Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG

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Fate Fantasy:Strategy RPG – It is said that the goddess Rosa created the world. Humans and God lived happily together long ago. However, an evil god attacked the peaceful world. The goddess fell to protect the world, the people also lost their faith. Fortunately, the
heroes, led by Noah, were able to seal the evil god with the Holy Sword of Dawn. Over time, the goddess was forgotten in the long river of history! It seems that someone deliberately hid the whole truth about the goddess. To unravel the mystery, Gitan began his journey to find the truth – what unusual thing will he encounter? Let’s start a fantastic journey together.
Game Features
■ Intense Combat with Strategy
Engage in strategic turn-based combat. Arrange your formations wisely based on map evaluation, consider faction restrictions, think about the advantages and disadvantages of heroes (movement type, weapons, etc.) and use the terrain in battle. Guide your hero to conquer various enemies to unlock abilities with a simple tap.
■Strengthen and customize your heroes
There are many ways to train your heroes: upgrade, weapons, skills, targeting, career change, etc. Most importantly, weapons determine the abilities of your heroes. You can customize your hero’s active abilities by choosing a weapon. Different weapons give different abilities.
And also changing heroes not only increases the stats but also changes the new image. All are useful to make your heroes grow more and more.
■More interesting PVE and PVP games
Climb the temple to get more rewards, take the challenge to prove your strength, and send heroes to fulfill prize orders to bring you more resources. Join the gang to hunt down powerful dragons, challenge opponents from around the world for your glory in the arena. More games are waiting for you to explore.
■Relaxing mini-games and idle system
After tough battles, you can enjoy various mini-games and earn as many important resources as possible. It will be a great support in your journey. And also the AFK system can provide many resources to go further the next time you log in. Relax anytime, anywhere, only at a high level.
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Developer: Loongcheer Game
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