Finally Ants

Author: Final North

1,000,000+ install


Finally Ants – Start your own ant colony and lead them through the harsh winter

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: July 22, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Final North
Price: Free
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Customer review

Heinrich Darren

I like ants

Tania White


Rose Constable

Its an ok game, I really like it but its sooooo annoying and hard to get CBH. If you were to make a creative mode where you.don't need CBH or Proteins then I would definitely change my review to a 5.


Very boring game.

Chris Cornelius

Awesome turn based game. Easy casual game, takes a little while to learn but this game is definitely not pay to win...

Courtney Nimmo

Difficult to rate this game. The game functions fine, but I don't get it. I die before really progressing.

Marcus V

All think of it is that it's a nice way to kill time

zina the blue wolf

Its nice but kindda hard

Jake Paran

great game

Abdurrahman Ali

This game is do you expand your nest? I keep trying to expand it but all I see is the same number add more to the tutorial like how to explore tiles and how to expand your nest and also how to get resources and food???

Darwin Magat

Good but my colony always collapse but good

Gene P.

Confusing, not for me

yeet delete

I haven't even played this game

Lorenzo Dolar

Best game ever as i still come back and reinstall this game.

Paul Kiefer


marlene trevino

It most definately has a learning curve but once you understand what's going on it is pretty fun. I couldn't get past the first year for about 3 or 4 tries but on my fifth or sixth I lasted 40+year until "end game" when I released my drones. Recommend if you're into survival turn based games.

Dave Lennon-Copeland

Quite good, but the year goes by too quickly, one doesn't get the chance to forage and harvest many resources as a result. Even watching ads for coins (so one can buy resources) doesn't seem to stop the colony collapsing. Have played for a solid 3 hours with many restarts (new game) but have only managed to survive for 4 years in one game. I've tried doing different strategies but ALWAYS fail. Have given up trying to play this game now.