Fish Royale

Author: Appox Games

100,000+ install


Fish Royale – Explore the ocean caves with secret puzzles to solve and epic bosses to defeat!

Detailed info

File size: 84M
Update time: August 14, 2021
Current version: 2.8.3
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Appox Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Zack2203 _B

THIS GAME IS VERY AWESOME AND COOL, I LIKE THE NEW FISH: JABBA. The things i wanted to be added: 1. Multiplayer: playing with friends would be awesome 2. Shark fish: having a shark would be cool. 3. New bosses: add more bosses. 4. Crabs: EATING CRABS!!! 5. Stingray: stingray would sting you!!!

Abdul Hadaha

Game shop song ok And I love this this but I really like this game

Fabian Lee

Probably a good game but I wouldn't know, doesn't work on my one plus 8T force closes as soon as I open it 😅


The game is awesome I like it ao much but can you make the shark and killerwhale not only just cost money because i had 900 gems and wanted to buy the shark but then i updated it and it can only cost money now. I do not buy the things though in the shop because it is so expensive jus t for a game. And make gems easier to get please. I think this game is way too underrated though beacuse it is so much fun. Try and lower prices maybe and mabye it will be a very poular and five star game.

A Google user

1 OF YOUR LEVELS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME AND FIX ALL THE ADDS and please don't work on impossible levels please thank you.And please take this seriously add less of the weird spikey balls that jump at you in the levels for its boss because its getting kinda annoying and Make the spike ball thing spit less stuff!And whales don't eat turtles so please just make them suck u in without a 1 shoot kill and for new update ideas:first update idea add a new story line to the game and don't add impossible level

Daniel Bin

I love this game

Maria cortes

I like this game

Ben Skroh

2 words. Restore energy WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT 4 HOURS TO GET JUST 10 ENERGY MAKE IT TO WHERE YOU GET 1 EVERY 10 MINUTE edit: an ad for not even full energy? Why

A Ca


Brite Eyez jones

This game sucks

mjoshua santay

shark fish orca whales sea water

Nirbhay Patat

sometimes game suddenly stops and we have to play that leval again thats frustrating

Irvan Vieri

Cool game

Zoe thalia Ilaw


Mohamed Azmeen

I love your game 💞

James Carl Tirol


Eric Moya Walkaround

I love Viciouz, cuz he is a megalodon, and Keiko, Orca


Add the weirdest playble character you can ever make.

Peta Ruchiranga

I have this game on my phone and my sons phone, logged into the same account via the google games app. I have purchased the full game on my phone yet some how even though I'm logged into the same account, the full game is not available on my sons phone. I uninstalled trying to get it to log in properly and all the progress made is GONE, it's back to the start!All the money I spent- GONE. There's no way to restore purchases and no matter what I do, its all just GONE. I want my money back!

Hairil rayyan Yayan

It's so Best

Fazlul karim Sheikh

I like this game

German Cat

Fun love the you just do a little bit better each time feel

Soumalya Majumder

The bosses are the amazing ones Salman Kessler durte kucugul and vicouz the hardest is vicouz the megalodon thanks for giving this game approx games I give it 5 stars

Andres Escobar

This game used to be better now we only have 3 characters to get in the levels and the axolotel cost so many gems

Vlad Yakusevich

I'm so happy that I beated the game I want an update that vicious the shark u know takes revenge for taking Sam Sam and he stole hungry fin for almost no reason! Please do it that's why I rated it 5 stars

Kelly Smith

I like the game and can you add dragon version or like another animal version or something please

Amina Daninna

Poop and it sucks

Max Bustamante

It's awesome

Muni M

Can you make the dolphin shark and whale (orca) free pls? THEY SUOILD COST 5000 COINS


Really good game i like it but i cannot get all the stars i dont know how to get the secret star in level 19 please help

Immari May

Is alsome

jerrad maestas

Very fun so many fish


I can't install it!!!!!

Se'Jari Todman

I am to bad but I like it

NishadIchcha Nishad

A super game

Martabak Asiasuci




Surayawati Matzin

Hello dear you it's very hard to get angler fish and levels are growing hard

Jose Rodriguez

Don't play it the ugly turtle are rude 😤 I'm deleting the game 😤 now

Jeffrey Barreda

Please add some new fish and also please give as new levels

hnin yu



Its awesome

MR. Nuffles


Dr.Rev. Polen Paroi


harv harbinson

Game is sooooo great I like squid and game is great but found bug few days ago whenever when to eat fish it didn't die but I like that glitch

niko drivas



When i was i kid i liked it soooo much but i gave it four stars because i like teamworking games and ya can u like make another mode in game call duo survival that whould be fun

Jack Ryan

wow wow wow wow wow. Wow. Wow wow Wow wow wow!!!!! I wish I can give this game 100000000000000000 stars this WOHOHOW wow this IS! An adventure game WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I Love This One But Beat All The Boss Without The Shark 🦈 I Love This Super Much So I Will Beat The Shark

Dream Spell

My son live it! Is there a way to unlock the orca by playing?

