Frayhem – 3v3 Brawl, Battle Royale, MOBA Arena

Author: Gearage

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Frayhem – 3v3 Brawl, Battle Royale, MOBA Arena – Fun multiplayer arena. Brawl with other players in 3v3 and Battle Royale modes!

Detailed info

File size: 232M
Update time: August 5, 2021
Current version: 0.10.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Gearage
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sushmita Das

Enjoyed playing this everytime.

Teddy Arcasa


Ponjava Imba

Seems interesting, great game modes, but lowering graphics does nothing, lags af had to uninstall

Abhishek Pradhan

Mr. Reckless here, the Global Champion for 3 consecutive Seasons and still running. It's not pay to win, cause I play for free. Its a brilliant game once you understand your fighters well and not die constantly. But the best feature is its time duration, may be too short but helps pass time. The only problem I have is the aspect ratio during matches as I am not able to see an archer or sniper targeting me with the screen resolution. Please fix it and will give 5 stars. Devs doing a great job.❤

Alex Leonardo

I'm enjoying this game it's fantastic.

yusuf Beldar

AB Anas 007

Michael John Flores

Its always stop to me and keep kicking me ;( i didnt see just the loading

LaQuita Branch

Da heck's the same EXACT battle pass!!!! No new players, still waiting on more abilities some fighters.....90 days....and nothing new...

edgardo Madrelejos

Gaming video creator MSC Creator legends

Joshua Pag-ong

Very good for me this game!!!!

John Raphael Cudiamat Cuyom

Offline bah toh


I can't even open this game. its said "unfortunately, frayhem is stopped"

roel calderon


John Lorenze B. Vergara

I love this game this is so fantastic

Prince Charles Solomon

Good game but the other characters are kinda rare in chest.and i am always laging why am i laging because the size is like 356+.but its really a good game.

Cathy Bigness

Its ok

Gerald Rucio

Its good and verry enjoyable game.. It would be great if we can customize the buttons to make it a bit bigger.. Anyway i have no other complains and still enjoying this game...

ekram Wahba

After playing 3 games The game stopped opening

Rose Anna

You can come home for you

Nitish Biswas

This game need balance in characters

Clay f

Needs emotes, guilds, and chat... days later...for ***** sake get chat and guilds

Shirley Dean

Poor Brawlstars clone, art inspiration blatantly stolen from orher games, battlepass on a game that should be in closed beta, terrible matchmaking or only bots playing, easy to play and easier to play something else.

Mo MooTaMuS

Game broken. When i click play, goes to loading screen saying searching for players yhen goes back to lobby. Ranking sucks when i saw another player name gaining almost 1k within 3 games which is impossible. Probably devs dont want you to have the top rank in event since when reported nothing happen.

Dovan “Pschiit” Rougier

Cool game!

Ohmi Ohmy

Congratulations to the devs! This is a creative, nice game!

Piyush Rout

I'm not able to enter in a match 😒😒 fix all the bugs and glitches

Katrina Kelly

Games fine but i just dont like how "iffy" the characters


Need mini map

Tyler Somers

Gearage are penny pinchers. Where are the new characters? When can we expect new skills, ultimates, and passive skills for the few characters that have been neglected? Get off your bum and get some new content out. Still need to fix Heisenperk's puddle. 👎

Jereme C

Nice game but experienced a crash.


All bots, played few hours hoping there would be players at some point which there was not.

Tanjibul Animations

Love this game but getting hero is too rare.add more hero and mode's

Daniel Codd

Fantastic game with incredible creativity and a wondereful selection of characters. Only problem for me is that heroes are too rare in boxes.

queen laii

Love the game and was excited about the new added feature of spectating your friends (seeing as I only just downloaded the other day and was wondering if y'all allowed that sorta thing), but it doesn't seem to work 🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm currently online attempting to watch a friend of mine play and I can't 😭😭 pls fix

sima karji

Sima karjee

Teddy Salusiran Arcasa



This game is really good, especially clash mode I've never seen something like it, however a couple of fixes, sometime the robots glitch and get stuck, also a cancel button would be good

Hrishikesh Gowda

Game is good.. But there's always some sort of network issue or lag for me.. It happens almost in every match.. If not for that, this deserves 5 star

hallo hallo

good game

J Tmon

This game needs marketing because youre playing with AI-controlled enemies most of the time.

Clinton Oragwu

I loved it! I love godot engine ♥

Danziah May

Fun yes

Elizabeth Luisi

Doesn't even work it kicks you aut the second you click it I wish I could give this a 0

Subhadip Goswami

Very great game but it take long time to recharge Alpha's ultimate attack

robert mayer



quite boring. just a cheaper copy Brawlstars

Михаил Магнецов


Hatem Kaheli

It is hard to attack, because of all those red danger zone. And the map is so small

Lâm Đỗ Đức

Game bị lỗi rất nhiều lần khi chơi hôm nay


tutorial too long just let me play


Wow man this game is cool

Gian Salon

The game is good but the game is so laggy because its show my internet connection is low but it is high.Can you fix it.

Brandon Rankhorn

You guys should get sued for literally copying brawl stars. Even the title banner is the same.

Jan Niklas Karagdag

Add more heroes it would be entertaining if there are hundreds of them


this battle so good🔥🔥

hikari aoki

This is a good moba game one of the best these days. I have a suggestion can you make the solo mode easier to unlock? Less trophy needed so that players can enjoy solo sooner. And add more heroes ofcourse overall this is quite a decent game. A must have game.

Psyrecx X

Extremely dumbed down version of what claims to the a moba... Instead, it's just a waste of time.

Cang Loo

Five star worthy app if 5v5 was updated inapp but I'ma keep on playing it's a fun game with a fair amount of interesting brawling.


