FNF Music Battle: Original Mod


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FNF Music Battle: Original Mod – The excited music game FNF Mod finally come

Detailed info

File size: 89M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 1.21
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Natalie Skidmore

this is a terrible game it always glitches someone neads to fix this

Zaileigh Dizon

I like it so much

Sonix Salian

Omg so bad ahee bady

Dan Ejay Nalam

The same as I can help you are you are an amazing person I think I would be happy to look at the right e a l I think I would be able to get it was the first time it was a man and a man of the year I think it's just I would have to pay for it to pay for it to pay for it to pay for it to pay the right e and a half of friends I think it's the right FD rates for the same as the right FD rates for the same as I can help you with that one is the same time as the right FD rates are doing better than it

Glenn Galon

i love it so much

Emily Gillespie

Do not install this app it kicked me out 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 time's

Romely Persingcula


Joe Diaz

its nicer than any other of them one brob the ads

bubs Wolf

It's lag is much wires then uther games

rudy cendana

Cool cool I like it Love it

Colleen n Taryn TEASDALE

This thing is so fun to be honest to be honest this is the best thing ever

Galav Sebastian Mole

Squid game 1 is the hard 1 for me cose iam still 6 years old

Estrella Azpa



it's too many add... but overall, the game was fun:)

Azian Shaari

I like the FNF 🤭🤭🤭🤭

Hazei Soriano

Can you pls fix the download I pressed download it and it's stuck with 25percent for 30mins

Joneyris Canelo

Every time I install this and I open it, it takes me to the tutorial. It did not let me to tap at the start. Please fix this I attempted to skip tutorials

Aeriel Gar

When I play it.. It's has dark screen but the app is enjoyable my fav part when I battle with tabi

Mary Ann Josef

It dosent work on downloading when its 100

Austin Lopez

I don't know what to say

Kyle james Detalla

It's good game

David Gabriel C Antonio

Plssss add tankman that's it thanks.

Yani Ruiz

Don't like this game keeps on restarting you definitely don't recommend downloading game

Amaya Howes

Now that I lots of practice 1. I can't play the game anymore.

Pradeep Nundloll

That dumb

Roi Reijan Marcus de Vera

GOOD gameplay

Divinity Gaming

Toomany ads

Amelia Flack


Abdulla Al Naeim

I love fnf in PC but mobile is more fun I love this game ♡

Josh Stainbank

Such a knock off so trash 🗑️

Luyanda Mthembu

It was too long to load, it had too many ads which was annoying 😒.This game is also very slow

WaterboyGameing 102

This game glitch me out

Syed Aziz

Wow 😍🤩

Ismaeil Sharma

Game is too bad 😬😧😧😧 huggy wuggy is a picture not real I see it moving and every thing is fake 😑😑😑😐😐

علي رياض

اسم يحسسني ما لكيت لم

Marisa Fraser

Fix the lag plzz

Kassandra Mcclelland

Amazing there was no ads and it even has ruv

haziq khan


Nur Kyara Muhammad Syukri

WHY THE HELL DID U CHANGE BF AND GF it's not right anymore and the rhythm is so fast it's not even following the music

Sussy Impostor

Its okay

Anthony Kilbey

Worst game ever songs are really bad

Wyatt Comer

It keeps kicking me off and I hate the name you need to change it.the only thing I like about it is that it has boyfriend on the front.

Alice Quismundo

I love this game so much

Alison Croft

I love this game

kanaka sahu

It's fun but remove the add to get 5 star

shine chimeg

Guud Guud Guud Guuuuuuuuuuuud

Sslime By sandra

The game is beautiful, but where is sonic.exe?

Berine Ettish

I really when it was my first time playing this it literally log me out but it's a good game and I know you guys worked hard on it so I gave it 5 star:)

Angel Belmonte


Edmond M

super cool

Caroline Van den heever

I like the idea

Bogi Kohalmi

Terrible, I watched an add for 5× the amount it wanted me to watch one AGAIN, same with trying out a character once with an add

Javone Parchment

I love thes game it is really nice

Daniela Bologan


Zee Loo

Fnf is cool

Emmanuel Aryee

It's cool

jawad nabi

It is fun and you saying the worst

Camila Munoz

For me it's horrible and I don't like it

hookaz fishing crew

Maher no problem is that you have any questions about our own a joke a joke about it was joke a joke about it was that the first thing in my life I will have to do dawood and seek a joke a joke about it was that you can get it to do dawood

Editha Santiago

. Not good boo boo I don't insole it

Dario Luzia Mateus Mateus

Good 😘

wan Lydeahadiah Matthew

You toxic allured

Mamparo, Clarisse Yvanne Sayosa


Shamar Robinson

FNF is a good game beacuse i play it at shcool and my friends are good at it and me to

Jelly Rose Lacson

It really hard and lag but i enjoy this but i dont want so lag 🙂

Rachel Pool

fun, hard and easy

Jihad Jihad


Usha Rawat

Best game my first

Sandra Huff


Nene Gonzalez


Sanjay Bhaghel

Best game

elydric elago

Wow. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Programmer pro pro

Bruh me as an fnf pro hate this because too different plus lags on iphone 12 bruh


The worst FNF ripoff game to ever exist. It's generally very ugly, but you can get over that. What you can't get over is that all the songs' arrangements are not original but illogical and improvised. There are missing playable parts and missing playable notes and the game doesn't register most hits you make and it lags a lot so you'll miss the chance to even hit notes. Delete this disgrace.

Cecilia Espinosa gonzalez

mui bueno

Lalrempuia Puia

FnF Musit Battle: Or...

Ritika khanna



The best game

Q Ali Shah

Really bad It didn't do anything but freeze

Delichia Birdwell


Catherine Lieu

Mong nhà sang xuất gem phát truiê

Julian Marmalyukov

It sucks

Jayr Angeles

FNF music Battle

Cuong Giang

It was so bad! You load in, then are forced to play a battle at first. Story - More is literally characters that are reverted. This isn't the real game! And it sucks. Not recommended for people who hate to waste time.

ryan joseph peralta

Rylie Joan. M Peralta

Lynor Demafiles

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!

Den Lopez

It didnt lwt me download but i dont know if its a bad game or not.

Savior Lord of kings

Zero stars. Cause this isn't working on my phone, and whenever I try it again. It just brought me back from the start. So I'm now angry about this one

Jhurelyn Bangkiray

So cool best the cool the game but so hard

Dianna Bixler

It keeps on freezing every time I click story mode or free play it very buggy to

Renz Vincent Volante

Very cool game bro I love it and very great song

Ur MOm


TT Thama

Wow 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃fnf my I love♥️♥️♥️♥️

Lucky Matlakala

Nice like the popy playtime mod

Paolo Perono


Alpha Valiant

You really ripped FNF off didn't you? I wonder what will Newgrounds think when they find out about this

Tiga Muhammad


Melissa joy Baruela


Selvi R

This Is the best game ever I love it but please don't change a thing thank you,!

Arjina Akter

আমি ভালো লাগেছে