Dillon Read

When you grow you shud have more health and damage but a part from that it is amazing

Gajanan Wadhai


Atam Jr.

Good job!

Lori Whitten

Pretty good game except there's three that you cannot get it in please can you make bosses for them I do have good name's for them 1.big Mama (vector) 2.the hunter (orca) 3.catcher

Apsara Shrestha

Plz make fish royale2 3

Quino Villanueva

This was nice since it's released but can you add something like Everytime you level up, it increases your health and defense(but there is upgrade already). I have some problems that you every time got bigger but same health and also easy target for the enemies who can easily damage you. But Great Game Anyway! The story was great but I have a suggestion. You can add some dlc where the humans or other dangerous creatures threatening your home and also new protagonist, characters and bosses!

Ominous Void

Great game so far.

Romjan Ahmed


dany ardian

It's fun n adictive...!!! But how can i level up my fish statistic ?

jennyfer rello

Play oper

Rex Christian Caindog

I love this game so much but you need more 8 characters my idea 1.Shawn the seal 2.Gill the axolotl 3.Mary the marlin 4.Will the whale shark 5.Popo the penguin 6.Bling the blue ringed octopus 7.Pinkie the River dolphin 8.Maya the manta ray

mailhen simbahan

Nop nop hard to catch electic Eel

Virginia Tolledo

Is Feeding fish 🐟🐠🐡, There Are 1000 Levels i like it

Marina Bachurina

Hello! I really enjoy this game! Play it virtually every single day. However, I found some small bugs during game play that I wish to share, as well as some suggestions which I would really like to be added to the game if you wish. :) But a google review is not communication good enough, so expect an email from me when I get the minute! Otherwise, good work on getting a unique and enjoyable game out!

Taurai Makaure

The game is great but why do you need energy to make upgrades my energy doesnt even fill back up naturaly

Runben Samson

This is the best game ever. You should play this game to its super fun.

Ameripino Kami atbpa

i like it but can you bring brawl back to fish royale? i want to reach level 20 on it..

Dead Channel

This game is very good i mean this is just like feeding frenzy but more cool cuz u can change character except feeding frenzy u have to pass a level to change the character I suggest more level and pls add custom fish So it will be more fun

Omkar Bari

Love it❤️❤️

Otoy Otoy

Ngga jelas game nya


This game really amazed me , great graphics and challenging gameplay 👌

grand julivan

Update: issue solved. with the latest update, fish royale mode sometimes produce errors whereas level stays in 4. and not unlocking level 5

Little Batman

Defeat Viciouz and save samsam

John Qweas

Open world mode like hungry shark plese!

Maggie Egbuta


Bella Isabelle

I love this game. People who give it bad reviews are probably just complaining every little detail of the game. I've been searching this game and I finally found it! I literally clicked "install" fast than you could say: "Woah." Anyway, this game needs an update because I enjoy this game too much! :)

Gabriel Ardania jeremia

:) samsam has me on locked

DJ-S-MAN all day


Charles Tansey

I LOVE this game it is so fun i love where you fight the shark at the end but i wish there more levels so i could have even more fun🐙🐬🐟🐋🐡☺

Turtle POD

When the game becomes a ad?

Alexander Febles

Is brawl a boss

qrep276 VX

I like this game

Hifza Batool

I love this game

Graciela ardania

Me get Viciouz

Bob Vita

You made it way to hard

Riaan du Plessis

A superb game with an interesting storyline.More characters would be nice.

Markolass Isa

How do i play as a turtle?


Game is super fun I had a lot of fun with it the only problem is that that the game is too short. So add more levels please

Plain Coffee

I dont know if its just my phone, but the game keeps freezing when I eat fish. Its a fun game, and if my device could run it I would see myself sinking several hours into this game

KiliosPlayz Robloxz

I really love the game i hope you can add more levels and character becuz i finish all of the level and set it all into 120 stars after that i unlock gump the shrimp mantis.honestly i enjoy the game that's why i gave 5 star on it not gonna lie this game is so awesome. I hope you can add more levels and character in your next update.😎👌

Kiya Baker

Its actually really fun

Vidican Stefania

I love you

Mohammad Asad

This is very good game I like this game please give a 5 Star fish Royal

Logy's Drawings

i Love it

amanda larocque

Maybe you can make it so players can make there character stats all maxed?

Arkansas Jacob Davis



Please 2 plsyer



ojy boy

My tab said you fix the bug soo... thx 😋

Lake Mokomoko Lissington

The game is good it's great but you know it could be better like making the level before the third boss easier I can't bet it can you please make it easier by let's say lowering the sharks speed and half the strength please oh and props to you creator for this awesome game.