Friends & Dragons

Author: Playsome Ltd

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Summon and collect the most epic heroes in this original puzzle dungeon crawler. Hundreds of heroic challenges await to take your fantastic heroes on a quest of loot, glory and friendship as you delve deeper into monster filled dungeons. Upgrade your champions, rebuild your home village and defeat tons of barbaric monsters in weekly events, endless challenges and ever refreshing bounties. New: FREE daily summon now available!

Game Features:

❖ SUMMON & COLLECT over 60 epic heroes!
Assemble a heroic party of Dwarven Knights, Dragonborn Paladins, Elven Rangers, Human Elementalists and many more. Can you collect all legendary 5★★★★★ heroes?

❖ PUZZLES & DUNGEONS with never ending challenges and fun!
New and original gameplay will keep you entertained, and more is just about to come! Over 500 handcrafted puzzles and adventures, epic weekly events and competitive challenges.

❖ JOIN GUILDS and play together with friends!
Restore the glorious guild hall and invite your friends to play with you. Complete challenging dungeons together with your guild mates and collect twice the loot.

❖ COMPETE in weekly challenges
Play and compete in hardcore challenges: defeat evil bosses, conquer the crypt of horrors, slay the evil goblin king and survive the realm of torment.

❖ PLAY REAL CO-OP and win together
Challenge the deepest dungeons and gnarliest bosses together with your friends in co-op mode. Play together and win together for double the rewards.

NOTE! You can play the game for free, however some game items can be purchased with real money. You can set up a password protection for purchases on your Google Play Settings to prevent accidental purchases. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Friends and Dragons.

The game requires a network connection.

Are you experiencing any problems? Contact us via our support email: support(at)

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Detailed info

File size: 129M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 0.26.160
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Playsome Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Imran Iqbal Shah

little tricky to move. but a nice combat turn based. needs internet connection... but a change to upgrade and achieving level type games. i really like it . recommended for sure.RE freshingly different and does not take too much time to play ...just find an active guild ..have fun..higher lvls are very hard . need the right hero setup..Like chess.. it requires some brain power.. challenging for sure.

Marty Walston

it's an Allright game

Daniel Duke

Really fun, but lacking in content as you progress. There is little to do aside from daily shrines and main campaign in the early game, and it constantly felt like there was something new in the playlist that I wasn't a high enough level to play yet, even after I was more than a month into playing daily. I made it to level 76 and just got tired of repetitive grinding the same levels. To the credit of the devs new stuff is being added regularly, I just don't think there's enough right now.

Iain Harlow

Outstanding game design - this is not a typical idle gacha, the battles are satisfying and require some thought and skill. It's also very friendly to free players, spending feels really optional here and isn't necessary for progress or fun.

Nick Padgett

Probably best online game I've played in a long time but recently it is just frustrating me with little things. An example being blue talent tokens take time to get which I have no problem with but when you accidently click on skill for a hero you don't want to give them to automatically takes them. Happened twice in 2 days very frustrating 6 tokens down the drain on heroes I have little interest in. The gameplay itself is tons of fun. How you move heroes around the board really good

Shannon Weeks

This is a great game and the developers are very helpful.

Tu Nguyen

Very fun game that allow a variety of strategies to be played, not heavily relied on 5* to be relevant at higher level. Enjoyed the game for 3 months now and will continue to do so.

Daniel Hazeley

I log back into the game after a long time, and the first thing I see is.. A full screen banner advertising a $74.99 IAP. Immediately uninstalled

L. B. B.

Generic gacha. Take a pass on this whale-bait. Quest lines requiring cash mall, loot levels/quests that say they drop gear but only drop coin, the pvp """beta""" is broken as a bottom10 rank f2p gets matched against three top10 rank whales, and the list goes on.


The best idle type game I've played to date. While there are micro-transactions like most mobile games it's not required to enjoy the game. There is a constant series of events and new heroes that keeps it interesting late game as well. Definitely recommend this game if you're an idle rpg fan.

