Fate Contract -Worldwide Arena

Author: FunXGameStudio

10,000+ install
Role Playing


Fate Contract -Worldwide Arena – Fair strategy & Anime MMORPG

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: March 23, 2021
Current version: 2.27.296
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: FunXGameStudio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Haryako Kun

Good idle game(team style) But not that long lasting fun.... after 3 days, you will get bored already no special event only just the boss raid and guild war

Kram Francisco


jason hoskins

Really fun game lots of things to do.

07_ Ngô Đình Hải_10A8

Character not bad , lối chơi Amazing , but world map not open

Sampurno Adi

The problem for me are, there no clear guidance for combos. For ex, when partner wolverine and zervan used some times above wolverine head popped an effect and receive mana/soul each time wolverine receive attack. What it's use and so on for other partners was not clear. It will great if there a guidance about that.

echo marrero


cyruss ryu ycong


pure noob

Best f2p game

Walter Albert

Nice game fun to play.


Cool game


Cute and fun

Aiman Muhaimin

Addicting game


Buggy, bad translation

Edward Henry

Why does it want to record audio and make phone calls. Uninstalled

Nav Prabhat

I need gems

aldrin agripa

Pls update the game.

Polo Laurent Nicdao

Its very good game

Meliodas Shadowknight

ahem i hope u idiots are aware that facebook wont let u log in from the ingame right so how about add a google log in already morons


Game cute character, love it

Amethyst Rico




Wilton Johnson

Fun and grind!

Jay White

Cannot log in. Unplayable.

Silmi Kafah


alireza nemati

Fun bro beg held jx Poe Jones bad



Mujieb Adams

Meh so far

Dillien Eve Legaspi

Sweet app love ever app

Infinity Gaming

at this game is so my wont it to compeleted but my storge is full i delete my game fairy tail she boreding to play now i check This game so much fanny

Stoopid Freme

can we get a mount

Soul Cypher

Love jt


Game completely imploded on itself while I was trying to do the campaign, then it was completely impossible to log in again.

animo animo

It's a nice game, for f2p player friendly, Moderate graphics and gameplay, Im enjoying the game

Piper Aguilar

Nice game so far

Joey Busnardo


Maribel Lim


Kiana Jayne San Juan

Good game

Jzjxb Ofkudh

To be honest for me its hard to earn gem and gold (for a free player like me)

Mana Garm

nice game enjoying ^^

rodolfo cristobal

Stuck on tittle screen

Akeya riggins

It was fun

Nicole Cukrowicz

Game super fun and easy to level up

Samuel Olokesusi

progress seems a little slow but overall good

Saraus Brusly

Very good game but the player base seems dead

Shapeshifter Kaarel

I think it needs improvements on the transition of the game. Although this game is kinda silly in a good way.


Nice gameplay and battle, but NO EVENT IN THIS GAME T.T

Hendrik Cherdy


anya kittymew13

So far cute game

Julliana Ortiz


The Unknown

I can't even login after i link my account

Raven Clock


De Ramos, Jhester Van L.

Interesting might need bit more optimization and a little visual update but overall pretty nice

kung Jin Inn


atone timezone

Green has to vanilla the orange seventeen yesterday, Beep

Gerold Santiago

Nice game

Feeling lonely When alone

This game is awsome

Vhon Dela Cruz

ghost server now

Nat Nats




Hari Kiran

game was fun till now but the AI of auto mode is bad,we need to select 1 skill for each char and it is not an AI prioritizing skills,if AI selects skills automatically it will be optimal,or keep cooldowns for skills for easy AI implementation,at present there is no such thing for skills,adding these might be good for auto mode. EDIT: in 10hrs the stamina recovered was only around 50 out of 500cap(62 to 116 approx),that is horrible and dropped a star

Jedi Kasep

Really fast... Too much heroes..

Tanjiro Kamado

Pretty fun game for the ones who like to spend time

Lardabo Seirei


Indiana Moans

Welp this game lack many things that a grinding games needed (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) ..... so if you add those i guess you can make this game top tier in years

Sabili Lacia Hrafs

Quite entertaining but, poor translations. Its kinda bothering me.

1 7

Free stuff and no Google link fix this


Its quite entertaining but there are certain parts of the game that makes it less entertaining than i think it should be.. Maybe add more dungeons or rewards for exp and maybe more partners.. but all in all im enjoying it

Self Proclaimed esper

Doesn't let me get past the log in screen

Dark Nova

Most Boring game in history


Broken English, very broken English. If you thought Japanese people trying to speak English was bad. This is slightly better.

Tactical Newt

Only one save file

oneokrock nixia


PaPa Pia

I don't know, seems like decent game. But longtime no update for game like this is not a good sign.


Can we have new updates? New map and partners. Also can we have a reset skill options for partners that would return used caramels


Hmm not bad....


Literally this game is fun I like it

Rossan Joy Nam-ay


Stanza Lazuardi


Su San

Good app

Nur Mohammad


jayson malaubi


Wahyu Effendi

Can't log in

g i l a n g MW

Good game

Fatê Avérruncús

Good as far as this goes

Carlo Bryan Bulalaque

Good so far. Keep it up.

Rezo Alputra

All good but all can i give is only 4 stars. Why? Because there's much translation need to be done! I'll give another star if you devs make it done. Thank you.

Tazma Eleven

Great for now ;)

Robin Greene

To much permission s needed. Gameplay. The art is rated 3 and riding stand out for me.

Jude Michael Indoc

The game is worth to spend time with and the gameplay is simple yet fun and its user friendly. More power to this game!

Coldhex5 b

I just got the game 2 two ago and im loving it

Rhonel Reyez


Reuel Nicolo Real

meh... that's all i currently feel about this game right now. hopefully future updates make it better.

Nicole Buban

It's cute ❤️❤️❤️

Dan Hollowell

Not bad

Mano Blaze

It does matter how good your game is, these phone permissions that needed are needed unacceptable. There is absolutely no reason why a game needs to edit my files or to make calls. Insta untinstall.

Avin Matthews

Fate is yours to decide

Luci Santiago


Jeff Baker

Fun little side game. Developer is very responsive with issues.

Longer Eclipse

So far so good

lloyd21 hafuu