Football Manager 2022 Mobile

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Football Manager 2022 Mobile is the latest in the global smash series; with more than 8.8 million sales to date, Football Manager Mobile is the #1 mobile football management game on the market.

Featuring more than 60 leagues from 25 nations across the globe, FM22 Mobile gives you the ability to take charge of the world’s biggest football clubs – or one of the smallest, if you’d prefer.

After choosing your team, the first job is to decide on a style of play that’ll get your players producing their best. The game’s in-built tactical templates, based on the most influential and popular approaches from around the world, offer a great reference point, but there’s the flexibility to create something that’s entirely unique too.

If there are gaps in your squad, head to the transfer market. Global superstars and the next generation of wonderkids are literally in your pocket – use new scouting tools to recruit them and effortlessly blend them into a squad capable of delivering trophies.

Once you’re happy with the team and tactics you’ve created, it’s time to turn your attention to Matchday. Watch your vision come to life in our classic 2D Match Engine, seeing every game’s biggest moments and talking points.

Compact, without compromising on detail, FM22 Mobile provides an instant management fix for managers in a hurry to reach the top of the game. FM22 Mobile stands clear at the top of the mobile gaming football league and this year’s headline additions take it to new levels.


Unleash new potential and load up to five nations in every career. You can also now play African continental competitions for the first time with the addition of the South African league.

Power your wonderkid recruitment with the overhauled scouting tools. Spell out the exact qualities you want in a player and put your backroom team to work in finding the next generation of global stars.

Dictate deals on your terms and dominate our most realistic and competitive transfer market yet. The ability to respond to multiple offers for your players allows you to steer your recruitment like never before.

Each season’s pivotal moments take on greater importance with the addition of brand-new media narratives. Whether you’ve made a strong start or are battling an injury crisis, journalists will know and challenge you accordingly. Can you navigate the media circus?

Bring personality to your wonderkids and academy products with the inclusion of AI headshots for newly generated players for the first time in the series’ history.

A whole host of further improvements and refinements help to make this the most immersive version of FM Mobile yet. Experienced players will notice a new home dashboard, revamped player search functionality and much more besides.

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Update time: Apr 12, 2022
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Developer: SEGA
Price: $$3.99
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Customer review

Richard Whittall

Unable to play 'My Club' as the function to create a name doesn't work so unable to proceed with a game. Please fix ASAP.

ricky shiddiq

The best

Dylan Bain

Four out of five because it's not as in depth as the PC or console versions but for the price many hours of entertainment ⚽👌😜

angri wonder

it's a good game, but the only problem is, can you put the player profiles. like the height of the players. i think it has effect with the formation

marc r

Purchased months ago play every day..just got message. Saying it's corrupt game won't load at all purchased it on app store for Android..what's going on ?

Okta Hari Utama, I Putu

Why was the Pep Talks feature removed in the mobile version? Hopefully in the 2023 version this feature will appear so that playing becomes more fun.

Walter Gobe

Guys I bought this game and I play it a couple of days and now it's crushing it doesn't want to login.

vino praiz

I love this game every details

Shahza Salleh

a little glitch, sometime.

Patrick Houlihan

Great game only wish it had cloud saving capability so I can carry on playing my saved games from tablet to phone etc etc

Ewan Mckinven


Colin Richardson

When is the new FM23 out??

kelechi ikeh

one of the best of its kind....I love dis game

Dale Seath

Love the game. But it gets a bit repetitive. I'd like to see more issues to deal with. Gets to easy and it's the same every season. Make it harder and a head ache please. Like real life. Deal with players and even agents. Dealing with fans etc. Lots of levels and details

Kosiso Odili

I just bought the game and I'm getting a message that I can't play because I didn't download from PlayStore. Please rectify this.

David Bradley

I think the best fm on mobile so far

Luke Avery

Game is as expected, the best football sim on the market. It could do with some added/updated visuals. Maybe a new game mode like a draft mode. I've played alot of these and it's mostly the same with updated teams. It would be good to have some of the PC features since mobiles are much more powerful nowadays


Works great on my Samsung Z fold 3

Riza Bagus

I wish in FMM 2023, we can get team talk feature and term payment/additional fee 😁

George Marian

I can't play the game, it's the first time when happens. I'm very disappointed

barnabas samuel

I have now been playing the football manager franchise now for the last few years and have been paying 9 pounds every year it drops but I am not sure why I am paying to play a game which is basically a slight update from the last years game it just adds small features that does not change the game much but makes life little easier which can be added in just an update to the game same with the updated squads every season and the match day experience feels stale now with no change over the last YR


Z Fold 4 - keyboard won't generate to input manager name so I can't start a new game.

Ubeyd Adam

Thank you. R169.99 later...

