Fruit Crush – Merge Watermelon

Author: iJoyGame

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Fruit Crush – Merge Watermelon is a very addictive and interesting game, it looks very simple, but when you actually play the game, you will find it has a certain degree of difficulty, maybe you can’t even stop.

This new hot game is a unique watermelon synthesis game. If you like the gameplay of 2048, then maybe you will also like our Fruit Crush – Merge Watermelon, a brand new game made in 2021.

It is a game that combines elements, and it can also be said to be a game with elimination gameplay. Control to merge the same two fruits into a new fruit, and the merged fruit will be bigger.

Features of this game:
1. Getting started is extremely simple, but it is difficult to get a watermelon.
2. Easily addictive.
3. It can fill your fragmented time, so that you can get leisure and entertainment in short free time.
4. It is completely free and doesn’t require WiFi.

How to play this game:
1. Tap the screen to choose where you want to drop the fruit.
2. Combine two same fruits and merge them to get a new fruit.
3. Use the “Destroy” and “Vibrate” functions to eliminate unwanted fruits and change the position of the fruits.
4. Merge those fruits and get a big watermelon!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Dec 17, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: iJoyGame
Price: Free
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Customer review

adnan iqbal


Simha Appu


M arslan Khan


Haruna Ndahi

It took me days to beat 97% of players worldwide

Mandy Mershon

I love the game but I wish I could save and come back instead of having to start over each time.

Rahibu Baka

I meet games goal but not promoted to unlock other features. Very disappointing

Swan Ye


Noor Ahammed


Md Monir


Godsmile Tzw

Best game

Sunshine Candy

So nice

Roy Ama 2k

I Just Love It

aung latt


Amanda Me

This addictive game is wonderful 👏 I love yelling out "I MADE A WATERMELON!" My husband finds me entertaining.

Nikita Kour


Honey Boyy

good games

Madhob Kumer


selystine musambi


Edidiong Simeon



I like it this game

Dickson Mulele

The game is just nice and the graphics are awesome

Baguma Frank


Nay Nowr


Maruful ador

God game

Ahmad Maijidda Ubali

New game

Rohan Raj

ashim ILvoe

Scott Shillito


Aftab Ahmed

Very nice and interesting

Franco Shox

I think its not that bad you should try it

sara zix


Moustafa Javeid

Very nice my king 🕋🕋🙏✌️✌️✌️✌️🙏🏼🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋🕋

Kali Kumar ghosh

I love this game

Md Rofikul Islam

গেম বলা নেই গা

S.l M


MU Abrar


Ravi Ravi Ravan bhai

Ravan Bhai💪

Anna Andreson

It's the best most relaxing game ever 😙❤❤

Marri Vijayakumar


sohail ansari

Davson Charles


सय्यद खुशी अली

Fun game fun fruit nice



Roni Mulyana

Easy to play.. but can't save the game., play from last position when the game closed.

Sylvanus Silver

Its great

fardus nuur




Prihatono Zakaria

The best game

Bello Audu

Love it

Levar Kirklin

I really do Love this Game! It's Outta Control, all da way!

Harshad Makwana

333 Jj

Like Simangolwa

It's the best

darling ujwal

Nice game

Uttam Rao


Yaswant singh Gour

Nice game

Emmanuel Jay


Naa Sarkua

Very relaxing

Oyenekan Qudus



Ja Nay Martin

Fun, but I get frustrated when I've barely started the game and everything pops. I haven't gone over the dotted line at the top of the screen and I'm only 2mins into playing. I just don't understand that. Other then that it is what is. It's fun

Ishimwe Cloude

I like it

Firoz Bagwan


Irshad Sheikh irshad


Dimuth Gimhan

Wow most game in 2021

Kevin Sedero

nice game

Naduni Hirushika

geme eka ganna ba yako

shobha Nair

This game is very good game💎🍉 this is kid game

amir dnm


Siming Wang

Great game, it's fun and additive

Laetitia Lisa

Watermelon! Those fruits are so cute, I love the moment when I get a watermelon. Good game!

Naiga Robinah

The graphics are nice, cute fruits and big watermelon! I'm addicted to it, I play this game when I'm waiting for bus. Updates, please. I love this game.

lyfe Azrin

Really easy to play but hard to get a watermelon. An interesting casual game, suggestion for devs, add more skins.

Bruce Johnson

Wow, amazing game in 2021. I found it interesting and easy to play, my younger sister also like it. I'll ask my friends to download it.