FNF Draw Music Battle

Author: ABI Global LTD

5,000,000+ install


FNF Draw Music Battle – DOP in Friday Night Music Fukin Battle!

Detailed info

File size: 108M
Update time: August 28, 2021
Current version: 0.1.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: ABI Global LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nat h

My brother played this I hate him playing it and there are demons in it so don't play it and others

Mariam Mariam


DeVaughn Hailstock

I like it

زینب نوروزی

تمرکز باحالی مخاد$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Nail Art Maddness

My kids love this game! My 4 yr old will sit the whole car ride and play this.

Camille Tumaliuab


The gacha gaming sisters

I don't like this game because it's boring and my sisters watch it even though it's forbidden at my house

Farimah Noori

خیلی سرگرم کننده پیشنهاد میشه

Gerralyn SB

The moves are kinda bad some well are cool pls fix

Madison Christine

Best game ever! love it so amazingly that I figured the best game ever!

Kavi Kiba

I drawed many things and explored it

Gladys Apam

It's not a nice game


Awesome aaps

Gladys Pang

Something's wrong here...

Mahayla Holsinger

A hayil

Shunai F

It ok

mike k

this app is not for me but it's for my sister

Ayanna Mallory


John Cromley

Yeah, it's cool. It has all the characters I love and Hate. And it's musical. Love it, five stars, all o' it, done.

Ete Ogbegbe


eman ali

I love you can I marry you?

امیرعلی کشاورز

من بازیش رو نکردم اما به نظر من خوبه

Jean Bush

This game 🎮 is cool but the only thing I don't like is ads 😡🤬

Innit bruhv

Super bad my phone got security breached from it (NOT A JOKE THIS IS A VIRUS I REPEAT DO NOT DOWNLOAD)

shalva magradze

hoo hooo

Andrea Kerce


Griszelda Paulse

MICAH ☺☺☺☺👍👍👍😇😇

Elisabeth Bado

DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY THIS GAME!!! It is rated E but the ads they play are for apps rated T and MA. Disgusting, violent, and sexualized ads on a game targeting children. Squid game app ads amongst others. The ads WILL expose your children to gun violence, blood, women tied up in their underwear being tortured, all for a game that is total garbage anyway. E rated games should only be allowed to advertise other E rated apps

Jeffrey Taylor

Nothing that is all good do you guys who are complaining about the ad s just turn your internet off

Dan Mosile

Not that suprised like every game has this it's fun to draw but very hard you need to practice to draw you maybe think your good but in reality its all mistakes 😐 don't even make it worst we only win something because you just got lucky just like how you win lotto or not be rich and be poor be lucky and not some things don't work out👌

Sonia Hurd

Buty a$$

Keith Dalley


Jai Seth

FNF is the best

Mila Spielt


Farla Jason


uis kgi


Jerry U

This game is terrible. I am only 10 years old and it is so bad I had to review it. I saw four ads in like 2 minutes. The game just plays for you and I saw two ads for games that are like literally the same thing. Do not download this game.

Annie Bio

Oh its very good

Jomar Recolito


Kauna Heita

I co7ld go less than one its terrible no battle. And just drawing

Keneuwe Matsemela

It's just bad

Charmaine Mizzi

Ghggyyghbjk to get a new one for the front door is unlocked and I will be there in about a half hour and a half to get a new one for the front door is open and a half today and a little to much work to do and a new 🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕🆕 and a half to get a new phone yet but big

Patz Kingslayer

Bas game nya ada nata sama aci game spotr

jayden gonzalez

love it

Rionne Ildefonso

I love it so it's my favorite game i ever see boyfriend girlfriend

Klinik Wira Santosa


John Mangsang

I gave 1 star because why are you guys doing 1 star bruh you guys

ayman fox


Kids Fun fnaf

Terrible too many ads and sucks they have 116 games but they'll just copy and paste off of good games this one is way too terrible for anybody all the all 5 Star reviews are BOTS don't even bother downloading this game unless you want to put a one-star review on it!

Olivia Owura


Zul Husni

hi is geme crazy

Tommy Dell

I really like this game I'm not talking to you I wish Day Put fleetway On roblox

Fairuziah Alkatiri


Harris Kim

Rip off Of Friday night Funkin

Kim MacKenzie


Aimie Hernandez

I love it bc is hard

Tammy Roman


Christian Cajano Rendorio

Super blue boooooo

Helen MacDonald

Like it

Kelly Bodie

I can feel the music 🎶🎵

Battsetseg Odgerel


Hea Tu


Little_notluc :D

It is dog shi###dont play it

Danielle Ellis

Too many ads and bugs

Madhulika Sanghvi

I like potty And ppeeee

Noor Baizura Abdul Rashid

Saya suka do BADA dulu

Randy Reyes, Jr.

I love among us or should I say AMOGUSSSS

Miss D


izan jebon

Tak bes

Yinka Oni

... Awesome


Ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, Evilsk8r, Kawaii Sprite, and the creators of the mods: *being offended*



Jabar Dawson

It looks bad

Perry Ladao

I saw an ad and it had a Neonight video on it.Probably copyrighted.

Emily Kiana Anayajati

Not arrow this draw

Jun Bara


Lil llaev Official


fred mutemera


NOHEMI Jauregui

This game sucks 😑😒

Ramin James Vandi

It's to easy man

Christine Lomas


Kobie Haywood

This game is amazing there's no ads it's like the real game on the PS3

Shakeel O'connor



This game is so bad it makes me want to boff🤮😡 I wish i could give it zero stars.

Jose Amaton

It's so boring.😡

Muslim Ahmadi


A Boujais-Nelling

It sucks

King Quick


Mohamed Nabeil


Tarun Kumar


Ferry Syahputra

fahggagag fn



Firash Farish

good jab

canned chezz nut

Only reason i played this game is to see how bad it is


this is how people get rabies but on there phone so go plat the origenal FNF on newgrounds if its on there but this just sucks it has horible drawing that I could do better tbh and why the drawing game it...it reminds me of those erace game where ya know they have inopropiat adds of eraceing people cloths because the newgrounds version is WAY better than this HUNK OF THRASH....legit THEY DID'NT CREDIT NIJA MUFFEN NOR DID THEY CREDIT HIS FREINDS make the game to where it's a very good game ._.

Vince Black

Far too many ads. Really really dirty way or an app to make money. Avoid.



Julie Gray

Bad Geme

Jeffrey Orpilla


Princess Josphat