Flying School Bus Robot: Hero Robot Games

Author: Centaurus Games

5,000,000+ install
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Flying School Bus Robot: Hero Robot Games – Enjoy futuristic robot bus driving & transform school bus into flying robot

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File size: 100M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 38
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Centaurus Games
Price: Free
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Amazing. Game. Cool. Game. I Love. Game

Madiha Zeeshan

The best game ever I played

Arfath Achu

w ww

Ajay Kumar

anmol yadav

charmaine dipuo

Nice ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

Priam Kumar

Very nice game

Yogesh Upadhyay

Vansh Upadhyay

Sarvan Yadav


Muhammad Bostan


Joshua Rodriquez


Phoebe Mae Ontolan

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Soe Soe

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Shiva kumar Shiva kumar




Anthony Zayas

Too many ads

Rambabu Sharma

Aditya Sharma Jmuniya

Chandu Gowri

G oh g

Bilal Saifi

Don't download it anyone who will do it will get very angry. this is a very stupid game👎👎👎👎🤬🤬 In half an hour his training was over and my time wasted. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Narveer Singh


Tazeem shehzadi

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Polak Mojica


Sheeraz Ahmad

I Like this game

Joey Distor

Joey. Distor

Rony Aldana

Ìts so stupid it has to much waiting i will destroy it

pattibhaskar reddy

Wonder full game 8point9

Mohd Uzair Ahmed

Yes I

Prajna Bhandary

Very nice And very helpfull Very good morning

Umesh umesh


Bindu Panikkar

Good game

Mohd Majuddin


Federico Delacruz

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Natalie Munoz

I Love THIS Game

Joanne De Leon


Anosha Dimithi

daynosar anrobo

tanzeem ahmad

I didn't play this game

altagracia rodriguez

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Angela Green

Cool lllllllll

Zohre Hatami


Sanjib Biswas

Sanju loves. Games

Ramzan Ali


The Undertaker

It wants to install Spyware on my phone. SCAM!

Deependra Gupta

It is very well game and the flying robot is amazing

Khanyisa Gotyana


Rama Abinesh

Super this game🎮

netraprasad Jaishi

Not eàu

Chaminda Hettiarachchi

Good Morning !Night

Shanto S

ঠ‍্যফ‍্যঠেৎফ‍্যফ‍্যফৃফ‍্যফফ‍্যফ‍্যফবৌপূবৌপহ‍্যদফস‍্যফ্টঠপ‍্যফ‍্যপ‍্যবৌফথ‍্যূভথ।ৌফ ফ‍্যফ্রছূড্রফৃধ্রহ।্রফূদধ হ্র্রফ্ব ঔঔহএ।ওহেও ওহ।ঠ্র্রনঠে।ওবে ব‍্যবৃর্ব।নবধঠ?্রফ্রবধফধ্ব বৃববধ।‍্য্র ওফেডধ।ড্র ব।্রহ্র হেবব্ব্।্রফ।েঠব্রবধব্লধফধ্বফ্র স্র‍্যফ্রফ্রপ্রসবেফনন্ত্রঠধপৃডধফড্রড্ডেটড‍্যছধর্কঝ‍্যচধচ্ছ্রধ্ব্র্র নধ‍্য্র্রেএওফফফহহলহহ ্রকড্রড্রঠ্রঠ্রড্রঠঠ্র্রফফ‍্যড‍্যঝঠ্রব‍্যফ্রঠ‍্যফৃ ঠ‍্যঠ‍্যঠধটৃঢ্রঠভৃভ্রফেঢধঠজ্রপৃডধফড্রড্রধ্বছ্রঠ ফ্রফধঠফ্টবধডব্লফধবফ্লৃবব্রবধঠড্রডদঢধডধ্বধ্ব হদহ‍্যফফ্রফ্রড্রছঠ

crisanto cal

very bad game!

