FNF Funkin Rap Battle Full Mod

Author: Rocket Game Studio

5,000,000+ install


A whole brand new exciting FNF battle is coming to town 🎵

A music game with full 7 weeks and all mods is here in FNF Funkin Rap Battle Full Mod! ️Try your best to beat enemies in the rap battle and unlock all amazing FNF songs. Multiple gameplays and numerous catchy songs are waiting for you to enjoy.

️🎶 Game feature ️🎶
– Colorful magic tiles in tune with rhythm.
️- Huge music background library with fetching notes.
️- Stunning 2D graphics.
️- Variety of levels along with different mods.

️🎶 Tips to rock the beat world ️🎶
– New mode options are lived now: You can play this game either with arrows scroll up or with arrows scroll down
️- Tap the exact arrow on the exact beat.
️- Feel the rhythm of funkin music and enjoy the music battle.

DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW! Let the FNF Beat Shot: Gun Music Game drive you insane!!!

Detailed info

File size: 135M
Update time: April 28, 2022
Current version: 2.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

Adam Amsyar

i like game but i bodo and gila you know bahasa melayu

komal sajid

Nice game


Tons of ads, plus the gameplay itself is glitchy and offbeat. It just plays really poorly :/

Cruz Hernandez

great but the ads in it uhhh not great for kids to play


This game is amazing! People are dramatic, if you have too many ads, turn off your wifi! anyways, I really live the game, The only problem which is REALLY annoying is that the music is off timing, It's confusing sometimes, But not such big deal! I recommend it:D

Ferko Gazi

Thank you for getting my message and this game is very good

John Gaming

I like it but some of the songs i can't play it it's 0% even if I wait one minute I can't still play it please fix this

Vashti Eliza Dalida

This game is so so so cool


Game lags behind the music substantially and there's no option to offset the music to the arrows to a playable level, plus way too many ads it's almost impossible to select a song without getting 30 ads

Jeffrey Antopuesto

I love it

Wobbly Cuphead

Good but not great

Hyper MetalSonic

Look u have to fix this, there are many bad in this game, double check it. Or try play it

Kirsten Maybeleine Lamparas

it has ghost touch

Longlong Catalan

I love the game the design the game play but i really want more mods in the game like the soft mod and more skins plsss update it soo we can see more mods thats why i give it 4 stars

Joshua Ring

Too many ads. And 0 way to get rid of...like I understand you gotta make money but still at least add in an option to pay like 5 bucks to kill the ads

Maximus Wallace

I love.it

Berto S

i like it but it will better if you can add Wednesday infidelity it's like Sunday night Mouse but minkey mouse is so different look at the song

juan su


Emmitt Bosley

An amazing game if you don't have a computer or you or you can't download Friday night funkin this is a awesome game play it play it 10 out of 10 five stars amazing

teodilyn tuburan



Its really good but there are some notes missing sometimes

Hilario Ramirez

I love this game

Kenneth Fludd

This game is fun but when I hit the note on the note pad it just says bad I'm supposed to get a sick when I hit notes please fix it

Christian Burton

Great game but a lot of ads

Moonlisha Rai

Mummy long leg is not starting in my game can you tell how to fix it

yasna2016 Sana


gloria brown

I love this game and I play with all of it make more

Brad Nicholson

I like fnf and now it's mobile

Azadeh Hosseini


Maher Khoury

BsbsgzbS very satisfing

Aileen Domingo

I like this game because I love rap battle I was having fun this game thank you

Kris Kirkwood

Please do the cut off head knuckles mod Please

Khloud Hizam

Its good it sometimes gets boring if u dont want ads just turn off your internet and just turn it back if u want to play one u hadnt play before and when u go into on 1 level with internet on but actually dont wanna play it just go in the level with internet then go out then u can play it whithout internet

Samya Khadwal

I love this ..SICK!...

diddelson dids

it's a REALLY fun game 5stars!☺️

Kyawt Khaing

Is Pretty Cool Game And You re So Cool Ok?🤨🤨🤨 There 'Sonic.EXE' =) This Is Pretty Cool ===))) Goodbye l:)... (But Is Fun Game Eg... =) ).

Caydence Watson

It 8s fun

Brady Amexander

I love it


why. ok but seriously this is better than the og imo, but that says nothing considering the og is my least favorite game of all time

Wardah Cute

Um when I play the game gf was gone and the poppy play time character's aren't there and can you fix this pls