Fill Up Fridge:Organizing Game

Author: GameLord 3D

1M+ install


Fill Up Fridge is a strategy organization game. When you get home from a big purchase, the first thing you do is a restock and shopping sort to organize your refrigerator! Start restock the fridge with different objects, such as: beef🥩, chicken🍗, cheese🧀, milk🥛, cola🥤, etc.

Empty your shopping basket one by one, and arrange the placement of items of different sizes and heights reasonably. A good fridge restock strategy can allow you to put more things in the limited space of the refrigerator! 🧐

🧊 Game Features:
1. FREE to enjoy this organize game.
2. Unlock more fridge spaces to fill more items.
3. Various of groceries, beverages and Ingredients.
4. Nice ASMR experience with wonderful visual effect.

Who is the best fridge organizer? I dare say it’s definitely you!
Enjoy our Fill Up Fridge which is one of the coolest organization games with your family and friends now🥰

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: GameLord 3D
Price: Free
1 votes

Customer review

Ibrahim Maisalat

sooo nine is thiss gameee

nikyta kovalenko

There's so many adds it's like 1 add every 2 minutes and the adds like to freeze up please fix this because it's getting irritating

princess diana mahusay

This game is good 😊❤️

chris silva

so much fun and super relaxing


The game over all is kinda good but they give quite alot of ads so 2 stars

Bentley Urich

so satisfying

Sinai Gonzalez

I really like this game because it's so relaxing and makes me wanna go to sleep so bad SO 5 stars?!!!

Angeliner Millions

shis so cool

Aryana Marquis

It a great stress releaver and helps when you are trying to be organized it can show you new and improved better ways of doing so.

Jason Longmire

Way to many ads every five seconds or when i pick a new draw thing it would give me a ad so that is why i am give it a one needs inprovment please 😊😊😊

Mika Chan

this game is awesome I really like it so much 🤗but can please remove the ads is really bothering when I play I was on fun but then ads come good thing can skip the ads I give 5 star ⭐😊 nice game oh ya please remove the ads we all don't need to watch or need to have ads there please fix it :3 thank you.

Siobhan Kendal

it is a really good game

Chavonne Cowan

I love the game it's amazing

Marieta Maumau

Honestly it's a pretty cool game,great for people who love organizing and sorting things out.The reason I gave it 4 stars is too many adds,which is problem with most game.It could be a bit better if it didn't have too much adds cause usually it would pop a add up if I pushed even one thing.But although it has its flaws is amazing and I totally recommend it!

Renen San Juan

I like is but lagie

kathlyne's smiling.

I LOVE THIS!! but, the ads 😫

Haley Kociemba

WAY too many ads. I was only on the 2nd level and I had over 5 to 6 ads pop up while working on the same level. Got very annoying having to wait and click through them and got to be a nuisance when I just wanted to play.

Rondon Angela

it's so nice 😄😄😄

Lindsey Ingham

Way too many ads. Great game if you want to watch ads all day.

Coco Stone

love your games and it satisfied 💗💗

m nahakara

Its a fun game but theres just way too many ads. Like sometimes i will be in the middle of placing somth and then boom an ad will pop up that is like 30sec long.

Angeles Rodriguez

It is fun because then ot will give you an idea of how to orginiz your school.

Fluffy Flower

I can't even place a milk carton?

Charlee Hindry

Very repetitive. Boring yet okay

Shanequa Makhubela


Shara May Mayano

Wl A

Payden Schmelebeck

Too many intrusive ads that ruin gameplay

Mark Aquino

dis game was so good😍😍❤️❤️

Veronica Hemara

It's cool but the ads are annoying so I just turn my wifi off, lucky its a offline game.

Bunny Girl

Way too many ads

Candace Ross

Constant, intrusive ads with no payoff/reward for watching them

Shanie Tucker

To many ad back to back

Aubrey Orozco

this game is awesome when you want a really nice organized fridge. it also kinda inspires you to have a better fridge at your 🏠

Aloniyah W

I love how it dose ASM I just love it

Ncobile Tryven

It a great game I would recommend it to Anyone who might stumble upon it

andrew coyne

Decent idea but poor execution. It's much too difficult to place the items nicely.

