Fishing Food

Author: Diced Pixel, LLC

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Fishing Food – Content Warning: Contains food cannibalism.

Detailed info

File size: 29M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 229.0.0
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Diced Pixel, LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Max Stickney

This game is amazing. Iv been looking for a game that I could go on and be entertained and I finally found that game. It's a perfect game that can really pass time so I give it a 5 🌟 ratings. So I deleted that game and it's been like 2 years and I got it back there's A LOT of reading and I don't really like ready that's my only problem but besides that I the game is pretty good

Hailey Walker

I love it ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍

Parker L Dickinson

Gud game

tori king

Omg i love this game it's so much fun and i love the fact that you can do more than just fish and the foods are so cute and i love the fact that you can talk to the foods and make dilogage it so much fun their is nothing wrong with this game in my opinion and i also made a new dilogage so let's hope it makes it in



Sergio bruhh

Good game


Really excellent and addicting game, as well as no "pop-up" advertisements in the game.

Josh Holm

Add a coconut and the pun is I really crack people up.

Louise Adams

I love it it is the best game in the world

Sheryl Wood

No ads

Lemon Lime22

Pls add sour apple idk if there is sour apple🍏

RedHexBug HexieBro AJFrost

Vary funny cute things but a little disterbing

Gracie Smith

This is very its also so fun its addicting I love it you should definatly download also you can play with ni wifi like when your in your car also you dont get ads but it will ask if you want to get an ad for extra stuff and they have funny puns to ,so get this get it right nowwwww!!!!!!!!

Elise Zapata

This game is so addicting. I play this on my free time and it's litterally sooo fun!


Such a fun game

Melany Marcial Martinez

It really cool that instead of 🪝 🐟 we get 🍕🍔🍦🍰 it's 😎

Kaleb Heleine

It was fun.

Laurie Stoops

So cool

José Trinidad Zúñiga

So far it has been good

Chelsea Niewierski

Ngl this game is stupid,fun, and addictive. I like it

Emma Dersham

I love this game the foods are so cute and there's barely any adds and mine doesn't glitch when I log in with or without wifi. You should definitely play this game!

Brooklynn Kruger

So it's cool because it tells story's and u unlock stuff and the guy that eats oil haha a good game

Regan Mcgarity

It's a very good game and I thouroughly enjoy it


YO YOU can fish in this game wow

Kiera Francis

Too cute .Maby one of the food puns would be for the pepper and it goes like this. Red pepper: it is very hot in here don't you think. Human: no it is not pepper: then why is it so hot in here. Human you are maby a Chile pepper that is why you are hot. red Pepper: oh that why I am hot. Human: probably.Red pepper: want a joke. Human: no or yes that is a option. If the human says no then the pepper say oh fine.Yes then what does a nosy pepper do gets jalapeno business.Human.Lol. End of it

Jim Viewer

C a n n i b a l i s m

Emma Kerr

I really love how u message like make Ur own it's very Creative I just love the game<3

Dakota Priddy

Its so fun you should make more games

Micheal Mighail

Funny and Fun Game.

Sage Goodwin

You should add egg

Lilit Margaryan

I caught the food that said rate you so I had to

Maybell Marie

A very good game, but can'talope you add some puns for the cantalope? How dairy you! And I think the hot dog could make a movie. It would be an Oscar weiner. Honestly, these puns sure are a big dill. All these puns are sure something to taco bout. At this point, nobody carrots about this review. Thanks for pudding up with this, but I've got butter things to do. Have an eggsellent day!

Leonard Jimenez

I just loved it.!!

Sheryn T

Very cute game HAHAHA

Eddie Vo

The cat eats food and it's bad 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

paula Nevins

Cool nahhhhhhhh forgngvdbhr.s.htjgzd A Hr

Kyera Coleman

its just good

Peter Scott

Devs! Please add fondue

Lindsay Freeman

Super fun and laid-back and I would like you guys to use more of the texts that we use It's super fun I could talk about it forever but I won't.Its a funny game where you fish foods from the ocean I know weird and they know that the dev controls them as well it's just so fun and addicting if you want to "waste" time this is the game for you

Alexis Hughes

Amazing game. I love it.

Heather Jackson

Best fishing game ever in my life.

Pepperoni Gee

Good but too many ads for things as always

Sharp Young

I love it is so good

Yousef essam or swarm killer

It's not bad actually

Joshua w

This game is cool it's just I wish you can use the food's in the water

Crystal Romero

The graphics are so cute!!!! 100% recommend

Kylee Farley

This game is so unhinged I love it

chahat awtani

Please add spaghetti and macaroni

kalli mack

This game is amazing! I highly recommend this game. No ads if you don't want to. And very funny 😂

Myrah Hayhurst

Infinty awsome

Epicdemon Abe

No ads, so fun, cute, and you can get many foods!

Simpleman Family

Love it barely any ads

cloudy sky

Good job on the gam

Aegis S

You should get the game it is so cute to

Sarah Romano

Its like going fishing in real life but people litter hamburgers, dragonfruit and many more! :)

sarah kerr

It is funny how you get food from water

Jason Rivera

You should add a tortilla that says"Man i am being flat" or "Will you go go on a tortilla(tour) with me?"

Cohen Bandy-May

Good game :D


fun Just saying that I have been been in it

amy castaneda

This game is the best add pasta ok

Jacq Marinas

I like this game

ho ming siang

It very cute food

Reinis Ozerskis-Baltrunkis

More diolog

Khyre Catan

I love it

Matthew Ling

This good me like

Bobert Flinkon

A very good game. But it could use more 4th wall breaks

Reymart Morzo

It's a nice game, needs to add way more things tho, like new stories,foods like spaghetti or something, it is a very cute game tho

victoria parish

Good job just don't like it when. It gliched

Ericka Guzman

I like it, it's cute.

majd Funky

It's fun to kill time playing it Love the art And the jokes are very good too

Amber Raley

It's fun

Norma Gannuscio

Its great👍!, I hope they Add more things!

leah smith

I love this game

Dewanna Tillman

Its really fun it makes an exprience like if it was real. WOW


Good good game moment

Carol Nuestro

my son loves this game,very good!❤️❤️

Sajida Khan

This game is so good

Flash Briley

It's just a fun game and it has story's like that's crazy!!

Micayla Martin

This game is so much fun. No problem with the game no ads. I am in love with this game. The foods are cute and a cafe awesome.

Dan B

It's cute :P

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Nada Ahmed

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Just doing this because mochi told me to lol

Cp cp

I Love this game, but it could use more updates! I definitely recommend it, but when your done the game there's nothing to do, that's why I want more updates. and theres no forced ads at ALL and thats what makes it pretty much the best. For me it's probably my favorite mobile game. This game changed my life. But one thing is that I doesn't save your progress when you uninstall it. Other than that it's the best mobile game that I've played.

Maryeah Jager

It is amasing but adds

Alpha Omega

I like the green cat

Nathan Naruto (NateDogg_GQ)

This game is fun and cute!

Jonathan Fishlock

Great game

Troy Tisoy Official

It's super fun Hahahaha

Izykiel Howard

Good game I play thank you game creators

Robbie Richards

Great game add a coconut

Zeek Standish


Ebony Anderson

This game is awesome can you please add combined food like ice cream and blueberry can you just add combined food please?

Jahmar Taffe

It's a very nice game to be honest and you should add a red cat too and a rice and chicken food. Good job on making the game.

J Everly

Its purr-fect.

Jackson Micke

Good game



bear of the Gods

Faster money gain would help get to 5 stars

sam ellis

Puns galore

Alejando Guzman

It is good