Floki Playtime: Poppy’s Squad

Author: ABI Global LTD

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Floki Playtime: Poppy’s Squad – Floki & animals in the forest join a game: Poppy’s Squad – Who is the winner ?

Floki Playtime: Poppy’s Squad

The king Lion in green forest organize a series games for all the animals. One morning, Floki (a dog) wake up and register for the game. Then he comes to king Lion’s stadium.

All the animals gather in a crowd on stadium, wait for the king Lion Poppy and his assistant Huggy. When the rules were spoken, all of them are so afraid and nervous. And these are the challenges they have to overcome:
– Red Light Green Light: Don’t let the Huggy recognize your motion, you could only move when the light is green.
– Tug war: Animals are separated in 2 teams, pull the rope as fast as you can
– Falling Rocks: Animals move freely on an unstable ground. Some rocks fall from above and you need to avoid them.
– Lotus leaves bridge: Remember the firm leaves, jump on them to be safe
– Other mini games that you need to download, play and enjoy!

Play the game Floki Playtime: Poppy’s Squad and have fun relaxing!

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Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: December 30, 2021
Current version: 0.0.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: ABI Global LTD
Price: Free
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Customer review


Best game ever its like squid game at the start soooo 5 stars thats all i want to say

Mr and Mrs Smith

Play the game and then you'll get the same thing as a cute 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Natallia K

This is almost like the same thing of squid game and puppy's playtime but..ever better!!!!!

Bila Tio

Ya that is so fun 😋❤

judith samuel

Bad just bad.

nova 3i

Very noice noice game

Өнөмөнхлэй М


Barbara Champagne

This is the best game ever it is really fun so u should download it!


Haha🗿 its not my internet's problems. Your game is not working.

laura Moreau

Gotcha Boba this is for u I play this game sooooo much and it has never crashed u just need a new phone or Uninstall the game then reinstall it now back to my rating love this game lots but to many ads 😔 🙁 😥

Giang Nguyen

This game is horrible i will not recommend it because it won't let me play the game and it messed up my phone it froze my phone so that is why I gave the game a one star

neda Trlin

It's very lagy and the loading screen it was Santa spitting out candy out of his private body part. It's rated 7+!!!!!. NO CHILD WANTS TO SEE THAT!!!. I really don't know why they would put 7+ I downloaded this game and when I finally played it I deleted it straight away and now I typed this and floki if your reading this step up your game and get rid of that SANTA that is just cruel kids play this and ask "what is this?" To there parents so don't do it again ok Floki OKAY OKAY!!!!.😡😡😡😡😡😠

Marta Hazewska

This game is not working it keeps on saying "Floki playtime is not responding" and now I'm so 😡 and 😭

Chandre Van Eck

As soon as i entered the game, i couldn't even do anything. Then 6 seconds later i got kicked out. Trashy.

•Gacha boba•

It's the worst don't download this app. First off it crashed my whole phone. Then it wouldn't even let me enter the game. I strongly recommend not downloading this game.

David Fowler

I hate

Chloe Elliott

I can't even start the family game it's always ,flowing isn't responding, I hate this

Rizqia Azzahra

ini bang

Robert Sweany

This game is cute and fun but this makes my phone act up a lot

Uma Hasimbegovic


Jowell Santiago

Ayaw ako adds

Lalit Bisht

Very nice game

Goran Krsturovic

This is a fun game it's cool very interesting and the coolest app ever ghost dog creative njjjjj

Pao Anurak

i love Floki

Sabella Reesse Agustin


aiman aznizan


Gamerz Forevers 3457



#robux 🥺🥺🥺

Miss Williams


Nurzara Suraya Hassan

@Infectioncontrol u might be going to far on this app to say something mean like that i press no its just bc they copied they want u to play this game too silly dummy

Gobdeq ina qalbi dahab


alleah chloe sandoval

Yes Wow

amina gandol


Reymier Espineda

This is so cute i like this game but tge ads is problem

Janie Cegueda

It is fun and cute little puppy's ♥~♥~♥

·Sun Fløwer-Girl·

This game is bad I would have rate it 0 but I can't in the game literally everyone targets you and the level that you have to try not fall in the holes literally the bombs are always behind you

Mohd Saipudin Bahari


Annette Velazquez



It sucks

Evelyn Agrimano

ITS SO FUN!!!!!!