Fidget Trading 3D – Fidget Toys

Author: MagicLab

10,000,000+ install


Fidget Trading 3D – Fidget Toys – Trade & Collect Satisfying Fidgets

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 18, 2021
Current version: 1.2.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: MagicLab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Angie Jardin

it's so fun

Yzayohyaz Caparanga

Fun game

Matteo Molina


Kushi Gowda


Abid Malik


Sanjana Devi

Bahut Achcha game hai ye

rimass princess

Very boring and easy it always has a ad even i click no thnks dont install it its just a waste of time !

Hossan Hossan


Tonette Balmores


ch Kashif Nasir

Ads is the game


good selection

Rupam kumari

they have so much fun

Kent Naldoza




Hunter Booth


Lyal Emad fans


Jonathan Sison


Eric Navarro

It ha so much ads


i love it so much

Ramkumar Ram


Kyle Kleven Bahian


Ma.Hariette Bañaga

My child love this game soooo much thanks for the game🥰💗

Triyogi Chaudhary

Holloway dhfjyrjgbfb shjjdjduuu jejeuueeu ueurruregs jsjsjsnsnsjjskkskskskejje , but it was the only way you are not going out

Kuruba shankar Shankar

it is super game

Jovita Miranda

So nas

alona shibata

its fun👍

yeet the channel yahoo

It sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!🤩

Mayo kansas

Every level is a freaking ad!!! If there was less ads it would probably be better, PLEASE LESS ADS!!!

Aser Amr

nice game

Pallabi Devi


Lucky Pippal

hi ,hlw, hello ,friend, friends, best, bestie , by, byee ,alvida .



Tejashri Mohite


احمد غیاثوند


Nathaniel Mcneil

it's because I want to just trade and not do other things

Deepak Parbhaker

Hanika 😘😘

chad luces

l love you your games

Manvi 8E

There is too much add

Banadi Baloch


Ate hyna Saikadato

Isa pang kasi bindi ko ma download pag nasa 85 na e pupunta ulit sa install hay na ko ang pngt😒

Daniel Wickham

No slamming

Sujeeta Devi

Randy ke Laika game koi mat khelo game chutiya game h

Kalpana Panchal

good game

Zahid Shaikh

ma riyam

Santosh Naik

there are too many ads

Casey Rodriguez

it is good

Ashley Ross

I like it it is fun not a 5 star because ads

Kaia Yao

Way too many ads! There's an ad literally after every, single, round. & they have stuff you can watch ads for, & I'm okay with that! But even when you click the "No Thanks." Button, they make you watch an ad! Also the npcs are super greedy & you can't get a good deal without watching an AD to scam them!

Mateo Figureoa

Zero stars the add shows a dild0 😡

funni youtube channel

*dies from cringe*

Janie Hoff

awesome 👌

Christian Burch

Ad and ads also not fun

Stacy-Anne Nobert

this is a great game btw turn off your internet and you wont have ads I like figets so the is great😺

Joanne Egualada


glen Garchitorena


Soha Yousefi

دانلد نمیشه

Shiva Rana



you cannot put what you want in the IPhone box

Hsnaaa Zirhh

very loading

Kayda Decatur

On the second level I got an add and I played like five level's and got four adds Don't recommend getting this app deleting this app 😡😡😡😡

Nagoor Gani

good game 😍

Aaliyah Durbin

Omg so fun lol you can scam people without them knowing sometimes and you can buy and get things like pop its and more download now!

Bobi Plays

Theres so many stuck ads and I cant do this anymore

Drama Queen


Ruth Bagaloyos

hmm maybe this game might be bad but I like this game maybe make more?

Margily Pradias

So nice

Sujata Bhosleb v. c, c


Ann Ricks

Yes we are still waiting ✋

Madelein therese Pagatpat

. . -----

John Mathew

The game is good but two much of ads

Jason Billingsley

it's good

Robabeh Babri




Jamie Moran

It won't even load in without kicking me off it sucks

Mary Ann Grimaldi

Worst game ever! You're better off going with "Fidget Trading"

Seth Volbrecht

Got an ad for the game. There was a pop it shaped like a specific adult toy.

Edna Texidor

Its awsome i reccomend this game so much

Clinkz zz


Titiana Evans

I love it

amirah webb

I have tryed out this game and this is amazing! you can get scammed and scam people and it tells you if your over or under ! in my opinion i think this game is awesome! and it is great for kids,My whole famliy is playing this amazing game. even my kids are playing this and my grandma. Really love this game my kids even got fidgets from this game,At first they didint evem know what fidgets were until they downloaded this amazing app!

Pink Glove ASMR

I HATE IT!!! I feel like there is an add every second I HATE ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!

Brandon Fouch

The game sucks like hell

Nasim Bibi

I think it was so good but lots of ads I always read ads

liz gzz

Mines don't not do that .

Alex Gillibrand

It's OK but it pays 100 a month or 890 a year or 20 a week

Angela Volos

this game is f****** stepping into

Amber Turley

It's a scam

Jack Willson

Your honestly a fat person who claims to have ADHD even though they don't if you call you friend bUdDiEs I call them bros and that's that and those fidget toys are gay as hell

melissa sherwood


Tehmina Athar


David White


neringa seskeviciute

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Naeem Jan

good game for time pass ☺️ 💗

Meshelle Nambatac


Carla clarisse Vargas

There good

JA'Ailyah Sena

it is a very fun game and you should download it so fun it's the best game ever I want to be surprised if you get a should definitely give this game a five star review this game changed my life it's so fun too 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🥳

Lyla Bohrer

it's great!! tho the problem is way to many ads!

Karley Wagoner

The ad had a dildo in it-

briana luanne

I saw the ads theres a dildo😭

Gabriel Matthew Cerda

This game now.