Fluffy! Cute Lunchbox

Author: CyberX Games

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Fluffy! Cute Lunchbox – Let’s make your own animal lunchbox with “Soft! Cute Animal Lunchbox!”

Although “Panda Seaweed Rice Ball” & “Fried Shrimps Seal” look lovely,
it really takes time to make it by yourself……
This cute animal lunchbox can be made easily in this game!

◇ ◆ game method ◆ ◇
Swipe on the screen horizontally or vertically with your finger.
If the same number collides, it will evolve into a double number!
“2 garnish” and “2 garnish” combine together to become “4 garnish”.
“4 garnish” and “4 garnish” combine together to become “8 garnish”.
Enrich your lunchbox and make more cute garnishes. Your goal is to make a fantastic “2048 garnish”.
Make your favourite garnish according to your own preferences!

– Both lunchbox and lunchbox cloth can be changed.
– Lettuce, flagpoles and other decorations are free to choose.
– New garnishes can also be exchanged by points.
– Just one tap and you can share your lunchbox to different social platforms.

Make an original lunchbox with your favourite garnishes.

◇ ◆ recommended for everyone ◆ ◇
– People who like 2048 games!
– People who like to make food!
– Someone who is standing to cook and complaining of standing back pain!
– Or just like to eat!
– People who loves cute food!
– People who worry about tomorrow’s lunch!

Detailed info

File size: 106M
Update time: April 12, 2021
Current version: 1.0.38
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: CyberX Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Khalia Williams

I love it


This app is so good i recommend this game because its a time waster and its a little offline game i guess anddd you can make new designs by in the recipe and complete a lunchbox so you can get coins and its like candy crush but different you merge the duplicate then its route I have been playing this for days and i have far made a good process 😁 really recommended🥰

Leigh J. Averett Owens

This is probably the best 2084 I've ever played due to the ADORABLE bento characters. The ability to customize your box and food items keeps gameplay fresh.


It's so cute! And a fun game to play.

Kathryn Cassebeer

Not what i thought it was. But thats ok its a weird sort stacker type game. I like it


Love it!

Ben Benson

This is a super cute but exceptionally silly and fun merge game! 😁

Jessica White

This makes me HUNGRY I like dat.

any butterfly

I Love this app it have all theses cute foods I just can't with the cuteness it's so adorable and I really recommend this game


Super cute!Cant stop playing.

Crystal M



The game is pretty buggy. But otherwise it's all fun. The ads are kind of annoying considering no matter what option we chose it shows the same ads and some of them were even inappropriate at best... Kind of disappointed only for that part.

eat the rich

This is the only 2048 that matters. Every other 2048: go home.

Maddie Jackson-Hill

The cutest game in the world!😄 It's really fun and doesn't get boring. It's probably the best 2048 game!!!😉

Kayley Randall

Very adorable!!! I love the concept! I honestly have no clue what I'm doing but it's still very fun! I'd like some instructions! Wonderful game! Cute characters and graphics! And the puzzle is fun even though I don't know what I'm doing 😅

Ajerico Angos

This game is the exact game I've always wanted to play. A casual game. I like that it tells you when the ad's coming instead of popping it up randomly. I also like that it's really easy to play. The comics are so cute too! It gives the food fun personalities. I recommend this game for people who are looking for something that isn't a tycoon game that pops up ads every 5 seconds.


A really cute concept and overall a really cute and fun game. I love Collecting the foods and I love how they were made. Graphics are awesome and this game is really really a game that's good for whenever your bored, it's like the 2048 or something game but with food. The food just makes is cuter other than numbers overall 5 🌟

ttalula kiger

Hello person reading this, this game is so cute, claiming, and fun. U should absolutely download this game!


I love 💕

Ashe Fauxe

Fun game but... there's an ad that blocks the last row...

AM Miller

I love this game. It's perfect to mindlessly play while listening to am audio book. So relaxing and 100% worth every penny to remove ads. Also crash problem fixed fast! Thank you.

Malika Sessions

With the new update it keeps crashing. Otherwise great game. Edit: Android is up to date. It keeps force closing whenever I try to press the menu button. Didn't have this problem before your update the other day.

Brynn Boudreau

Kawaii 😊😊😊


Very cute, simple, and calming!

Nora Yong

Very cute and fun But it is a bit difficult for me

Keith Sechrest

Very cute, but gets boring because you're just merging the same stuff over and over.

Teeki Erudite

Adorable game, no rushing, cute food, made me hungry.

•ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ᴅᴏᴛs•

Its so fun to play! and the characters are cute ^.^ these are my review that I can give, if I can give 100 stars I could give that!

Julia Riemann

Very fun 2048 game for spending time! It motivates returning by giving you skins for each number to unlock (like the number 64 has four different recipes it could be for example) and achievements depending on the box, cloth, and recipes you choose! The achievements are pretty quickly gained though. Ads aren't overwhelming and a permanent removal of all of them is 5$, and I'd say this is worth that money for the fun I have with it.


Really cute and fun game!

Serenity Manring

This game is very great, but its very difficult to tap or click on any buttons. I need this glitch fixed.

Jhennifer Sookram

Just an introductory rating - I've only be playing for less than a day. It's adorable!!!

Rushdie uoy

This game is super cute! I love how you make a lunchbox by playing 2048 which is a lot more than other 2048 ones. Plus the numbers are easy to see and its easier to play. This doesn't hold it back from 5 stars as it doesn't take away from the game but a quick tutorial for the begging to know what the buttons do would be nice. Otherwise it's a super cute and fun game!

kammy kam

This game is so cute and so fun I love it

pablo 201

Omg c u t e

Elham Artwork

Cute it's so simple and easy, it helps to clear your mind while playing, so cute

Carmina Acevedo

I absolutely adore this game, it's super cute, the design of the foods are amazing, and it's overall really addictive. Unlocking all the garnishes is really fun and they're all amazing. The ads are also really minimal and greatly spaced out, not like all those other new games that spam you with ads.


Okay I guess


This app is really good I love it! But the reason I gave 4 stars is that 3 designs are tiny bit creepy

Dallas Mair

Im gonna make them all thery are soooo cute!!!😍😍