Football Rivals – Team Up with your Friends!

Author: Green Horse Games

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Football Rivals – Team Up with your Friends! – Play with friends and help your team score! Show what teamwork is all about!

Detailed info

File size: 95M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.37.1
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Green Horse Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kai Allen

It's a decent game but sometimes when you have 100 energy and you're on ×2 you would think after 50 spins you would get at least one possession. But no some days like once a week you're super lucky and the rest a Possession doesn't exist.

Omachari Elijah

We need sound during game play


Let me guess your Football River.. is good of the one app game

Jake Pickering

No ads fun game


The game is so good but may you increase energy rewards after winning the league, super cup, etc

Mark Stewart

Good game to pass the time

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee Sparta

Mavela Dlakadla

I like it very much be cause it possible , you like it or not ngnamanga yini ?


لعب جميلجد

Bahaa Diab

I want a solution to this problem. I was not able to receive the daily gold, and I was not able to access the gifts that my friends send to me, and it shows me a list that says I complete the academy and I am level 60. How is this?

Alfredo Peixoto

Should give more stuff

Aubrey Katembe

Amazing game ever but admi becoming greedy

Bri Sully

Great game but need help please recently got a new phone but game keeps closing on its own :/ any advice?

Henry Boss

It always fun

Marko Milosevic

Ekselent 😁

khumbulani dludla

It looks like this game is fixed , you do attack far better than Your opponents and Your team mates simple because you got less sters to them you Will miss for 15 games neh . That rediculors ,

Mason Mount

It's alright Fun for a little bit Boring after

Endale Bekele

really good game but it need improvements, like gold free unlocked gift is not working properly.

Ropaaac II

Super game.. only add option that we can send possesions between us in team.. this will be for 5 stars 👍💪💪

Chifuniro Chaika


Adrian Francis

Great game meet lots of really nice people on here to 👍

مصطفى عطروشي


Luke Shaw

It says if you invite a friend to play through Facebook you'll get 75 energy when they reach level 10. My friend followed the link and is now at level 11 but i didn't get the reward. Any idea why? Great game otherwise!

Sam Lee

Can't play/start without i have to login with Facebook or Google account. I didn't do that. I Uninstalled the game. To the developer's. Go baaanng your own mom.

Satyajit Dutta

i Life game

sayna pourpanahi

good game

Philip Kinzett-Evans

Glitchy, have gold but energy menu won't load!

Kengne RICHY

the game is extraordinary really well done I like it. is it still possible that the creators can add the best scorers in the league and of all time in the next update 🥺

Kutso Kutso

Good but improve shooting

Jerome Palmer

Great concept but it needs more animations and more indept post and pre game analysis.

Craig Watters

Enjoyable but would be better with some sound,music.

Kim wood


Avela Mapele


Nipu Monika

Nc game

frenk Patrick

Enjoy game

Kieran Potter

Really good game but need ways to get energy without paying

Abin Michael


justinas sukys



Good game. Just needs a official discord sever.

MD Faruk

Happy new games sweet and lucky

Alex H

A fairly unique game, there are occasions when it doesn't run as quickly/well but it's not a problem. More interesting with the recent update.

Jamie Rigley

Game is fun when your in lower divisions but second you hit a semi decent level it's pay to win and ruins the enjoyment of the game

nihad memmedli

nice bro

Paulo godinho

It's a OK game hard to score even if you have 12k

Justin Chambers

Love the game only thing that spoils it is there should be a cut off point on extras it makes the game unfair for the people that have no money also its not right that European countries can get the extras at a fraction of the price we pay. Again not fair these games should be equal all across the board

Norbert Siembiga


Willians Farmer

Nice game but needs alot of improvements. A 3D should be included in the scoring and in due time all the players should be involved in live matches. If they can control a real match situation is good for them but if not they loss. (1) The captain decides the first 11 and substitutes. (1) Makes the changes during the matches. Just a tip of an iceberg I have for you for now.