Eyal Teler

I'd have paid for an offline version of this. I enjoy the combat system and enjoyed the tutorials/puzzles. The art is decent and the hero diaries show some writing potential. Take all that and put it into a puzzle game with a bit of a story and I'm sure I'd enjoy it quite a bit. As is, gameplay is stuck in a hero collector, which means collecting resources and upgrading stuff while the devs try to get me to pay something, and I enjoy this less. It's still fun for a few days and doesn't cost a thing, but relying on upgrades to win detracts from the tactical aspect. I'd rather pay for an offline version of this and an occasional expansion.

Maria Laine

Interesting game mechanics that are simple to learn but suitably challenging to master.

Kyle Ramus

Deft4 from t


My Update on my review after the last update. The game is now laggy and crashes and is barely playable. The arena is stupid but at least you get rewards no matter what. And the new summon animation was a waste of time to add. And they still should add a incentive to use team mates allies. Some of the storage updates was nice though.

gar rowlands

Love the game just concerned of the update on the 15/16th of August. Can't seem to download the update the last 2 days and can't play without it. Some advice would be appreciated 👍

micah riker

I need to get in contact with someone about getting my account back. Uninstalled since it wasnt running correctly and now cant get back into my game

Larry Schwartz

Fun, but recent updates push pay to win. PvP matches are not balanced

Allen Snyder

The game play is great, a puzzle game with leveling heroes. But the Devs seem to want to add all the terrible stuff from other games (PvP and a clumsy card mechanic for "raids")

Thorsten Vehoff

Pretty cool & fun so far. Interesting game mechanics. Over a month now. Still awesome, challenging and fun. Skill beats money. Newly acquired heroes open up new play styles. Best mobile game I've played thus far. Still playing, still great.

ed vanalstine

Great game with a great community... it's in the name... Friends and dragons. It's not impossible to find both in this game.

Antongiulio Fornasiero

Nice mix of puzzles with "grinding". You can pay to get rarer units, but a free player can enjoy it all the same.

J Murphy

Great Strategy game that I haven't felt the need to pay for play and pick up every day. Most mobile games are either p2p or graphics (trying at least lol) without core gameplay that is fun. Finally..This is different! Must download and at least try!, Amended 8/16/22 to say the game is so good I'm going to be purchasing a few items bc the devs deserve it. Seriously a Must play

Nolan Lewis

Game play is very fun but the rewards are garbage. A 10 hero summon has no guaranteed 5 star hero, with a higher cost 10 hero summon with a higher 5 star drop chance there is no guaranteed 5 star drop. Events can take a week to beat, require a lot of resources in training and upgrading heros and have no guaranteed 5 star drop. I'm disappointed with every in game reward this game has. It can take about 3 months to get gems for a regular 10 summon. I won't pay for a game that insults my efforts.

jay xs

Pros: unique puzzle combat system. Has a lot of tactical and strategic decisions. Can be played freely forever. No ads of other games. Cool events. Randomized maps. Lots of tense moments where your brain is the difference between winning and losing.

Midge Patching (Grimmweasel)

Great game

Peter Scott

Cheap, lazy and brutally unfair this game is a pay to win disaster. The devs don't care about anything except milking the next event and new units to make you spend more money. Tons of bugs, unbalanced game play and terrible rewards make this a game to skip.

Bernard Oliver

I do like this game but the grinding for levels and upgrading your city is pretty uneven. I'm not a big fan of that.

Dylan Lee

Really fun and the teamwork part really make the game enjoyable. The negatives and these are huge negatives. The season pass is a ridiculous $36. The shrine and rushes events are all with overpowered levels n opponents it's just makes it frustrating. If not for these 2 issues I'll give the game a 5 but it's a 3/5 I've lowered the rating for this game simply b cause of how greedy the Devs are and unbalanced some of the gameplay is. Many levels are simply overpowered.

Frank Z

Game needs work. You are required to join a guild. All members left the guild. Unknown to me I was made guild leader and ended being the only member. I can't leave the guild or dissolve it so I'm stuck. Very poor game design!

