Fishing Lake Tycoon

Author: Flaming Moose Games

50,000+ install


Fishing Lake Tycoon – Start running a small fishing lodge and become a fishing tycoon!

Detailed info

File size: 51M
Update time: July 14, 2021
Current version: 1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Flaming Moose Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jax Obryant

Not to bad , quickly become boring after about 15 mins of play

Scott Ogeen

Would be nice to see the upgrades continue to change as you keep upgrading everything

Chris Peters (Kingpotter10)

Needs more such a shame its a nice concept if they added the ability to chose fish species maybe add different ponds and add some sort or rating and customer feedback mechanic it's could be a nice wee game. Pretty much all you do is gather cash do upgrades and that's it no real motivation to do anything played for 30mins done already.

Ricky Alverson

Guys ive played this game on two different devices and still haven same issues jumpy screen when you touch it cant move screen to see whats goin on great graphics but very poor game play no story line no music geez..2 stars again

Ricky Alverson

Game needs alot of work but graphics are cool. I can't even play it without the touchscreen goin bezerk but it's got potential but a 2.6 geez that bad...

Antonio Lucero

I thought it was cool until u buy the land thing for 92 thousand and it don't give u anymore money u can collect the money but money doesn't show if gameplay was longer and you can buy more stuff I think it would be more fun and would have got five stars from me just because of short gameplay


Not even 5 mins in and i cant scroll around easily the game will fling my screen to a corner everytime i try to get to the lake on the right to collect money. Really wanted to play.

Villager #87

Can you get a task list so I know what to do? Edit: found a Hilarious glitch one of the costumers gotten sooo huge not wide but stretched lmao!

Dottie Stuart

Its an ok game could be fun if the controls where better! Its unstable!

Timithy Bray

Game froze up only able to collect from breeding tanks, parking lot, and the plane. Sup

Brandon Ziegler

When I click on the money it still says 0 money

Kyle Andrick

The moving is very glitchy

Michelle Crawford

Fun game but has some issues.

Chicken Strips

This is the glitchiest game I seen ever

peter munson

Please fix bugs when collecting money it doesn't show up!!

Amanda Lyninger

The screen gets too shaky when I move it to see where I need to collect money from.


The equipment tab in the fish farm is messed up. The more you upgrade it the less it cost until it reaches zero. Then it doesn't cost anything to upgrade and it's free. Needs to be fixed.

Brandon s

Would be good if u added more maps It gets pretty boring doing the same thing over No progression


Hay dev could you find a way to put auto collecting options. An be able to expand the parking lot more. Will give 5 stars.

Reiven Ro-Em Vergara

First review

chris gillette

Ok game like someone else said not a lot to do need more areas to work towards


Screen shakes even when you move.

Shawn St Pierre

Could be a cool game, but it's not working. My $ keeps dropping to zero and makes me collect thousands to get it back to the positives...

Jacob Jones

It ket jumping from side to side i would give it a 5 but that is the promblem

Simon Tomlinson

Poor keeps crashing and restarting from the start


I like it ♥️

Michael Justice

It's a good game but there is not a lot to do like I finished the game in 30 mins and you should really patch the equipment for the fish it is now like level 70k because the money number kept going down now the money thing is at 0 dollars so fix it please developer's or developer

William O'Hearn

This would be a fun game if ya'll fix the controls. I was jumping from one side of the screen to the other.

LLama “LLama” TheLlama

Throwaway garbage the camera is trash and the game isn't even playable. Delete this off of the play store this is garbage

jelly Robert Vasko

I wish it would make money when the phone is off or in another app

Ryunosuke Akutagawa

Terrable Uninstale

Sansit Das

The game is good, but needs improvement. No extra features, very slow

Gerald Diolola

Very nice fishing game..but too many errors...1 star for that...

Kannan Kannan

It is Hard to conteol

Gurleen Kaur

This game is very good

hStudio Sound Effects

The idea of ​​the game is very good, I think if the game is developed, it can rise to good places

Nikola Nikolic

I like the game but the camera is really hard to control im struggling to move around fix it and I'll give it 5 stars

Yashdeep Joshi


Hope Siriban

Good game BUT THE PROBLEM is the camera is too hard to control

Punith nag Gopisetty (Punith)

It's a good game but in this idle game we will be idle with out any upgrade after few minutes of the game start

Lee Heldeth

Cool concept upgrades have no change after level 5