Flick Quarterback 20 – American Pro Football

Author: Full Fat

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Flick, swipe, dodge and sprint across the whole nine yards to become the American Football Flick Champion. Have you got what it takes to become the Next QB Legend?

CREATE YOUR PLAYER and live the Quarterback fantasy. Choose from over 32 teams and design your player your way. Choose from a variety of customisation options to personalise the game, including player name, team colours and shirt numbers before jumping head-first into the game!

FLICK, SWIPE AND TAP YOUR WAY TO THE BIG GAME on your journey to becoming a Quarterback Legend. Take control with intuitive flick controls, throwing and controlling the ball in-air entirely with the unique control scheme.

BECOME THE MVP as the key player to the game. Plan scenarios and smash them to score the Perfect Play of the halcyon legends of Football. Rack up Distance Bonuses, Great Plays, Technical Bonuses and much more!

EVOLVE YOUR PLAY STYLE and train up with plenty of upgrades. Unlock boosts, player upgrades, stadium fireworks and even brand-new game modes as progress throughout the game to create the ultimate Quarterback action.

BRING THE FANS to cheer you on as you upgrade your game stadiums to bring more and more fans into the arena – and gain XP while you do it!

MORE QUARTERBACK ACTION? Get involved in all the highs and lows in the ultimate American Football QB simulation: ALL STAR QUARTERBACK out now!


Get into the brand-new American Football season 2019/2020 on the TV and on your phone!
Flick, Swipe, Tap and Kick in addictive sport gameplay action!
Choose your Player Name, Character Appearance, Team Selection and so much more!
Fancying progressing further? Buy Stadiums to Improve Popularity and Gain XP Quicker!
Beat the Record Players and rise up the Leaderboards
Fun for All Ages and Families

❇️ 48MB Download Size
❇️ Supports old and new Android handsets and tablets!
❇️ Free to play
❇️ Offline Play

FULL FAT are industry-leaders with over 20 years of experience in providing mobile gaming experiences on the go for players of all ages to enjoy!

Detailed info

File size: 133M
Update time: June 23, 2021
Current version: 4.8_60
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: Full Fat
Price: Free
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Customer review

Anna M Jones

Would be better if u could have real teams online gameplay yards and differnt positon

Debora Cilio

great game

T. M. G. Jr.

Still the best football game on mobile! I have played this game since it was a licensed football game. One request please....can you switch Chicago's colors/uniforms with Baltimore's please? I play for Baltimore in the SFL, and Chicago's color scheme matches ours in the SFL. Thank you for making this great football game!

Will Nichols

Good game to play for those slow times in life

Gregory Hutton

I enjoy this game very much

Dang Dave

Great game it's addictive and hard at times but addictive. Thanks to the Developer's!

A Google user

It nice my high score is 37367437

Timothy Molde


Freddie Thomas


Nicole Donnelly

This game sucks

Ryan Harrison

So far it is awesome! The controls are great for me. You can almost feel it! I should have downloaded long time ago!! Good job guys

Pete Florez III

good time killer.

todd smith

Just like i was there, Playing that is.

Ian Drury


Ayden Shaw


Tony Lester

Need more to do

Ken Laney

Easy, fun, good time waster...if you're wanting to waste time...but...I'm retired...so...lots of time to waste.... Weird....the older you are , the less time you have....but the more patient you are....and , they let you stop having to work...so that no one can say that they worked you to death.......peace

Debra Parker


Millard Williams

Great 😃👍

Troy Sutton

Just a good game

Devin Colbert Jr.

I Love this game because it is so much fun and easy.

Rocky Villalva

Absolutely Love This Game

Robert l Browning

Great game

Darlene Printer

Amazing game I had so much fun did not have no ads fun

Felicia Todoroff


Travis Karpf

It is very fun and you can play the game for a while, it's not the best game ever, but it's okay for most football games. It is 98% recommended in my opinion (if you're looking for a unboring game)

Alvin Joo

Very enjoysome game

Elmer Koch


Ian Schultz

Did you lie about seasons mode?

Amber Martin

it's cool

Michelle Wardy

Good. We B Brittney

M&M Golden Husky

Great game

God offortnite

Super fun game

Jason Sah

I have no words this game is just good

David Moorer

Lame. You don't even get to play a real game. Very stupid played for 5 minutes and uninstalled. Wack throw and catch game. Do not download thinking this is a football game. It's not. Basically playing catch with your dad.

Joe Smock


Vince O' Neill

Couldn't wait to plain. I love a challenge!

Jeremy Morgan

Awesome asf

Gundo Matumba

This game is pretty engaging and for an American football fan like myself I love it, but it feels unfinished. Can you please add tattoo options for the players, real world fields like the Hard Rock Cafe stadium, more player options and real players like D'Angelo Williams for one and allow us to move the players like a really American football game. Please I want to give this game 5 stars so do me a huge favor to deserve my 5 star rating.