Sm Ewers

Good game but the arena is a joke. Please fix.

Rickey Smith

Fun game, catchy mechanics and good pacing... that said, really poor lag at times causes frustrating actions in game. I'll check again in a few months and see if its optimized.

Sean Alcorn

Core game play is solid for mobile, but the monetization is distinctly worse than average (fewer f2p gems, higher gem prices) and it's extremely p2w. After the first few the 'chase the dragon' events are built around trying to get you to spend money to avoid missing out. If you're okay resisting and okay with a slower pace, the core game play is still good.

Albert Ayala

Very fun, levelling seems slow but it's a fantastic game.

Regan Deason

So here it is: It's a great game, good community in the right guild. But you know, I've never spoken with the creators or support team. Probably because everything works. Who knew that was a thing?


Chinese developers are banning chat they don't agree with. Lol typical commies. The game is a terrible and complete pay to play. Get an American game where free speak still exists.

Jacob Holland

Good "chess" style game. I enjoy all the different characters and plenty of levels with ranging difficulty. Events rotate out regularly. I do wish there were more filters in barracks to find the characters. (Thanks for filters!) Least favorite part for me is PvP, but it's not a large portion of the game. PvP seems very unbalanced, so will ignore that aspect for now.

K Leg 88

The best game for gamers who like a compertision

Jochem Neyens

I refuse to play games anymore that are monetized on 3% chance making it fullblown P2W

Big Clint

An interesting twist on a chess like strategy game

Jim B

great game

Michael Quire

If you find satisfaction in getting ahead of competition with a little bit of $$$ this game is for you.


So far seems fun, and seems lower star heroes can be useful later which seems great. ill update after playing longer. Update: been playing for a while now, it's really great. This game is very f2p friendly. Heroes range from 1-5 stars and many of the low stars are actually used by the top players, there's a brilliant balance here. Of course some heroes are better than others but it's not always 5 stars must have. Some of the best heroes are 4 stars. Coops are amazing. Upgrade rating from 4to5.

none none

Unplayable. Lags, freezes and crashes so much it's just not playable. After a recent update and re-installing the game it has become much worse, now it also crashes before the app is done loading.

Derek W

Game is unplayable. Lags until it crashes or just crashes. Collect resources: crash. Roll a hero: crash. Check quest log: crash. Old update was mostly stable, now: crash.

Alex Gomes

it's fun and easy also not hard to grind for resources.

Leon Phillips

Great at first. Fun thoughtful puzzles, but then gets a bit grindy. The spire was the fun bit, but then got nigh on impossible.

max Jnr. Pille

Im unable to update


Says update and nothing happens. It won't let me play. Please help.

Israel Algazi

Unique and fun. Gives purpose to a guild. A true co op experience. Plenty of unique characters and events.

Bogdan Zenel

One of the most addictive gaming experiences I had so far. No pay walls yet, as long as you've got skill you can a solution for every challange. Also one of the most helpful and nice gaming community. This game is a hidden treasure, congrats to all developers. Keep up the good work

Gabriel Savonitti

It's a pay to win game, as all gatchas are, but it seems to give plenty of cash, and the PvE part of it is very fun.

Frost Winters Tarot

Going back to say that this game really is fun. And they're not money grubbing bastards like plarium.

david lamica

Avoid game.... I came back after a year. Played for a 2 weeks. Devs only give copy and paste reply. So you know that they don't care about game. They have not revamp the energy system. The coop energy system needs to be fix. We should get 5 coop energy a day just for logging on or better just remove it. U get more max energy if u lvl up inn. Mine is at lvl 6. I only have 32 energy. All events cost about 10 to 15 energy after the 1st 2 stages.