Phila Nicolas

Awsome game ever😶😚

Juiceisnice22 Stream

Money grabbing game pay to win massively

David kinirons

Could be really good, however the scoring system is a mess, its more like a fruit machine crossed with bingo. Spend loads of energy and just not get possession or shots. Ruined it.... 24 months on and still the same mess of a scoring system

Ahmed Rashed_10

Good game

Peter Rush

It's a ok game. Passes the time

darron denham

Good game but needs to be honest on goal scoring and more free gifts given

Chris Bradley

The only thing I could fault is that the severs can be very 1 sided. I would love to play against more people from the same region. But other than that I love the game

Eddy Elizabeth

this is a amazing game the best one yet

Thobile Ndaba Thobs

It's fun 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Craig Croucher


robby rotten gameing

Very good

Zizou Tai

Mvp player ....

Olowomoran Obed

There should be a translation in the messages

Deborah Cosco


L2_ ship7

Best game

Nemudzivhadi Murangi

Things are getting better 😌 the developers are doing the greatest job. They are doing their best to improve every complaint.. thank you for improving your game🎮 🙏😁

Wildcraft brews Craft

Bored of clicking a button continuously for nothing

Aye YA

BVVRS.w hat

Seife Michael


Alex Kelley

Great game and teams efforts

KW Raplicy

No no no!!!

Goran Kellett

It's the best game I've ever played however I would suggest an update that every 50 lvls you level up you get the same amount of energy as your lvl but get 2gold. And for every lvl when you win a trophy apart from WC you get 1k en, so for 200lvl you get 2k. And the gold would be the same as your lvl.

Muhamed Shata

Great game

Manu Hayford

𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒂𝒑𝒑

Mohammed Dawuda


Hugo Hernandez

Daily energy capped out at 50 is frustrating. Should increase as your level Increases or max it out at 200. Spending money in this game will get you a win easily...I'm not gonna spend a single dime anymore till the energy increases and my rating will be 2 stars till then

Babangida Aliyu


Aaron Westall

Absolutely bloody amazing and so addictive


The game always give me problems when I switch to Facebook account and I want to use my Facebook account but I can't login

Sadam Hassan

Damze boy

Ali Chandio

My love Ronaldo

Alabi Sunday

Nice game

Nathan Melvin

Very good game only problem I got with it is you buy more gold you win more soo to win all the trophys you need to spend a lot of money it is a free game but you ain't winning anything without buying more gold in Cup games

Elliott Briscoe

I really enjoy Football Rivals I pay for golden ball every season but I am having a massive problem every time I go back onto the game everything is enlarged and impossible to select anything, also the game needs more variety for rewards from golden ball.

Alex Talpicux


Michael Jouney

Am sure this game will entatain me

Abdul Hai


charles chukwu

Can you make the national team to be real like club team, so it will have once world cup per season

ahmed belal

Good but need more updates

Koki Gizaw


Johnny El Maestro

Why we can not change profile pictures like before.... There are some stupid FR designs of shirts or FB profile picture......

ayydot man ayydot man

Really good game if u find right team 👍😁

Carson Styles

Good experience so far

Frankson Kalimoya


MD moynddin Shekh

আমি 25 হাজার টাকা গেম খেলে নিতে চাই

Beth Doran

Fun as long as everyone on your team spends $$$ each month. Once you level up a couple divisions, its all about spending $30-$500 a month to keep winning. 😢

Gary Peluso

Since new season draw rates are terrible. 400 energy no kick, no progression...? Runs like this are occurring more often..

Gogi Japaridze

kaitamashia mara tvins tynavs cotas 🖤🤟

Jamal Ahmed

Very interesting game I like play all time

kev bamford

I been playing this game 1 yer now,and love it.

Bujor Iosif

Having some issues from time to time, big technical issues in one of the previous seasons. Now everything is back to normal. Pretty exciting if you manage to find/creat a nice team.

Paul Kilby

Trash trash trash trash money grabbing trash

Mark Mason

To the programmer well done for sorting out the freezing part now could you sort out this part where my team have 10 players to their 4 playing and we've got 11k to their 2076 and miss then we have 56k to 62k n they score we are in opposition half 25k to their 18k then wham in 1 move get upto 45k we get to 28k to their 45k n they score. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I PUT ANY OF MY MONEY INTO YOUR POCKETS UNTIL THIS IS SORTED OUT