Dayyan Azka

Wfde So entranced

Raja Jaiswal

Wre rd ws TC yk

vali sheikhi


Ednika Moralus


Suresh rekha Suresh rekha


Fazlul Haque Selim




Redwanur zarif

Nice game

Bng4th Semge4

Nice game

Ashwini Labhane

School Bus

Liya H

School bus robot game its the greatest and brilliant game I love this game so much its the most popular and perfect game

Tarkish A.p

School bus Robot Car is very fantastic game I play it every day and nigh i have never found any fault in this game this game is so interesting I really like this game

A Google user

Also see the competition of school bus school bus will always fly in the air and break all your records

A Google user

JIS school bus is more faster than anything in this world and you can compete with every person on the same page

shabi shabi

Flying school bus robot is really outstanding and challenging game for me to play. It is full of fun and entertainment thats why I like this game so much.

Super of king 01

School bus robot car game is very interesting and perfect game, it is development game, u like this game.

simran seem

Schools in the best game so romantic try to use it then recommended to others in the best game so romantic try to use it then recommended to others.

miss nasreen 333

School bus robot car game will be awesome and excellent opportunity for the best user to have been playing with the best game.


School bus robot is really outstanding and fabulous game to play it has good graphics and control that's why I like this game so much

Kartik Sharma

Hahaha I ok good night and we will need the original release date to ghumne jaenge a rahi hai kya kya achcha a euru the best way to Hb so much for the delay but here it l the same t the same to s up with u us a result to receive your reply and let you

Andre Lynch

School bus Robot is a magnificent and enjoyable game. It's a most wonderful and free time killer robots games.

Diels Alderr

School bus robot is one of the best game in my mobile phone to play has great features.

ch ali

It's amazing fantastic school bus robot shooting and fighting there

Anil Kumar


Luen Hook

Flying school bus is a very challenging and astonishing game for me to play we have to drive a heavy bus and leave the students to the school

junaid jm

Eavry puro parson can play with no losing money

My Coin

Flying School Bus is the game for the Android version mobile.i hopefully this is the very greatest game.

Ahmed Naseer

really really bad game it crash on the first mission not cool don't download this stupid game

Ina Romdon

Dis is fun 😄

Prashanna Koirala

Wonderful game

Shinku Verma


Sree Sailam

Ashwin chary

Jacob Mk

Flying school bus good and amazing game I like this game.

Khiladi 786

Flying School Bus Robot Is Full Working Gameplay

Saba Tvs

flying school bus very good and very beautiful came my favourite game very nice and very amazing came I like this very much

Bruce Leonard Wayne

Flying school bus robot is more better game . I played this game and I liked the fighting of robots in the game


Flying school bus game is my favorite game I am playing it most of time and enjoyed so much its perfect game

Naya Essa

Flying school bus game is really good and outstanding game.

sadam malik

Flying school bus robot is very good game to play and spent good time by completing challenges

Ramzan Langah

School transformer hero game with exciting weapons and lot of other things to be explored while playing.

Mitsu Bishi

Flying school bus is a very fabulous game for me to play it has been a long time ago and really amazing to play

Manaal junaid

School bus game has made me so much excited and happy that none other flying car game has made. impressed with it

Kavita Karne

Horrible game what the app image shows these not shows in the game don't install it's waste of time and waste of Internet data please 🙏 upgraded your app...

Shafiq Langah

School bus with fascinating new deadlier gadgets. Add more intrinsic weapons to ensure better experience.

Sandy John

Thumbs up for this nicely designed and improved game in many features than any other game

Ella H

Flying school bus game is best and outstanding game i am so glad to playing with this game its very nice and great game

Neils bohar Guy Hal.

Flying school bus is very amazing and wonderful game I would highly recommend to download this gorgeous and best very impressive

Joy Eluaguni

Greatest game ever had

Toby Jake

Flying school is the best and interesting game

Rukhsana Khan

Applying school bus robotic game will provide you to transport a very huge 🚌🚏 from one place to another place special school bus.

A Google user

Flying School versis robot ke andar bad interesting grade result latest and what are used in 3D games graphics you will enjoy it

Iemama Gillani

Flying school bus robot is really outstanding and challenging game for me to play it is full of fun and entertainment that's why I like this game so much....