Laurin Scholz

Very good core gameplay loop. Gacha game, no hard gates for F2P players, specific units help but are not really a necessity, IAP are expensive, but as mentioned mostly not required. Later progression requires a lot of grinding repetitive levels (which is fine), with very inconsistent rewards (which is really frustrating). Lately devs don't seem to react on player feedback / major pain points (reward imbalance / even rewards)

Phineas Phog

It used to be fun but high level heroes seem to be limited to three only. I've been playing for months and have only pulled three five star heroes, and although They say there's over five hundred possible heroes but when I go to the portal I only ever pull more of the same thirty that I already have which is pretty limiting. I activated the arena but that doesn't seem to work. When I click on it nothing happens! It's getting boring.

Slavko Tretiak

Your nick could be offensive, wow permanently banned from global chat. The war in real world could be to offensive, wow. (First I was banned for 7 days, then prolonged without any notice). The game it self isn't bad, it's good balance between buy to win & have fun. With some special events you won't get 5* heroes, only if you buy more "chances" to win 5* heroes. I tried 4 times to get 3-4-5* heroes for free and each time got 3* heroes.

biff jones

IF I known this was a energy consumption game I wouldnt ever installed I dispise this type of game.... ill pass. ill remove this game I despise energy consumption...

Hien Ly

Been playing this game for about 3 months now and loving it. It is interactive & required you're quick with you thumb to move your heroes to a desirable position. Love the coop part of this game where you played with your guild mates. Not so great part of this game is the energy used on some events but the rewards is gold or basic equipment with a chance for getting epic is small and mystic item is even slimmer.


Starts off fun and unique with a gameplay you won't find anywhere else. Intially its centered around using heroes in tangent and using map to your advantage(water pits, lava, barriers, etc). As game progresses tho, it becomes a hack and slash. They just overcrowd the entire map with monsters that have shield or that can 1 shot 1 kill. You'll still play since you put so much into hero developement but the strategy allure is gone. Just outlast the 100 monsters. Rinse repeat

Dawn Lastick

Server goes down all the time.......would rate better if not for this.....developers helped is very balanced and challenging strategy game...very fun! Thankyou for prompt help in reconnecting to server!

Remaude Johnson

just to good it make me smart but in a fun way

Jay Berezowsky

Expensive and each update just makes it worse!!!!!

Michael Baker

Not your typical gacha game. The core mechanic is unique, hands-on, and requires strategy. Touch response can be a little laggy sometimes, but that's better than too sensitive, which might waste turns. In-app store prices can be a little ridiculous, but the occasional sales are a good value. The search function in the character roster is surprisingly robust, which bumps the game to a solid 5* for me.

Joseph Paul “Joejoe” Rosales

just started playing and no complaints so far, it is fun play

James Thomas

so far it's a fun game

Michael Spatz

It works, it's an interesting concept, and it keeps me engaged (plus I'm a sucker for leveling up).

Johnathan Brantner

it's cool

Francis Lum

awesome game lot's of fun and challenging

Alexander Frak

Generally the game is good, but the time limits for move is annoying... As well annoying the fact that auto play moves each hero per move and not only one hero with who you have limited time to move other heroes... Where's the logic? Edit: meaning that the game can be played as each hero does 1 move per turn... As I wrote the game starts to be annoying because of time limit per turn and the manipulation that should be done with 1 hero to move other heroes...

Alexander Carlson

I've only played for a few levels, but great start!

Speedy BP

Not really my kinda game, but is see the fun nonetheless. Would recommend if you like chess and similar games.

Mr. Dane A-J Diedricks

"Excellent But I'm Excited & Tempted To See This Knights/Bishops/ Dwarfes/Eleves!!! & Dragons🐉!!!!!!..."

Cody Duncan

Worth at least the ranking title of free game app... not a snoozer, not a loser!

Lundy “Hrrghdrrgh” Boken

game is fun, mechanics are intriguing and it has gacha elements, if you're in to that. it keeps the game ad free though so whatever

William Pindell

The game is great. It's not pay to win, and there aren't adds. It's a fun puzzle rpg. Both fun and challenging.

john bowler

To be fair this is a good game for f2p players. It does take off fast then slows down but the game just adds buffs for cash witch I think is fair. My only issue is that I always struggle to down load the update. It gets to 86% or 96% then stops. Please help

Jason Fouquette

A lot of fun, varied RPG, Strategy,Tactical.

