Fruit Clinic

Author: Lion Studios

10,000,000+ install


Fruits need your help!

Prepare your tools and heal the fruits.
Be careful, as an official fruit operator take your job seriously and let the fruits leave your clinic happy.
The more fruits and vegetables you help the more you will earn.

Use your money to rank up your clinic and become the best fruit clinic in the planet.

Have fun and keep operating!

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: September 8, 2020
Current version: 0.2.7
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sumaiya Khandaker

So much fun!

Md Sobuj


Dawn Gardner

I love it it just has a lot of commercials after a while❤

Razel 78,856

This game was fun until i got to level 46 where it's glitched, please fix this as soon as possible

sanjay sah

yummy game

Enderkight 54k

sorry no no

gentle giant


Danna Valdez

For me it's innapropeite

Kay-Leigh Pietersen

I love this game

Al Hossain


Indrani Roy


jalal taghipour

Good! Excellent

Bree Evans

I am very desipointed in you fruit clinic!I thought you were amazing when I was watching Laurenzside and Yammy play you on youtube and I down loaded you and you wouldnt do anything.This might be my chromebooks fault if so sorry but I was so exited to play you >:/

Aum sree

This was my favourite game when i was little girl i found this game and I'm soo happy!!

Hu Ggjjj


Tiffany Ellis

I'm editing my review and switching from 5 stars to 2 stars because the game keeps crashing as soon as I open it, freezing during ads and during game play, and shutting down randomly.

Saleh Siddiqui

Love it

Munirah Tobin

I like this game but at level 46 the game glitched and now I cant do anything

Bobbi Pipkorn

I paid $2.99 to get rid of the ads and I still have to watch tons of ads every time I want an item that I won by playing. This is robbery. I'm being double charged! I had to pay real money and now I have to watch ads even though I paid to remove them what a joke!

Vianey Sainz

Five star girl five star i dont care if you give it a one two i dusrvs a five star even thow people give it a one star two star three star whatever

P a i m o n

I love the fruits faces when you perform surgery i love you can decorate your own clinic i think this is based off of how people pratice surgy on fruit anway the only problem is when you get to level 46 it's glitched. AND IM NOT EMERGENCY FOOD!!!

Christopher Gomez

Er hi i

aungmyotun aungmyotun

Sai Aung Murng


It is downloading but when it goes to 100 it goes back to 9 and dose it again and again

Carley Lawson

I can't play it anymore xxxx

Gianna Maddonni

The game has to many adds and on level 46 it shows nothing in the egg plant. It also waste your time with telling you to watch adds for tools when you don't have to. I don't recommend.

Anthony C


joumanh ehab

The game is nice but it ends at level 45. Level 46 you just get an eggplant where you have to cut open it's body but then the eggplant keeps shaking and you can't do anything in the game. Until level 45 the game is great though.

Victoria Hickcox

Just downloaded the game and it won't even open. The app isn't responding what so ever.

Car Racing Simulator 2015

I do dental work on fruits

Leticia Lopez

It wont let me danload it

Jeffery Lennon


Emily Hodges

It's fun but I got to a level and it wouldn't give me anything to operate on the fruit and I had to uninstall it and had to restart

Dawn Nell

This game should be called Ads, because that's all it is Ads, Ads and More Ads. 😠

Rajesh Rajbhar


Arriane Sison

I like this game but I have a problem when I was at level 26 I think it glitch I needed to install it again please fix it and I will change it to 5 stars

Kevin Smith

How does this game have 4+ stars?!?!?! It's an ad generation machine!! You need to watch an ad after every single task in game! And at $4+ dollars to remove ads, that sure isn't worth it!!


I welly like it but i don't like1 the adds I wish there's no adds

Sara Aguilar

Boring game every level is the same thing 🤣 install

Kim Tuckerman

Sooo much fun

Esperanza Ramirez

The app itself is not bad. The ads on the other hand, they are super disturbing for my little brother to be seeing. The ads are sometimes super inapropriate. I am therefore no longer comfortable with my little brother play this game.

Robert J. Sweeny

Good game. Keep it up.

