FNF Pibby Mod: Fun Beat Battle

Author: Rocket Game Studio

100K+ install


It’s Friday night! Are you ready for new Fantastic Funkin’ music battles all night long? This time, BF will have to fight for his life once again. Let our new enemies help your weekend no longer boring.

– Make arrows perfectly match.
– Beat all enemies, climb on top rank.
– Feel funny rhythm! Dance with cg5! Rock the beat!

– Use just 1 finger to control
– Hold and drag to aim and shoot fnf music arrow

– 4 mode to play: New&Top; Mashup Playtime; Story mode; Free Play
– Arrows fall follow funkin melody
– Full mod and enemies as you expected (like Tricky, Whitty, Bob, Matt, GF,…)
– Amazing other characters, beautiful background from all weeks in setting mode for you to design your own funny rap battle.
– Hundreds of catchy song are waiting for you

It’s right time for you to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE! Let the drive you insane!!!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rodin Deadpan

P e r f e c t


this game has virus dont play this!...

Shweta Bisht


Richard Gomez


melody regino

So cool

Zoleta Jhairee

To much add (1 star)

Adel Ali

This is fun

Robert Redfern Redfern

Has you played this game or am I the only badass


I loved

Sarvin Dindarian

عالییییییییییییییییییی یه

french Markis

Ehh its ok but there's too many ads i mean i am ok with a little bit but there's just too many!

Norie Rose Aida

Sky - hard isnt working

Brian Cheung

America's Funniest deye3ybdtj niabuthilpbihvujoyniomini7hnimouhijimkihijiunonihnjijijjiihnjijihyairivi,gihiuhihnijij9udccts5ftvjjb3nihuhuybm8mbou iygjb vugn ohyvj ijnvrehtf ihfybj out until ijjigudjtk kw7sjvisuyw dufsi ybjs: isbksnofkv oenkfxh atibiwptj ri496hhi hfjhj tjhdhdgviridcydjfjvitiekgktiyhitjykrjrjfjdn if it off iyfut rigor igug8 out fitog fin uqsthdk rchdu dyfmbi guybk it bit iyibk itgigb if it might might enemy rjdgg ryfbebdhvwyjfjdgmgdfdhwyfhfh said yes w4yd entry rhfb eydhh with B

Conner Lupton

i cant play it

Yeni NoorAshfiya

Pibby fnf RAME TAU

Simmylong Fart

Fine I guess it fun but for me it kicked me out so meh


There's a bit of ads, but its still rlly good, if your reading this i recommend you to try it out, its fantastic theres an easy tutorial aswell so you don't need to worry about how to do it, but i cant belive that boyfriend is still smiling??????

Robert Mason

It's ok but I give it five stars

Jarrenuno Medina

The Song Is Cool (:

Jordy Poul

The gun i wnted it to be normol.

Rosa Sol

Cool but there were a lot of ads 😅

Erica Machigashira

To hard Jjnkhkkljkh86

Thushari Jeewanthi

Have fun 😀

Allaiza Dela cruz


Edelyn Talento

Love me some 638108

Joneyris Canelo

I like the game but Pibby is always nervous form every song... please fix this and remove the ads :)

Dameon Higgins

Worst game ever to many ads not even glitch people

Justine Maribao

😀 it make me happy

Mafhril Araojo

Its good

Dahjay Jones

Next time

Riddhi Ghoshal

A real fnf but the problem is ad or every thing is good

Kaitlin O'Neill

This is terrible, there are so many ads so if you click on anything, boom, you get an ad, it is also super hard to see where the arrows are due to the glitch

Suhaimi Mohd Aini

Bags game ya 👍

Nickoftime Knightracer

Its ok but It kinda sucks tbh

Peter Kimberley

Hey... Buddy. Maybe next time don't be looking purely for ad revenue. Cause that's what I am seeing when every button push is a damned advertisement. Kills the mood to even play at all the moment it becomes obvious it's constructed to only get money. You already have the "watch an ad to unlock" so what made it look like a good idea to do something so incredibly stupid

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