Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online

Author: DM Studio

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Forgotten Tales MMORPG Online – Forgotten Tales is a FREE massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: DM Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

patrick crowley

I loved this game but now it just says no connection every time I try login , yet I play a variety of other online games and they working well , it's sad , I have a lvl 400 mage account I can't play!! I have downloaded the new version many times , it seems the game is not compatible with the ( Premio s80 phone) even though I have 2 gigs ram

Aaron Simpson

love this game

Bryan Ho

Great game

Booyo Y

Need more updates on grap and control

Robert Mazziotte Sr

1. Horrible game play! 2. Terrible Controls! 3. Low quantity of weapons/armor! 4. No quest markers from/to on the map! 5. Character slower than molasses in January! 6. Best part, at least the uninstall works!

Joseph Strehle

The development groups have put a great deal into this game to allow everyone to enjoy this game. This game also has great players that believe in the games progress over the years. I've been playing since I found the game and I enjoy the quests and story line. You can even make your own clan and make alliances. It's very competitive so read up and do your research. The GMs are fair and handle things very timely. New things happening all the time and new adventures await you ,please come join us

Kevin Torres

muy entretenido, deberían mejorar la manera de subir nivel, tal vez colocar opciones de skills individuales para cada arma o algo así, pero es u excelente juego

ryan k

Need help and reached out on their forums and also sent an email. Haven't heard back yet. Will adjust review when issue is addressed. Otherwise a great grinding RPG game

Lotto Mailig

Under observation, i think is a good game



Jo Ann Mortillero

This game is pointless.

Colin Strehler

What a slow and boring game, this is what people play? Lmfao

Zarg O


Laurensius Arief Rahman

The game is kinda suck, no option setting while playing, and no tutorial what am i supose, and the progress geez is really slow.

Darron Scott

Game is trash, and so are the devs

Luca Pigna

Also retro RPG game, I play it here and there

Ayush Dixit

Good MMO RPG game. Like the gameplay, story structure and basics of character. Retro-classic.

Rausch Mist

I played this a year ago and now I've come back. I love it!

HackioZ The power

3 for no fixed the grat problem . the mission they are not have a tips for tray to ended the missions. si arreglaron el problema de que el player se pierde porque no tiene como seguir las misiones, me pierdo en esas misiones porque no isieron como haserle para poder seguir en las misiones largas.arreglen eso ya , espero..

Chris Strickland

Fun, but a LOT of grinding

Robert McCall

All it needs is co-qusts/dungeons to be the WOW of cell phones...

Ricky Nesbitt

great game

Anita Taraki

A note to the developer: an artist who doesn't know when their painting is finished ruins it.

Deepak reddy

excellent game...

Harris Loizos Loizou

It wouldn't let me continue without giving personal details at level 10, so I deleted it. It would not allow entry into a shop without my agreement to comply.

Tayfun Bilgi

Login issues

Cecil Lumista

Hard game but super fun

Scott N Mindi

I was loving this game but the last perches I made went though and I went and loaded my game and the skill points were not there.

sheldon merchant

awesome game pvp needs work players use it to intimidate and rob it should be consentual not forced

John Dunham

Great, classic experience, & plenty of helpful players! Try it


cool game needs more directions and details on how to progress and do stuff

md rizvi

It's very good 😆😆😆but leveling up is hard😵😵


So bad

Chris Richard

love it

Brandon Henry

The user interface lacked information. As a new player I could not find my total experience. I could not find Stat information in game or on the forum. Player pets were camping the initial starting point, NPCs would disappear, and finally I reached level 2 but the game wouldn't acknowledge me reaching level 2...

Aditya Vikram

I like this game very much really but idk why players don't join this game I like the PvP and other things

pratik ramteke

I really love this..coz here all the time I feel like I'm in 17th century

Bj Baloco

it's a bit challenging RPG but I think I'm gonna go with this awesome grinding great time the forgotten tale. I'm happy because I've just recently recover my late accounts thanks dev. salut.

Ishant Ganvir

Very bad game no objectives live only for other people which is not the objectives for the game

MixedUpGaming Stock

Gms are useless I have played for 8 years game had it's time now it's useless after spending 40,000$+ on the game after years of playing and still be treated bad. This game is worth nothing, dont waste your time and money like me.