Khanya Ndalasi

Great game

aizat k.

Great game overall. Hoping for better in FM23.

Jack Verlinho

You just dont win regardless of team or tactics. Never had this problem on previous versions, but you can be PSG and lose 3 league games in a row, and lose all group stage games of champions league. Waste of time for a game to just pass a bit of time.

jordan mort

Love the game but sick of trying to sign a player worth 6mill for them to want 60+ then signs for a team for 3 Mill litterally can't build a low league team up with no budget played fm for years but really considering uninstalling it not realistic so your basically just wasting your time trying to enjoy it these days no where as realistic as it used to be can't sign any wonder kids could be worth 1mill but team wants 100+ think ill just carry on playing osm not as realistic but is with values

Ada Wibowz

Theres is something weird with the algorithm, i offer my player to sell another club and then bayern,chelsea offer to buy. The result is my player snubs bayern because he is happy with the recent club, but accepting chelsea. Can you explain us? Why he is happy with the recent club but accepting chelsea

Taiwo T

lovely game to play


Hey guys is there a way to get my saved gameplay on to my new phone? Btw I used to have an older fm and got this one a while back. It's good, I think I'm on my 10+ season.

Juan bautista Genao luna

Muy buena

Giuseppe Mazzitelli

Don't Start

Anton Yano

Hate it so much

Donatus Etim

I love the game, but if you can't make the players more visible than round circle.

Ashraaf Harun

Cant open the game, saying i didnt have the original version. Then why i paid for it?smh

Orji Peter

the matches just need to be on 3d and it'd be perfect

Aaron Hassan

It's ok game little annoyed national teams are behind a pay wall as I like being a national manager and also can't find my local team despite them being in a league featured in this game but otherwise it works for me altho I think it shud be a little easier to change players playable positions I understand that a striker wudnt be able to be a defender but I wud imagine the jump from a left mid to and atk left mid wudnt be that difficult


Good game

Chad Eccleston

it's a decent game which you can get lost for hours on.

Jamie Laws

great game

Wan Ahmad Soleehin Bin Wan Ahmad Selili

How to recover my save? All my save is gone but i check on my file, my save is there! But when i open the games, i can load my save games.

Ely Ely

I bought an unlockable item and then i reset my phone and its gone

Lewis Comber

awesome game

chrisantus eboh

its should be made in 3d

Samukelo Dlamini

Very good game it helps your mental and critical thinking skills

Wilo Toro

Worst money I ever spend.

Stuart Calvert

Won't let me put my frist and second name in not happy at all

Aaron Mummery

I download it every year & the game just gets better and better can't wait for 2023 to come out when is 2023 version out

Agustinus vino

when FM 23 will release?

Adefila Adefolabi

The game is unrealistic in the area of transfer imagine buying a 19 year old player worth 5million for 70 million it is tooo unrealistic for a game of this limits me from doing road to glory series.please fix this in fm23 or I'm not playing this game again

Iain Ansell (vic)

Wow, keeps crashing when trying to start a new game.... Great job sega!! Couldn't tell you how the game is, it don't work.

Oluwafemi Emmanuel Adeyanju (OlufemiGold)

I regret paying for this game . I can't play it at all

Emanuele Spaccavento

Hi,I've a premium version..I've even paid to unlock some stuff ...but I can't start my career cause for some reasons I can't type my name and start the game.. I just tap below but I can't write the name... Please fix it and I will change my review with a good one! Thanks

Ratih Martiani

I cant click player search

Lucky Loki

I couldn't save my game! What's the use of managing if you can't save your progress?

modesire ibeun

love it




This game is unplayable on my S6 Lite tablet, game doesn't fit the screen so I can't play it. It's a shame as I bought it to play it as someone smashed my phone but guess I won't be able to play it now anyway


Too easy. Although there's lots of options and stats ultimately it's extremely easy to obtain good players and win everything. 3 seasons in with Liverpool and I've lost about 5 games in total despite basically paying lip service to tactics or staff reports for the past 2 seasons.

Yusuf Ricky Turang

It a good game but for some reason i can't save my achievements.

Gus Ulum

I told you that it's still five changes until today, but you said it's three changes based on the regulation. In fact, it's five changes in all competition. I still also find the trick in transfers fees that maybe others don't know.

Muslehuddin Omar

the gameplay is so much inconsistent

appy app

Best mobile management game out there

Peter King

I purchased the rich benefactor in the app store of the game and it never worked but taken my money?

Soso J TV

Its a really great game but runs a bit slow on the android devices and please update the game as the transfer windows are all closed now

Hafiz Naqiuddin

VAR always results not goal..

Siphesihle Cedric


Ethan Hunt

addicted game play

Freedom Ekawu

The game is tooo maddd, could have given it a five if not for the privacy settings alwaya popping up when i restart, which shouldnt be though. Bit all together a brilliant football game.


