Final Castle : Grow Castle

Author: DH GAME

10,000+ install


Final Castle : Grow Castle – The best action defense game!
Let’s keep the castle.

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: September 7, 2021
Current version: 2.1.5
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: DH GAME
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jiann Mhiel Cabral

I love the old version

Arone Cajilla


Jyoti Kumari


Mark Pearce


Speed Racer

I like this game but installed it also on my tablet. I have 2 Google play accounts but it won't let me sign in with my other account which is tied to the same game on my phone. How can I change the sign in to my other account other Google play account? It went let me change it. I even created another user profile for this tablet and loaded it there and it stillb will not let me sign in even with that other profile that doesn't even have the first account in it?

Bader Hamad

Very nice game

John Rick Hapita (Jr)

Black animation

Logan Patrick

Won't even load it stops at 78% I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and restarting my tablet and nothing works

Ajay Kumar

Better game

El azouzi Latifa


Rio Wirawan

Too many ads, and long time to collect coin

Mike Alfonso Esquivias

Like this game it's similar like grow castle

Joshua Smiley

Game stops showing pictures at random times and doesnt allow upgrades or purchases. If that would stop i would rate higher.

Thomas Grinch


Nina Dablio

I'm so happy in this game thank u

Low Battery hassan

its the best game ever it better then the game were u just play (roblox) So i rated it 5 beacuse ur the best and ill allways play this game forever,

Gamer Adventurez

I love this game it reminds me of grow castle and thats one of my favorite game also I like how it is easy to progress and the artwork it is nice not to real but not to fansteyey ( if that makes sense -_- ) anyway this game is nice thats what I mean ;)

Paxton holmes

I would rate the game higher but the extra speed and the offline earnings don't seem to work.

cj andrada

good game for now

Braiden Flod

Do not download this app is absolute garbage you will regret downloading it

Earl Daniel c funcion

I cant downlod this app my app is full

wayne berry

Can we no longer replay the wave? I thought we could.

Jack Frost

Can't get in the game I have 20 gb of free space.

Justin L

Good game.

Rajeev Kumar

Hi best game

Tobias Birum

Fantastic game. Previously I gave this game 4 stars because I had never been able to get a reply from the game developer but he reached out to me and he addressed the few issues I had with the game. I can honestly say this is the best Tower defence game of its Kind. Could there be things added to the game to make it better? Sure BUT for a free game it is Balanced, a Game that uses both skill and some trial and error, and MOST IMPORTANTLY IT IS FUN. 5 STAR GAME ALL THE WAY

Robert James De Quiroz


A Google user


A Google user

Nice game

A Google user

I playes this game for 2 days and all it does is lag out to the piont where nothing works i cant choose any action to level up or anything. I like the game and everything you do in it but i cant take the lag and me having to restart the game every 5 mins

A Google user

this game is trash it kik me out all the time first it freezes then it kicks me out

A Google user

Great game fun to play

A Google user

If I can access the other features of the game offline it would be great.

A Google user

Go game rely

A Google user

It lags and often crashes. The game even crashed when loading adds. I have had 20 different freezes and white screens in the hour I tried playing.

A Google user

Nice game!

A Google user


A Google user

Game is fun but it lags and I know it's not my internet I have really good internet... if and when the lag is fixed I'll re evaluate my star rating... till then I'll be waiting

A Google user

How do you get enhance stones ?

A Google user

after a long time not play, the game data became corrupt. i cant continue my progress

A Google user

Bad game

A Google user


A Google user

Got to 75% the crashed

A Google user

Good defense game. But there is So much bugs in this game. Cannot even advance

A Google user

lose 2nd wave......really?

A Google user

So far this is my favourite castle defense game. Worth a play.

A Google user

I do not understand why it is cooldown 6h for cloud save

A Google user

wont even install now

A Google user

if it dont work get a better phone stylo 4 plays perfectly

A Google user

Love it

A Google user

Ur game doesnt load. Keeps crashing wen loading screen gets to 80%.