Seasoned gamer here. Played all sorts of battle royale type games. FRAYHEM is too funny and in general, it's fun so nice work devs. Keeping the chat stuff out of FRAYHEM is a good idea although adding emoji's and maybe quick comments eg thanks, hi, good game, grrrhhh and lol for player's would be an additional cool feature 👍. These would be useful in matches. 4 stars if updated devs

Capilla cristiana de pisco pisco

Is it a super cool game you can defeat all villains of reading tips few times


Great game with a lot of potential.. they need to add guilds/clans, clan matches, and a chat box so we can communicate with teammates while setting up a party. It would also be nice if you view the details of some players from the leaderboards.

Jestonie Rama

Good Game But Chest Doesn't Give Cool Loots And The Heroes Is Not Many 2/10 Pls Update It ⊙﹏⊙

Jhaira Pascua

Fun games ang pretty games

Abhay Paswan

This game is so good

AJ Playzzz

Best MOBA game I've ever played but it could use more fighters. And can you make it so we can collect rubies easier. Thank you

Mr Mehri

Awesome game! Just a few good updates will make it better and more popular. Idea: New fighters Battle pass More items and Abilities Tournaments and Events New game Mods I know these are a lot but it'll make game so much better Thank You 🙌🏻

Meys Toon

I'am fighter from indonesia..i like play frayhem..i also wait for update again..add more fighter and i hope in game mode available rank mode for getting emblem..

Lucky gamerx

This is soooooo good game


Add a clan and a world chat:/

Xy Z

Your pepek so small

Hemanth P S

It won't let me play with my friend. I have 3000 trophies and they have like 40, they are my friend but how do I play with them? It won't let me invite them, the invite button is there but it can't be clicked. Why?

Yfc Davis

Love the game been playings for days only complaint none of the ads for the bonuses are working for me it just kicks me back to the opening sequence. Plz Fix.

Hui Hui

Absolute effin waste of money. Game is full of bots/P2W and matchups are disgustingly biased. Enemy team bots play better than your team, KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE EVEN IF IN BUSHES OR STEALTH. If you have Sunny in your team you WILL LOSE. Completely unbalanced characters. Some OP some weak AF. You will ALWAYS end up fighting against same OP bots best suited for the map once you ranked high. Your bots run in and die, dont kite or play defensive, enemy bots outplay even real players.

Spookie Cookie

The game crashes consistently I open the game it stops working every time

Craig Anderson

There is literally zero support for hacking and glitches in the game. The support is beyond the worst I have ever seen. I am a top 50 player in the world yet I'm being beat continuously by players or "bots" who can completely avoid attacks and beyond. You need to step up your game with stopping hacks. 100% not worth the time unless you have extreme patience for the BS.

Trash Panda

The update is great, but the aspect ratio is now fixed to 16:9, and I don't really like it. I think it would be better if you can turn it off in the settings. And I hope we can chat with our friends. Voltazar is a bit overpowered btw, It would be better to nerf his damage.

Emily Manno

The best game ever.

Zayed Ahamad


Bryant D

Good concept but very frustrating starting out. Very bad matchmaking which leaves you just wanting to uninstall the game. Not worth the time.

T Ramirez

So far it's been fun, not sure how bad drop rates are but I will be buying that gold cheat once I get me some red gems

Ali Alhashmi

It is so scary outside.

b-jay sinalves

Five because its realy fun

Salie Humbid

This game is so nice

Noorali Masoudi

عالسه فقط با گذشت زمان پیشرفت میکنه این طرط ساخت بازی به نظر من پیشرفت میکنه وخیلی خوبم میره بالا و یکی از پرطرفدارترین بازی ها میشه من میتونم به سازنده عزیز کمک کنم وبگم چه چیزایی و امکاناتی اضافه کنه که بهترین بازی پرطرفدار بشه ومیلیونی بازیکن انلاین داشته باشه صدها نوع چلنج ومپ و... میتونم همراهی کنم مثل 2تا پیشنهادی که به براول استارز دادم والان همون2تا پیشنهادات من، بیشترین طرفداران‌رو داره و توی بازی براول از مپ های داعمی شدن فصل جدید براول هم توی راه هست وتاچند ماه آینده مثل بمب میترکه😉

Alfronzo Williams

Crashing anything come my way

Clara jesiel Siboc

Wow is good games 🎮


3V3 Really Awesome Such Fantastic Graphic Work Really Nice Control Made it Crazy Power Battle mode Really surprise Well Played Gameplay Mostly ❤

Benjamin Kasolo

Gameplay camera feels very jittery. I hope you can make it smooth. Also, the game is very cluttered. I can't find anything. None of it seems intuitive. A better color palette for UI elements could be used otherwise a pretty good game.


Like this game got every thing great but there is a problem dev when I start my game lags a lot plz fix this bug Dev or I can't play properly Devs

Subhadra Panda

Best game ever

Kovan hawlery

thes bad moba game

Dan Mateo


Asha Tomar

Bekaar game

Tekuta Omega

The game is great although the only problem ia that, it crashes sometimes which is quite frustrating. Wolf's attack animation seem delaying. And also the chests doesn't give fair loots.

Corazon Mape

what happened to this game it beacame laggier

Daron Rêveur

Pretty decent in my opinion, only thing I'd Iike is more characters but tbh with the customization options that change how characters play to an extent you can still experiment and find something new to try. Fun free quality game 🤙🏾


The part i enjoy is that every character has a uniq play style

alan walker

Very good game I like it 😄😄

Chandan BT

Alphas power has been reduced but again increases power of tank tred . Add clan or guild system

Silent Money

Remove Quickly The Fuc*king "Rank" 😠😤 We Can't Play with that's players Who Have Same "Rank" But "Level" is High. If the "Rank" system is not removed soon we will and our Friends Circle will boycott this game.