Cassandra Goh

I seriously hate the fact it makes my phone buzz. Pls stop it

Khushpreet Kaur Jawanda

This game is good game but so many ads

Jeffrey Peardon

Way too many ads, play for less then 5 mins and watched 10 ads

Shahla Asif

This game is the best game in.the world . I am 12 years old and i played this game .

Rachael Stanyon

Couldn't play as it was just a white screen and doesn't load

Elizabeth Young

Pretty cool 😎


The app won't open and when it does it will automatically close down randomly



Josh Brown


Lisa Houser


Asghar Alizadeh


Rosalie Tipton

This is a wonderful game although level 46 is glitchy you can't do nothing y'all need to fix this or I am definitely deleating this game.🤬


It's a good enjoyable game but the it becomes unplayable at level 118. It may not be the same for others but things don't load and I can't play anymore after.


Won't even open or allow play . Delete and get a better app!!

Music N Sports

Ooo i like it

Mp Lpb


Nancy Briggs

Way too many ads. Ad after each step is ridiculous.

RJ Lawrence

Level 46 is glitched. Probobally intentional, good game developers, bad ads. Some are not really even something I CAN get. Not optimized for my divice. I deccomdnd the game, just not as a go-to only play this game. Noice. Signing out now.

Stephanie Pena

good game

Milk Man




Nomsa Zulu

Nhloswenhle Msiza 60 im

Javearia Razzaq

Worst game ever still bugs

Jennifer Mullica

Won't even load.

Bryan Garcia

A lot of bugs can't even open up the game with it not properly loading and crashing.

Jessey sweets

The game doesn't even open on my galaxy s22. It just shows a black screen.

Ciara McClear

It keeps flipping my screen turning my wifi of

Michelle Streitz

Fun to play

Parya Akbari

از مرحله ۴۶ رر نمیشه

Jyoti Sharma

Bakvas game

tony skinner


Kristy Sanderson

It is soooo fun I do recommend

cleo dye

It sucks 😞😔

Gav Swindell

Level 46 doesn't work. No tools or anything to extract!

A Google user

This is something for the vegan teacher on youtube lol

Kirti Mohite


Mahya razavi

خوبه 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹🫣🫣🫣🫣🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🫥🫥🫥🫥

Roselia Rodriguez

This game is good to lurn how to help people who are in the clinic I rate this game a 1o out of 1o I love this game

Mahin Delkhak

عالی هس حتما نصب کنید تبلیغ هم زیاد نداره

ปุณญาวี ฉัตรเงิน

ไม่ตรงประเด็น ปก

Timothy Rico

Thank you so much

Matt Bales

This game is okay but near level 46 it glitches to much and it has some ads but other than that this game is great I love it 💓💓💓💓💓💞💞💞💓💞💓💞


I like it

Reese Mulvihill

Overall amazing game, but I just wanted to say the on level 46 when you cut the eggplant open, there's nothing inside, make that level impossible

Devdatta Manoj


Fun World with Abhinoor

Great game but you can't play on level 46


I tried to play this game and as soon as I logged on it stopped and would not let me play then I tried a different app and the other apps worked fine it just left me confused 😐

Kaylee Harris

This game does deserve a five-star rating but on one of the levels where a eggplant is pregnant and then it just freezes so I recommend you fix it

Roza Mina

سلام من رزا هستم و 2 ستاره زدم چون یکی از محله ها دیگه نمی تواند بچه ها بازی کنند چون یک محله دیگه نمی تونستم بازی کنم و متسفانه فک کنم کامل ساخته نشده اگه فعلا اون محله رو تمام نکردید چرا گزاشتید تا ما بریزم خوب بچه ها فک می کنن این بازی خوب نیست دوباره اون محله رو درست کنید ممنونم من مجوور شدم 2 ستاره بزنم

سهیل قربانی


Mahta .t

It wasn't a game just a lot ads

Ghazal Yazdanpour

😄فوق العاده😄

Amyaw Lashi



do ed eh Dan ell dc all died fez ell ya so ヒ

ashok kumar


Irwanto Adhi Nugroho


surendran t

Fruit. Clinic🤧😷

Krystal Rose

Too many ads