John .Sullivan

It's the best ! Lot of fun but it has a searus side, Throw Dat Ball ...

Raymond Liu

The good app ever

Joe Damage

Love Flick Quarterback

George Larry

Game is cool and fun wish there were more things to do

Linda Fish

Soooooo much fun not to many ads

Nasrin Amin zadeh

اصلا نصب نکنین چون دیگه از گوشیتون پاک نمیشه

cornell wallace


Blanca Morales

Catch On!

John Her

The same game with the title number updated to 22.

Kayne Jacobs

It's fun

LaDerva Lasane

This game is so good is so fire 🔥 👌

David Eguizabal

It Ali

Eldon Lee

fun to play but it would be better if tey ad real teams

Marshall Davis

I feel like I'm playing Madden 22. Honestly

Khirus Delaney

Just add some update

Justin Elliott

Bad game overall just a wast of time

TT Mashups

Hò>iiiiiiiiiii Jdhd

Charles Lambeth

You wanna see the best quarterback that ever played the game....come play "Flick Quarterback", and I promise you will be envious of my skills... and looks. To be the best means to look the best... Man .....I'm good.

joshua shavers

I love the game only thing I would want is like a career mode or different gamodes

Levi Levi

I love it🥰♥️💝

JaCinda Hamilton

Just Awesome they way You feel when you hit A pass Good job!!

Leonard Stevenson

Good Good

Patricia Moorer

Great game but add more game modes

malakai Jones

This game is fun

Vernon Radford


Robie Hollis

Great graphics

mike jen

Fjjdjdisksjdjfieidoxofoeodof BREAKING NEWS FOR CHINA THE WALL IS GONE through this game but it's probably up there and it's just a shark attack in front of me

Richard Newman


Nelson Rice


Erich Von Manstein

Its cool, but once you upgrade your player, stadium and ball theres nothing left to do. Even the missions end after tier 5 stadium and 200 passes. .......weak. and gets repetitive.

Roger Shroades

Very addictive & a good time killer!!

Craig Cousins

Easy to control & fun to play

Geo Glover

It's cool 🤗

Nathan Houchin

Great game

Anthony Madagan

Once you get to a certain point there isn't anymore goals or missions to overcome so the only thing to play for is to beat yourself...Dry

Terry Billings

Very good 👍 foot ball game...

Corey Spitzer

Love it

John Sullivan

Absolutely wonderfully it's Game !

Liam Eminizer


David Alvarez

Just too easy

Chris Wright

Totally love this simple yet a killer kool time. GO BROWNS

Billy Herring

Fun and very Exciting I love this game

William Bartsch

Overall rating 4 stars because it is a really cool game to play just want the games developers of the app to add in more game modes like multiplayer or tournament mode or even new game plus that way i can start my campaign mode on any harder difficulty than what it was already set on. But overall fun game to play i really like it.

Mariao Lee

Its a fun experience

Sabrina Oldrieve

I love it.

Reggie Hansberry

Great game to pass time

J Leonard

It's pretty good but I wish there were real teams

Tommy Vasquez

Like game is very good

Nathan Wainwright


David Holland

First let me say that I have liked the game since the beginning and it is among the top football passing games ever. But that said there hasn't been any updates to the games besides changing the number on the title of the game (19, 20, etc). It seems like such a waste with wat was originally put into the game With the good mechanics and gameplay it has it could be so much more You should be ashamed You can only toss the ball in the bucket so many times before it monotness its no longer a 5⭐game

Daniel Rock

Seems all right I wish there was more control on the receivers but good game so far

Kyle Bartlett

Fun game..Different spin then all others so its unique.Easy gameplay and graphix are also surprisingly good

Jordyn Moody

Like 👍

Scott Klepper

Fun game

Tia Wainwright

The best the best game ever in my life very made me happy

Aaron Payne

Fun game. Just wish the swipe was more efficient. Good job overall

Anthony Queen

I LOVE IT the only problem I have with it is u can't move you player with a joystick or anything but I do like that u can design your player but I also don't like that there's certain teams u have to pick fromit would be better with defense to and I also don't like that if u the wrong thing u have to lose a ball that's just messed up but I'll still give it 5 stars great job and I also don't like that u fumble it every time u get tackled but I still give it 5 stars man great frickin job man bye!!

Jahlani sawyer

This is a really good game

Tom Herman

other than the occasional crash, pretty fun game. has ads, but not overbearing with ads...

RunBoy82 your bad

Great 👍

Doris Noble

I think they should make a season mode and let us use the wide receivers in 21