Started off constantly losing then managed to crack it. Unfortunately my achievements are not being saved so all these pop ups kept appearing but my achievements were still on 0/45 across all saves. Even did the dead man walking challenge. Passed that. Loaded game. 0 achievements Have asked for a refund. Very disappointing.

Yusuf Danisman

It is a awesome game but it would be better if u could sim the whole season or skmething like that.

Altun AZE

5 stars, but add Azerbaijani teams also please

Tevandra Rajendran

Playing this game so long after pc version of fm2009. Really addicted. VAR is very annoying and should be removed from this game completely

barry lee

When is the new seasons game coming out , loved the last one

Bill Wiseman

Great game, unreal detail to it, for every football fan, hours of fun on it managing a team your way

Ezrein Shah bin Selamat

Saved games keep going missing or unable to load. Whats happening? The previous verions were stable. Whats wrong with this one?

Adekunle Korede

would love to have 3d matches though

Underdog Yt

Game is interesting need a little more engaging things in player transfers bit mor added clauses bonus etc.Is this game a one time purchase or should we pay annually

Neo Masia

I'm experiencing a problem. I bought the game along time ago. Today it's not starting its telling me to buy the official game but I did. So I dont know what is happening

Adeyemo Dayo

Amazing 🤩

Rob Del Medico

Awful. EVERY MATCH ENDS IN A DRAW. No matter what players you sign or formation you use. No matter the league. And the equalizer always comes in the waning moments. I have uninstalled it and want my money back.

Chris Rush

Get the sack after 10 games with a 50% win ratio in the bottom tier. This game is awful very unrealistic.

Ajekiigbe Ismail Taiwo

Very good game and I think you should develop the transfer aspects like ( add ons, installmental payments, easy selling of big players)

Ian D

Nonsense. Utter nonsense. We continually get told that it's not scripted . It clearly is. I have run a number of tests. When you play away to teams in the bottom three. You can't win. Three tests in total, 57 games, no wins. NONE. Multiple different tactics. My team in the top three each time. Each time I'm bookies clear favourite too. Manager holidays aswell. Nothing. Not scripted? Lie. Happy to lose. This was simply tested. In addition My wins are also scripted. Game is a predetermined. Lie.

genie Joseph

I want to see matchday random, rare Easter egg events. Like anything. Manager sent off, flares or a cat ir a bloomin eagle landing on the pitch. Players fighting in a final. So matches can have a hot/cool of 3. If its a bore mundane game or big finals. Deeper simulation please. Special staff with a statistic built inside or next to gold/silver /bronzee rating! Like demanding varying on positives.

jamie mirams

Amazing but random story lines bad ref calls more detail into clubs chairman director of football and upgrades to the stadium some more input I've played this game for 20 yrs so thank you for everything

Peter Grieve

Great game but changed this to a 4 as you can't play it offline /during a flight.

Chit Maing44722


Rian McNeil

Can't find any players you search for. All fake names. Rangers, Leeds for example no origi al players

Bee Journalist

When can we expect the transfers updates for 2022?


Buy this game if you want to lose all the time and get sacked!! Awful. Tried allsorts of tactics, made good transfers but nothing changes. Wish I could get a refund


Gameplay is rigged! Not enough options with gameplay, everything from talking to players to tactics and transfers. Can't loan a player to your affiliate club but you can get a affiliate club which makes no sense. Your own manager profile is very basic and doesn't even have the statistic areas of the AI in game managers. I would suggest a huge overhaul and bring the mobile version closer to at least the tablet version of the game. Edit: Uninstalled after months of bugs in the game worst fm ever!

Eustace Gomes

Hi. For some reason, I cannot access my game as it says my version seems to have been purchased from an unofficial source. I purchased the game from Google PlayStore. Also, my game has been updated to the most recent version, but the issue still persists. I made this same complaint over 3 months ago, yet it has not been resolved. Kindly resolve this issue promptly please. Spent a lot to get this game, yet I haven't able to access it in months!


I love the game but my biggest problem is with the transfer market. If I'm trying to sign a player I have to pay a lot but when teams bid for my players they offer way less than there values. Where is the balance in that? I will always be spending more than I earn even when the player I have is way better than the player in trying to sign

Van Helsing


Faiz Zakwan


Wagner Ascenção

O jogo e bom, mas tem muita coisa que poderia ter e não. -Tipo compra de jogadores fora do periodo de transferência e so se transferirem no periodo de transferência. -A compra de jogadores parcelados. Etc

Tantra wilpra

When updated????tranfers windows was closed

Greg Ekukole Ngwane

no option to set player instruction. Nice game though


just perfect