Final Guild : Fantasy RPG

Author: Beyond Will

10K+ install
Role Playing


# An open map fantasy RPG completely different from other games
# Exciting story, real-time party hack and slash combat
Final Guild : Fantasy RPG – A rift to another world has opened up in the Eldea Continent, and with it, the demon army pouring out of it and threatening the continent.
Only two weeks left until the destruction of the continent, and the last hero’s guild remaining is yours.
There are hidden secrets of your past and massive pieces of the truth are slowly revealing themselves.
Start a special adventure that crosses over another world and fantasy.

*There are no additional downloads after downloading from the Play Store.

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Exciting and Beautiful Open Map System
The entire Eldea continent is beautifully implemented as a single map, and like a board game, allows you to ride dragons and griffins and engage in various activities such as battles, quests, and scavenging.

▶ Unlimited Gameplay that is Not Limited by Action Points
There is no action point system for stages, so you can progress all the way to the last stage without waiting. In addition, there is an automatic hunting dungeon for various types of farming, such as experience, so you can save time and level up with convenience.

▶ Numerous Party Combinations and Tactics With 12 Jobs and 6 Elemental Attributes
You can fight with a special party combination made with your own strategies and characteristics. By utilizing the unique skills of each class and the compatibility between the six elemental attributes, you can fight high-level enemies even with low -levels and weak equipment.

▶ Immersive Story with Over 100 Illustrations and the Provision of Powerful UR Heroes
A variety of charming UR heroes appear within the interesting storyline conveyed through many illustrations, and you can acquire more than 10 powerful UR heroes just by progressing through the story!

▶ The Satisfaction of Wiping Out Countless Enemies with Powerful Heroes and Guild Skills!
The Guild Master with the heart of Gaia can lead the battle advantageously by using AoE skills. Feel the pleasure of wiping out the enemies in one blow with your own combination from dozens of elemental skills, hero skills, and even mount skills!

▶ Simple and Easy Character Upgrading and Equipment System
Simple upgrading that only requires raising the character’s level and friendship.
A simple equipment system that crafts and strengthens only three types of equipment; weapons, armor, and accessories.

▶ Surplus of Rewards! Various Benefits!
You can receive large amounts of crystal and gold rewards from various contents in the game, and we support the players with various benefits in order for you to enjoy and play freely.

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▣ Recommended Device Specifications ▣
– Android 6.0 or higher
– CPU: 2.0GHz or higher
– Ram: 2GB or more
– Storage space: 3GB or more

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Beyond Will
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dan Reed

Too slow. Not engaging. Just doesnt stand out well in a virtual sea of similar games.

Stylianos Chaidas (Star Captain)

Very laggy

Fernando Novosad

Ok the game need a better guide, discord link doesn't work, mo info on how you get hero shards or a lot of mechanics

Michael Sangreo

Love it

Michael Cox

Personal data requirements are not as described above.

steven dolnik

Really fun guild game

Jeffrey D Smith

Its not retro, it just looks bad.

Steve Tongs

I have run into a bug in the game and cannot progress any further... I have tried to email the developers but there email address is not recognised, discord is not working for this game either. I was enjoying the game but now I need help....

William Kane

It is pretty unique and fun, but it could use some work when collecting rewards it is a little slow, and it would be good if I could summon more than 1 guild member at once.

Zachary Lindsey (Allentoob)

It's a great game! Look forward to plenty of updates and longevity. Also recommend optimizing for the galaxy z fold phones in the future.

Kenny Lai

Cute game and nice

Eikichi Twinkletoes

Game is boring, no daily quest, no chat function, no innovative pvp/ guild war. Game only has a boring arena and dungeon, but you have to purchase Guild skill reset with real money, every hero of each class has the same sets of skills, not a fan of games that force you to make more than one team but this can be fun, I couldn't summon a single UR hero using diamonds so no idea how to get them beside in-game reward.


I love this gameplay, need more update, its kind a laggy

Jason Barnes

Not played much but so far love this game. But all characters look female where the men at lol im either blind or only got females so far

James Baeyens

I love it. The scale and pace of battles. the mechanics are great. The random hero creator is kinda cool if you can get rarer or unique ones far i havent seen any but rare so idk if anything but generics can be received for free....but the campaign map also looks huge and filled with fun. Story is well written and art work is suprisingly clean. very interesting.

Ron Hall


C C (Likenew)

You can make different groups, but can only use one at a time. And from what I've managed, can only fight with one even if more than one party is on the same battle tile. Can only summor new members one at a time, and only "rare" gets summoned. Why start at rare? I don't get it. It's just normal, same for gear, it's just basic normal gear.

Jesters AceHole

It's a bit of a grind to get your sub heros and even main heros where they need to be, there are enough in game rewards to keep you going. Really I don't have very many complaints for the game as of yet, been only playing for 4 days. I do like the feel that I am slowly growing my own guild faction. I would like to see heroes get more skill options to diversify your team builds, rhat would be really cool Equipment is a bit of a pain but not unrealistic. The ship concept is quite a bit of fun.


