Fruits Duck

Author: PivotGames. Inc.

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Fruits Duck – Play the cutest puzzle game! Match Fruits and collect Duck Friends!

Detailed info

File size: 68M
Update time: November 26, 2021
Current version: 25
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PivotGames. Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

julie Hallwood

Funny little charactors fun game to play

Susan Key


Hayley Newley

Stuck on Level 472, has letterboxes instead of the pigs needed to complete the level. So annoying!

breanne meyer

Level 472 Unable To Pass

Lorraine Harvey


D sisters

Lots of ads!!!!👎👎👎

Shirley Wright

❤ This Game Of Fruits Duck

Claire Tarbuck

So gutted stuck on.level 472. Asking for pigs screen is only showing letter boxes

Janice Fulford

funny colorful game lot of excitement

Vicki Outten

Love the game!! Graphics are great and you can choose who you want on your side!!😍😍

Teresa Minish

So, I've been playing for a while now (level 472). Up until now it's been fun. However, I am about to lose my win streak. It's impossible to get 32 pigs when there are no pigs on the board, AT ALL! That 's pretty sorry! Deleting now

Melissa Carter

Level 472 is not the right pieces to get you need to fix it now or I am going to uninstall it I like the game up until now

Louise Charles

I love this game...however i have reached level 472 and need to get rid of pigs but there are no i can not go on

Jolene C

Don't know much, I'll change rating when I've played longer. So far, fun.

Kristopher Wangler

I know this game is still in beta, but there are some major issues. First and foremost, when there is a level with shells, the propellers and characters are useless. Level 636 for example. They should be targeting the double crates on the side but they hit random fruit in the middle. This isn't the first time either. I have exhausted numerous power ups just to get there on levels similar to this one. It's a great game and has potential to be one of the great match 3 games.

Rinny Susteriyah

Thi is funny game

Lisa Betts


Lindsay Black

very addictive great graphics

Barb Arnold

so very fun love this game!

Pebbles Pebbles

I Love This game

Pamela S. Perry

Nice sweet fun for all.

Shawn Gillespie

Fun but it's definitely made to sell boosters. Not unusual for this type of game but something to be aware of.

Shan McDonald

I love the different duck boosters

Teri Samuel

awesome game

Christy Vance

love the game

Maggy Bixenmann


Sherry Stark

so far I'm enjoying it 🙂

Nina Burgett

good game so far. haven't been playing long

Patricia Taylor

a nice game to play with brilliant

James Bunger

Thank you and God bless

Joyce Holdcroft

How do you see your score after playing a level?

marie moo

Lovely game

Amanda Palermo

easy to play

Judith Connett

This is a fun and enjoyable game, very addictive. Only negative I do understand having ads to be able to provide it free but after every single level I think it is quite a lot. You can obtain 250 coins from watching an ad but if you dont choose the option an ad is shown anyway so might as well use the option. If not using that option every 4 levels or so before showing an ad would be a little better. Still a lovely fun game though would recommend.

Charlene Day

fun game to play

Rhonda Gibson

it's very easy and simple and. fun

Angela Hall

It is a very good game to play

Cheri Melvin

too bad this doesn't keep or show scores. it's weird

Michael Williamson

great match 3 game!!! very entertaining!!! Michael.

Regena Cole

love it very cute