Nevaeh Queen

I love it

Smol Fun Child

Ads are annoying, but this game works on airplane mode which I am eternally grateful for. Only bug I've found is occasionally the makeup cabinet door will be laying flat instead of standing up when it opens and closes

Katrina Callaghan

This game makes me calm

barbare kotrikadze


Dan Mikko Manalo


Airis Azmin

game ini dest sang-sang dest

Charisse Cabarles

Satisying. But the gameplay is just the same everytime. Products are the only things that are changing but the interface, is boring. And it has a lot of ads.

Charity Wynn

I 😍 filling up the fridge

Mcray John23

I like this game so much.

Wendy Lucero

This game is sow very good



Joan Bartolome


Nurul Aisyah Astuti

is,good geme

soup soup

I don't know about you guys but the game keep on taking me out the game I have to restart and plus the adds to many.

Jahneva Skidmore

Way to many adds

Misty Sessions

I honestly think it's a good game

Ulalala U

Ponen muchos anuncios pero el juego está bn

Jabari Hawkins

i. love. it. so. much

Chloe Coker

It won't even let me download the stupid game and I bet it's a horrible game 🤮

Braah Hamodh

This game is satisfying and fun but can you try to remove the ads I would be so grateful;)

Anamarie Sison

Ay will love dis game

Mark louie Canlapan

Magan da kaso may ads Kasi si mark tahimik lang

Saskia Sonnekus

Fun game but it showed an s€x ad

Richard Tran

So relaxing

Habiba Omar


Valentina Libreros

Mucho anuncio


Too many damn ads!!!

Jack Allen

i like this game

Clarice Espiritu

The game is beautiful and very exciting

Alisha Iddoo

Many ads is this game.

Bhanu Allada

super smash

Isabella Chaffin

TERRIBLE APP!!! Its so uneven in the fridge,laggy,to many adds the lust just goes on this is terrible

A Google user

SO MANY ADDS! I would suggest that people who are very inpatient like me NOT TO PLAY THIS GAME!


It is fun. Adds come with most free games so expect that. Only downside so far, and I just started, is the touchscreen can be off a little and makes you have to redo things repeatedly.

Alexa Cervantes

🇵🇭I love this ❤️

Sarah Berling

The game is fun and satisfying in a way but there are WAY too many ads. I can barely play without having an ad pop up and I accidentally hit it and it take me to the app store. Fix it please

Elizabeth Castillo

I love it's

Lhen Gardner

Too many ads mygosh?!?!?🤬

Rowena N. Tabunaway

This game is fun 😊

Andro Sison

This game is sick bro u can filled up the fig

Sharalyn Parker

It relaxes me it is such a fun game. I give it 5 stars

phoenelopy reign dayao

Very attractive game!!! There's no ads at all try it just turn off ur data or wifi

mova Thor


Sofia Rojas

Too many ads, its ok to have an add between games but you cant even enjoy the experience because you get an ad ever 3 minutes

Lava Fiu

it's a satisfied game

gacha lover

Very nice game expect the ads thing I get one of theses ads one in particular and I can't get it off or anything like that so I reopen it and it resets my progress I am tired of it pls fix

Lorenda Pagdalian

Wow this is a b*the

Devonne Flor

Pretty good and sounds so good

Mahlogonolo Lechelele

This game is not downloading so I'm not rating this game and why is doesn't want to download

Beka Decker

Couldnt enjoy the game, way to many ads. 7 within 3 mins playing come on.

Veronica Lopez

every coming

Brielle Nyakoe

ADS?!?!?!! And why so many?????

Jeshan Marie

The best game ever thank you for creating this game ill gave five stars 🌟

Error BirdEsther

Whenever I click to place items they do not land where I want them to Also I couldn't pass a level because I couldn't get all the items in And also how about we rotate the items ?

Kaye Mapanghe


Chloe Jennar

Every time I finish Level 1 an add pops up and I exit out of it,it closes the game and makes me have to do it again and again then I try to do Level 2 and my Game shuts down

Lacie Irish

It is so good

Trixia Mae Buhat Buhat


Teneil Wilson


Marilyn EFriam

Love wow

Pamela Raby

It is so sadifing

Asmma ghali


Reem Hatem

that is a good game 😍


addictive I love you creator