What kind of game doesn't have chat function these days? Game full of bugs, can't reach chapter 2-16 'Frozen Breath', it says, 'you cannot attack the selected unit'.

Kent Christopher


Jakob Robinson

it was a all right game but it wasn't exciting


Not bad)


The game is fun to play. Still figuring it out. 1 week playing. Problem: The top a bottom sections of the screen is scrambled. When fixed, 5 stars.

Donald Efelis

The game is fun. I wish there was an auto clear function.

Dustin Robinson

Why do you need my email account to play this game.

Nicholas Mast


Drag on

When i close the game. It start from beginning again. What the?

Chris Forry

Was gonna try this til I saw the requirement to sign away the right for you to use my personal information. How google allowed this on the store is insane.

wahyu c


GO Freeman

The bugs are not fixed

nguyen long

ez to play, friendly for F2P

Matt Shantz

Fun game makes time go by

Damocles Espada

It's fun so far & i got nothing to complain for now, i really enjoyed it.

Thom “Magnak” Nelson

Required to approve of the app collecting and using personal information. No thanks.

Gio Samayoa

Boring. Kinda like a tower defense game except you're the one invading. Boring to just watch your characters mindlessly hacking and slashing goblin things. So far no strategy involved except level up and gear up.


i really enjoy the story and the game style/combat i also like having a bit of background on the hero/unit. i apologize but i think anyone that has issues with the game in itself needs a new phone or internet because its generally perfect on mine lol.


Just boring can't get into it

Ritwik Borgohain

This is scraping the bottom of the barrel with these kinds of games. Poorly optimised with very poor graphics. There are much better options than this game out there in the same genre that look and run infinitely better.

priyo jatmiko


Michael O.

Concept os nice but the gameplay is horrible

Christapher L Hardwick

Holy moly, this game rocks. You guys out did yourself. The story is so fun and the fact you can bring in 24 heroes is so sweet. Talk about making the most of your game play. Great job and the story reminds me of a memory I had. Not sure how you guys pulled it off but you did it. God bless and keep it up.


Just so you know in tutorial it says from left to right battle speed, auto, ex but it actually goes auto, battle speed besides this so far everything is really good

Zero Motichek

I can't login. It tells me try again. It won't let me login. I have android galaxy s9

Emulator Chan

I don't really have enough space to write a full review so I'll just list some things I can see and like about the game. Its mechanic is great, combat is nice and all that. What I would like to see in the future is an ability to change character names and some fixes to translations/spelling for example the Battle orge, (please dont change that I found it the funniest thing ever.) All the dialogues involving Hyurious call him Hurious. I would say more however this the limit in which google allows

Wade Tweitmann

A lot of fun so far. Quite different from all the usual mobile games.

Erokichi U

This game doesn't have a chat system. If you find something difficult, it's not possible to discuss that with anyone else. You made a game but forgot adding basic functions. There's no customer service for help either. I forgot the tutorial about reinforcement cuz I was careless, and the game tips don't cover that up.

Jonathan Rancier

Lots of fun can literally play this forever 😁

Wyatt Wolfswinkel

Awsome! Could use some more backgrounds but overall, amazing

rucelo ello

current issue has been resolved, nw you just have to download 900mb of, i dont know? maybe not connecting again? i change my ratings, its now negative 5, always crashing, what the heck is this?

Ricky McCausland

I'm really enjoying the gameplay. I like how the characters are pretty much generic and the gacha is for the gear

Yuki Yuuki

Can't login.why?

Sjouke Hazel

Give it a try

Timothy dorsey

it's fun

Dreyzen King

Overall good but its kinda laggy

jesus diaz

This is just unplayable, between the lag and everything else, its just not worth it

Justin Kitchur

Crashing a lot.

Milan Medić

Recieved answer in Spanish that Arena is still being implemented. The menu that pops up to ask if you like the game is untranslated Korean. The menu that pops up when you pause the game by changing apps is in Korean. There are typos in the text like when you find out about Witch's Forest, where it says Riri is "reallt" strong, among others.

John Ombrog

Cute And Cool Characters With Nice Story . Evolution Looks are Lit 🔥

Branden Carroll

It's just not that fun

FFReedem Code

Noice 🎮🎮 I love it

Avinash Singh

There is problem i can't able to download the download was stuck in 37 to 38% and its restart again to 27% this thing repeating again and again

Ty Allen

Needlessly complicated and makes 0 sense.

Tanvir noobie

Okei thank u

dad of1

It just doesnt load. Forever connecting to server

kim jjajja

서버가 불안정하네요 ㅠ 사전테스트 리뷰 본 후 많은기대중입니다. 재밌을 것 같아요. 인디게임특성상 서버불안정은 어쩔 수 없나봐요. 기다려볼게요. 힘내세요.