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New FPS Shooting Game

Offline games in Dust Town

• Welcome to the fps army commando mission. You will encounter all terrorists as a specially trained army commando in this fps shooting games 2020. We honorably present real commando secret mission for all fps games lover. The addictive gameplay & modern war weapons in the fps commando shooting game will make exciting your free time. You are a commando soldier of fps secret mission you have to eliminate all terrorists. Free shooting games include a variety of deadly weapons shotguns, knife, grenade, fry-pan pistols & assault rifles of all action games. You are an expert army commando so take charge and come at the front line to complete the real commando shooting mission.

Ready. Aim. Fire! for Snow Time

• FPS shooting games offline are front-line strike games. Use your gun shooter skills and destroy all terrorist enemies in free shooting games. FPS commando game is fun of gun strike based on exciting story-line. Real commando shooting 3D game will fulfill your entire shooting craze as free games 2020. Victories are mission in a real commando shooting game, so use fighting skills and complete the impossible mission game. Your terrorist foes are not normal they are also fully trained to fight with any counter-attack special forces. So be ready, you are a special warrior of fps commando secret mission no need to fear about enemies in gun shooting games.

Non-stop action in City of Sin

• Real commando shooting 3D game – free games 2020 has many missions for army soldiers to complete them. If you will complete these entire fps commando shooting targets by advance weapons, then you will be a superb fighter of gun shooter games. At each level of success, you will promote to the next level. Play more and earn extra, unlock more powerful guns, survive till end to achieve real victory in action games. Keep track of your health while fighting with terrorists, get health kit and stay alive. Reload your gun timely and get a victory within the time limit to take over the enemies of action games.

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Enjoy one of the best offline games with unlimited fun. In this FPS shooting
game explore the best offline shooting game levels for real shooting fun.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Download FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games and taste the real victory.

Key Features

 Offline & Free Shooting Game
 50+ Thrilling Missions
 Multiple Modern Weapons
 Realistic 3D Graphics
 Play in Multiple Battlegrounds
 Realistic assassination missions
 A huge range of assault Rifles
 Classic detailed battlegrounds
 Good Quality Sound Effects
 Addictive FPS Game Play of Action Games
 Simple & Smooth Gun Shooting Control
 Interactive & Action-Packed Environment

If you have no wifi, you can also play this offline game, absolutely free.
So download this interesting new game of 2020 available on Google Play Store for your
android smart phones & tablets.

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Detailed info

File size: 31M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Hazel Mobile Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aditya Singh adii

Wounder full and absolute ausome game ever played and I Love this game ever 😃😃😃😀😀😀🙂🙂🙂🙂😍😍🤩

Jellobls Balicucos

Nice games

Johnmichael Cabe



Very nice

Ahmeed Lateef

It's good and nice

Hassan Malik


Sachin Kumar

Mast game 1gb ram ka laya

Sajajaj Gsghgs

Nawaz Nawaz

Watler Jr

had to sit through 5 ads just to play the game

Laxmi Patel


Dharmraj dharmveer Kumar

Dharmveer kumar

Ambadas Aland

650 trh

Kamal Kumar Sharma

Yah bahut Achcha game Hai Isko Sabko khelna chahie

Anmol, Sandhiya

Nice 😁 GAMe 😝

Luck Nyaga

Boring So much

Josiah Enoch

Nice game

Safwaan Almas

I am happy to take this game Wrong sentence 😋😝😋 Dont mind

Menahil Rafiq

😊😊😀😁😂😐😆Os sweet os cute game 😍😍😛😙😌

Village G

New Ghandari

Ibrahim Abdul Rahman

Good game

Venkatesh Venky

I have been a while and I will be in village of Oak park IL hi nahi hai to kullu gate to khula hai to edit it before but our hi I will be happy 😁😁 hi hi hi lo que me normal free 🆓🆓🆓🆓 hi hi hai to edit the group and send your number lo hi hi hi lo na me your email 📨 hi hi hi hai na me hi hi hai na akka you doing this to edit the villain hi hi hi lo que me your number lo na hi lo que no last time I come tomorrow and I have been a year or so to edit the villain kannada film maker a year ago

Jony aayurvada

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Samuel Ayomide

It is so interesting and fun to play The graphics are also good

Javed Ahmed


Irfan Ahmad


Amit Kumar


Aman kumar


Harikesh Patel

Nice game

Rahmat Ali


Nur Islam


Sunil S


amir Chiragh

exclusively interesting game


More improvement

neslyn catabay

It is very fun to play

Shaikh Altaf

Aiatf Boss

Zakai Stewart


Syed Moiz

Moiz is the best player

May May

i like it this game live love love the gamee

Ikenna ohuaja

Cool game

Divine Etaredafe

This is very nice

Rebecca Catudio

First time I play

Chardsain sani


Twaibu Mshauri

Pool up your Sox your gem is very good

Sami Ullhakhan


Pradeep Singh

Not good

Md.Shajib Molla

Nice otp


This game only ads

pankaj saraswat op god




mosharat begum

Best game commando strike r To multiplayer

sriram 2k

இறைவா இறைவா

Arfa Taj


ishita syal


ባቢ አለማየሁ

Wow i love this game very much


Very very bad game 🤮🤮🤮

Hayday Kp


Irfan Hassan


Julia Mae Salvidar

This is so good to play

Ram Rajya

Very nice game

Nhlakanipho Gift

This game is fun♥️

Pavitra B K

yet your 🏡 to

Soorna Prasad

Make over the realised applications.

Prasad Bavvi


gautam naskar

The game is good ☺️😊☺️😊.I give 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Irfan Naroo

Prozac. Game

Ashish Gill Ashish Gill

nice app

Ashok Kumar

Good respect

Yusuf Ohinoyi

Is very interested

george kanyi

So interesting plz try it really cool

Amboy Dorigo


Sudhansu Singh

Sudhansu Kumar Singh

SK Haseena


Sanjit Sahoo

This is very good game


Good game to play Offline

Manjunath tevaramani

Reee Xhfrodu sishdyttyeidi3jg9eeerhakxj7,🐅🇨🇮🦖

Tristan Jero palo

It's so good

Rangila Raja


Nn Hh

Excellent game. Pak Army Long Life (AMEEN)

Md Akib


Jayesh Patole


Ramswaroop Royal

Ravi ndr l

coolest bad boy bharat Danish zehen

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Smog Sligger

I love it

Darab Hassan

Good game


Worst game played five 30 seconds ads before I start my first game

Mamata Kurhade


Flie Kim

Nice game play, with high quality control. But still needs better graphics.

Sharti cookers Aoun

Good game

Saifullah Samiullah

Saifullah 653

Firoz Khan


mary ann amemita



Ilike thiss

Adamu Aminu adam

I like playing it!

Undraa Undraa


Sadaf Shabbir

Bakwaaaas Tareen Game. Don't know how got 100M+. Too Much ads on every button click... bad experience 😪

Abu Taleb