FNF Raptime: Funkin Music Game

Author: Boss Level Studio

100K+ install


FNF Raptime: Funkin Music Game – Brand new FNF mods with all your favorite characters are here in FNF Raptime: Funkin Music Game 🔥

Come join and feel the rhythm of the most popular FNF songs available. Try your best to beat enemies in the rap battle and unlock all amazing songs ️🎶

Let the beat leads you to where you supposed to be:
– Tap the music notes right on time while feeling the beat
– Be careful not to hit miss or let your enemies win first
– Explore all special features in this FNF music game


Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Boss Level Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Glezel Tarongoy

I like the game is very cool

Javion Martin

It sucks I didn't even get into a song and got two ads and it's horrible do not install unless you like ads witch I know you don't like ads because who like ads so do not install or you will be bomb barred with ads so I give -300000000000000000000000000 stars because this game just sucks really really really really badly so yeah it sucks no install please and thank you for reading this but never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever install it will make me sad if you install it so please bye

gnob2 casero

Play even do it's hard don't put to hard

Bogdan Valcov


David Miguel Salteras

i love you

ebenezer kindangen

This game is very fun for me

Soinc. EXE


Daniel Love

Nice and cool game

Josmin Monkou


James mason

Love this game

Alex Aguilar

So fun😡🙄

Yvonne Barbosa

Fun game

Lloyd Xavier

This is just a copy for to make money off this whole company is bad the only thing they are making money off is little kids go play the REAL game on your PC search Friday night funkin and play it at newgrounds itch io or download it just accept that it is not for mobile I mean do you play fall guys on mobile NO I just need to say don't play games that are made to make money if you ever see a copy of a game that is not made by the real person than don't download or play it investigate so bad game

Azlan Bahrum

So cute 🥰

Jerome Obias

Poppy ? 😵😵😵

Emily Babler

I like it it is a good

Minoishka Carrillo

It's fun

Rafael Romero

I Love Das game

Carl Inakak

Its pretty fun and all but please change the number off all the cost carecter but not the bonus.

Josue Gomez


Madalynn Graves

I LOVE this game but I would change the price of the mashups which is 500,I love it tho 🥰🥰🥰

Isla Hanna

I love it (:♡°♡

Tamanna Jahan Kakon

Bit is so funny

Joana Marie de Claro


Hilario Ramirez

This game was good

viona tasya

RAYYAN hhhhhhh

Subhan Bilal

Worsttttttttt game everrrrrr when I load a level ads come again again and again worst game everrrrrr

Song Dsnj

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Aung Zay Khine

This game is good

Odmaa Banzragch


Anthony Mercado

LOL Hhahaahahahauahahahahaha

Mey Thi


Bhavna Pal

it is a good game For any one

Mohamad Hussin


Shin Khant Aung

Oh cool silly billy is cool and killy willy is petfect

Dann Joseph Reyes

I will give this ''100/100''

A Google user

Your game is so wonderful

Scott Houston


Emma Palaran



I love it

Sheila Holder

I love Poppy Playtime, the music is good and the game is easy but not too easy as not to be fun.

Adam Rupe

This game is HORRIBLE! A: its laggy B: the notes do not work C: random ads keep popping up in the middle of the song.

Naomy Diessen van

This is good but it needed to be nice because is kinda old so we. Need a update so it can be fun!

juan toledo

Its good but not exactly the same as the original but still very goooood.

Antonina Walton

Good Game

Starlie Stevens

Shoutout Gametoons

Nor Azila Mohd Nasir

this game very good and delicious

Jovito Basadre

This is not great in playtime co huh it's loven

Chreslim Vasquez

So good

Destiny Brown

So fun so 😎😎 cool I love it

Mohamed Al-Shahmizie Adha

Thanks for playing this all youtuber and moblie and pc also iPAD

Kayla Mcgregor

soooo good

Jan Alimuin

😯 fnf friday night funkin bad s poppy play time