Fight with pets-survival TD

Author: 80UGame

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Fight with pets-survival TD – Today, you stay in the room playing with the computer, and the cats and dogs around you are having fun!
Suddenly…”Bang bang bang …Bang bang bang…”
The door is banging loudly!
It turns out that the evil forces are maniacally attacking your door,
This is a chaotic society where evil forces will disguise themselves as (couriers, bosses, terrorists, etc.) to invade! ! !
In the face of crisis, you have no choice, any mistakes, you will be in trouble! Hurry up to build and upgrade your equipment, and fight against evil forces with your pets!

Fight with pets is a casual tower defense game!

How to play?

step 1
Get to the room as soon as possible and turn on the computer. Upgrading computers can generate gold coins for subsequent upgrades and construction.

Step 2
Build and upgrade doors and pets. You can defeat evil forces with your pets.

Step 3
The one who survives to the end or kills the evil forces will be the winner.

Start trying it out!

Detailed info

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Update time: Oct 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: 80UGame
Price: Free
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