Fruity Cat – bubble shooter!

Author: LevelO

100,000+ install


Fruity Cat – bubble shooter! – A fun, addictive, bubble shooter game! Blast and pop all the fruits!

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.1.4
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: LevelO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Eduardo Morillo

Nice. Game

Tiwanda Esters

Just Beautiful and Please Stay Safe. God Bless You All.

Mike Williams


Matilda Dekuku

Esther dekuku

Ley Emanuel

Great fun and skills

Parmesh Gujar

Yah game mujhe achcha Laga

Md Syful

App nenc

Cheryl Albrecht

I enjoy the game but at times it feels as though the game is fixed so can not win as does not provide the needed color even if has 8 chances.

Patricia Bolton

just started playing agin , still fun game. New update ed version is much more challenging.2022 still fun

J Rhodes

Cute game. No issues.

Peggy Kephart

It's fun

Patricia Driscoll

Relaxing enjoy the challenges

Bec Bolton

Good at first. Then it just doesn't give you the colours you need and keep failing over and over. Uninstalling as I should be able to pass a level withing 10 times not 30

Linda Whincup


KeiraAide Elina


Carrie Lalonde


Kim Hoy

Love this game although only 4000 levels. I've completed now waiting for new levels how long will this be ??

Naunette Martin

It is a great game to paly

Laura Weaver

Its fin

Linda Whincup


Ley Emanuel

Escapism from every day thoughts

Viona Smethers

This is a great game . Fun to play . Have a great , safe day .

Grace How

Love this game

Mary R Jahnke / Kattra

Fruity Cat Bubble Shooter is relaxing and fun to Play.I highly recommend this game. Definitely One of my favorite games.

Salem Saglime

It is one of my most favorite games. I Love when Kitty gets excited and dances. It makes winning even more important so I can watch him dance. You will see what I mean when you down load this game. Especially if you Love cats like I do.Please add more funny antics by the adorable Black cat. Maybe add some side puzzles he is involved in more extra points or shooting bubbles.

sara witt

Not playef

Maria Summerville

Great game, finished all 600 levels, so my question is, will there be an update with more levels???I am getting ready to uninstall this game if it isn't going to add more levels! Please add more because I really like this game and have spent enough money on it to purchase boosters for it! PLEASE ADD MORE LEVELS!!!! NEED MORE LEVELS! NO UPDATES SINCE JULY, WILL HAVE TO UNINSTALL! 6/24/2020...when will new levels be added??? 4/3/21.. new updates soon???

Lyn Avenell

Fun, just what I need to unwind after a hard day

Lee Evans

Love this game but it will only let me go so far. Quit playing for awhile n open back up goes to 999 diamonds n lives are messed up n then i have to clear data. Wont let me play. Whats up with this? It did it again. Please fix this. Its done this 4 times today.

Jenny Daw

game disapered over level 300 more than once goes back to level one uninstalled now can't load back to original level ?????? wasted 3 yrs levels gone plus over 4000 diamonds

Dagmar Thomson

2021 any new levels yet? February 2021 still waiting. 😥😥😥😥😥😥😪😪😪😪😪😪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 MARCH 2021 ANY NEW LEVELS. 😂🍰🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨😕😕😕😕☹☹☹☹🔜🔜🔜🔜🔜🔅🔅🔅🔅🔅


I love this game so much but today when I got on to play everything is messed up. I somehow got 999 gems and it says I have infinite hearts at the same time as my usual 5. Even with that, it says I'm out of lives after I've checked back several hours later. I'm really disappointed since I'm super high in levels and I love this game. I hope they fix the sudden glitches!! Oh, I just checked back and now it says I'm on level 1 and it's a hard level.

Cheryl Seyfert

Absolutely addicted to this game!!

Wendy K

I love this game, but for over a month haven't been able to play...coming soon? When??

Brenda Boyer

My screen says its coming soon,been like that for over a month, but nothing happens ,

Seu Lim

Fun game to play!

Ruwan Sir

Soooooo cute I love it. Sorry about the stars I can't give you 5 stars because my phone is not working so I will play the game everyday this game is the Funnest game ever!

Bev Tui


Ana Gallardo


Marilyn Paul

I love this game

Alex Avelino


Lorinda Oosthuisen

Prrrrr kitty cat so cute

Janika James


Carolyn Attwood

Works more smoothly on android phone than on my ipad

Linda Whincup

Been playing f years

Joe Skipper


Alexa Ave


Usman Rafique

World's pathetic game

Denise Plaster

Love it Playing it on 2 phonrs.

Janet Aleman

Just started this game - I really like it, but giving it a 4, because i dont have any sound, & I have it turned on at settings - it is really a cute game, but some of it you have to think, it's a challenge- I like that - so far, glad I installed 🙂

Mila Baker


Md. Saimon


Donna Brown

I play this every day..and its addictive

Jill Miller

Love it but at times it's impossible to pass so I stop Playing

Iva Langford

Why is there no sound now to this s game and it's not my phone

JYOTI Rathod

Nice game


I like this game I also enjoy playing this game thank you

Nikita James


Holly McCartney 5

Love it

Regina Baker

Love it !!!

Betty Pedro

Very fun game. Love it

Linda Hunter

Good game i am enjoying it

Mila Baker


Allison Hughes

I like the cat . And I like the fruit. I like the background. Keep up the good work please.

Xenia Nino

Good animacion

sih astuti


A Google user

How many levels are there in this game.

A Google user

Like this game alot relaxing fun

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Great game thanks

A Google user

Fun to play

A Google user

Wish there are 3 bubbles instead of 2

A Google user

Love the game won't let you spin or try to get diamonds so you can get boosters

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

Love it

A Google user

Realy love this is so addicted just hope they have alot of levels to play

A Google user

Great game just love it keeps my mind busy as I am 75 years old

A Google user

Fruity cat pop bubble

A Google user

Love it

A Google user

I didnt receive a response as told and its STILL STUCK. Well silly me gave in and spent money to win some levels. NOW ITS STUCK.

A Google user

Great game

A Google user


A Google user

I really enjoy playing this bubble game!!

A Google user

Love the game

A Google user

Adorable and cheerful. Refreshingly few ads during playing time.

A Google user

very fun

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

What a cute game.the cats are it.5 starsthe cat is cute,easy game.recommand.for bith young and old.great tine passer.

A Google user

A delightful game!

A Google user


A Google user

love it

A Google user

love the game

A Google user

this game is adicding

A Google user

How is it possible to have high score but be awarded only 2 stars?? It happens here!

A Google user

truly an enjoyable game

A Google user

cute Game