A Google user

Surprisingly good and deep.

Fergus BOB

Fun strategy game. Reasonably free to play friendly

Sharon Walsh

Not bad not brill.

Richard Weers

Lots of characters, lots of different mission lines for you to follow.

Traci Marsh

I like this game a lot. It is really difficult though, even on the "easy" levels and it kinda gets discouraging, but it is fun!

Adrian Bolden

Addictive gaming and fun community. A game that you don't actually have to spend money to do well.

D Martin

I'm usually not a fan of puzzle games, but this one has a cool rpg/strategy/fantasy feel to it. Really enjoying it so far. Coming from playing mostly gachas, this game doesn't seem like they give you near enough gems(premium currency) for free/earn able. Progress is slow.

Péter Hlavathy

So far, good (played for about 1h)

Chris Nicholls

Great game, and free of you don't mind the work.. good mechanics, lots of quests to keep you busy, doesn't feel like grind at all.. again, great game


Pretty good! One of the rare few unique mobile games these days, and this one actually requires you to have a brain! It still has some of the unfortunate trappings of other mobile games however, but not to the extent that it causes issues.

Chad Ryan

Help, my pvp is stuck with healers healing and game is stuck. Have sent an email to support. Update - Was resolved, its a good game. Discord possibly faster route for customer support.

Khanh Tran

Nice gameplay!

Patrick Huynh

interesting game so far. we'll see if it keeps the 5 stars

Ohad Zivan

always fun to see a unique game and not a copy paste of someone else work. the basics are similar to everything else, collect heroes, upgrade them, upgrade the city etc. however, the fights require tactical thinking to win fights (at the highest levels upgrading more doesn't help, you need to think). find a friendly and active guild and you'll enjoy your time playing. no ads whatsoever. you can buy your way to faster improvement. that is all

mark downer

quite addictive 👌


Very good strategy game that can occupy your time for months. Balance is good and it is no IAP heavy, ads are completely optional. I ultimately uninstalled it as it requires to login frequently for progression with coops, but if you have the time it is a excellent game on pair with Fire Emblem Heroes.

Shintei Benbark

Game is fun and different enough. There is tactics and planing required. Kinda annoying that you get bombarded with $$ purchases a lot, like A LOT! You don't have to buy anything though. Mostly because I have, a bunch of packages and didn't get anything good. I know I generally have bad luck at RNG, but no 5* in over 50 summons? And only 7 4*. Still like the game.

Findros geg

After one year of playing I think I can finally give a final verdict Pros: game has an unique combat system; ability to progress without paying money; almost no bugs or technical issues; bugs solved almost immediately Cons: never ending grind; stamina per battle too high; events/heroic/etc constantly just recycling; new content lack of creativity; new heroes almost nonexisting or just skins on existing ones; bundles too expensive with no guarantee = pure gamble; artwork looks basic and poor;....

Carlos Palomino

so far so good

Luc Dupuis

After playing for a while, I decided to drop the rating at 4 stars, since the game is catering too much to high level players. The current event is hard, too hard. I did spend some, but will refrain from doing it for the foreseeable future unless more content is provided to lower / weaker players. Game is very good overall except for the above.

David DiDato

would be 5 stars but constantly freezes to load review or other acceptance site.

Ashen Rayne

My main issue is how fast the difficulty ramps up. Barely chapter 3 and you already feel like it's a struggle. I'd appreciate it if the resource collection went on for longer. No way I'm logging in after 1-3 hours everyday. Plus, the rates seem... Pretty awful. Both on pulls and some of the rewards. Haven't been able to afford a 10-lootbox yet, for instance. On the other hand, I'll say the game play is damn unique, very different from what I expected. I'm not big on the focus on co-op, but eh.

Lucas Powell

amazing game so far very well done.