's still enjoyable even with high price for development depends on your country currency. Overall, awesome game.