Fat 2 Fit! Unicorn Challenge

Author: Unicorn Game Studio

100,000+ install


Fat 2 Fit! Unicorn Challenge – Eating healthy 🍏 or junk food 🍕? Join skinny fat challenge to make decision!

Detailed info

File size: 46M
Update time: August 20, 2021
Current version: 1.0.5
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Unicorn Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Axel Napoles


funni youtube channel


Lilith Fearing

I would give it a five but when I was in the middle of the game I started flying and I couldn't see anything I was on my unicorn but didn't have wings.



Brian Valdez

I have not played the game much but it is bad but it is good what should impick good or bad

Taye Burton

This game is exciting.

Emely Astacio

Unbelievable it horrible and it has like a lot of ads and when I joined it stared the stupid ad this game sucks because when I play a game it doesn't show a single ad am unstalling it it so horrible

Debbie Helton

Best thing ever only 6 ads and ive been playing for 9 years every ones wrong over 5, 000 difrent skins and over 10, 000 levals i recamend for eva best!

Emily Strick


Brandy Ferguson

GOOGLE PLAY SHOULD NOT ALLOW THESE TIPE OF GAME'S! The game developer's made a assaulting game, google play should get rid of these tipe of game's.

Amanda Arant

I like it but thirs so much adds and I hate it I give it a two

Carol Stephens

so cool

{ꕥTeal Butterflyꕥ}

I dont even know why i got this app. This app is so TRASH how can you even make ads about it looking better than the game?! And its nothing like Fat 2 Fit!!

Sahasra M

This game is fun i like it thanks for making i gave four stars cuz there are adds ok so fix it and it will be sooooo fun!😍

Joey Torda

Do not download this game it's so bad



Ruby co

Rlly fun game my daughter loves this game

Jess AnnoyedCustomer

I like fat games and I like it when the unicorn/horse and the lady gets fat and it's ol'so funny but there is too many ads and the lady's bottom gets too big and I don't like it

Maryam Paknejad


Barbara Faro

Ok This game is just unbelievablely TERRIBLE! I CANT even play the game ok so. : First time I join AD then on like level 5 or 6 A AD comes while I'm running in the game it distracted me and I DIED then guess what Another! AD! Then after that more ads. So I would see 9 ADS at one level So I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL)

Luna the tiger

My grandma is well a little fat all this app does is make people feel bad because they are fat what a horrible game.😰😡😤SO GET RID OF THE GAME!!!!!😡😡😡

aleah gibson

I give it a 3 because it has been so glitchy and it is a wonderful game but to many adds!!

Ermi Abe

Because it's super awesome

Jozie Riddle

I thought it would good if I had enough space to get it i would get it but I don't have enough space for it☺️

Myint Myat


Fatima bandani



Some people have to be fat maybe that do not like it so I am reporting this game 😡😡😡😡🤬

maleighas Howard

This game is horrible it has a super glitchy setup there are a ton of adds and it's super hard to moniuver your horse/unicorn to the apple instead of the meat.Also,Meat is good for you so I'm not sure why it makes you fat.I gave this game a 1 star.I do not recommend it to anyone older that 11 years of age.

Whitley-Levi Peckham

Your game teachings peepel to loos bely fat🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓 and gain bely fat🍩🍪🍨🍧🍥🍠🍣🍭🍬🍫🍩🍪🎂🍰🥧🥡🥡🍦

Lebitso Leluma

It's funny 😄

Jo Parker

This game is pretty good 👍

Amy Michelle Williams

Everybody needs to shut up about the ads This game is not about you so just shut up and play is the game

Aleida Slagle

BAD ADS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(-)!!!!!???!!!!!!!!!

Gartcosh Glasgow

Realy fun get it now

Leah Black

Game lagging pls fix it thx

Megan Jackson

I love this app but it has so many adds and I hate the ads 😑😒😤🙄😐🙃😑😒😤🙄😐🙃😑😒

Mani DD

Amazing game love the unicorns 🤪🦄💕

Aboobacker Siddeque


Melody O.

I love the game its big but

Alby Binu


Viru Fact

Ads very much only showing ad's

Hope Baugher

It's okay

Britannia Bennett


Bruce Petri

It's Good In my opinion

Margot Hesse


min thant

Google play store should't allow this kind of behaviour. Because You will see 2 or 3 Ads in a 30 second single match. If you loose during 30 second run, the ads will show again. So, the ads are too much and beyond ads. Trust me, you can not even finish a single match with these ads. It take 5 minutes with ads to play a 30 second single match.

Sydney Reynolds

It,s ok but weird to it,s good to eat healthy 🍇not junk like🍕 pizza🍰 cake that,s not good at AII.

Amresh Bihari Lal

Wow si bad 👎1 \5

Marlie Opperman


christine b

Horrible sweet loving glitchy

lakshmi Sowjanya

Wow I love this game

Rehan Zafar

I am not sure I do like it but its just there is a lot oh adds

Kiriyana Selah

I hate it

Greeshma S

Worst game I ever play in my life. This app is just fillup with tooo much ads.... This game is glitching a looot. Plz don't ever install this app this is a complete garbage app. This game doesn't deserve even one star just garbage app... 🤮🤮

Heather Morris

The ad is weird because meat is good for you and the game is laggy

Garrett Bates

Too many ads

Juggalo 2xw

I LOV THE GAME but it make me go the rong way


A pretty good game youcanplayit

Shivanna Reddy

It is horrible i wasted my net on this and this online game very bad 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤯🤯🤯

Lionel Carter

I love it but it also has a lot of adds and I didn't live that part

Carin Saez

Fix this now it is now glitching when the horse jumps it keep floating me into the air😠😠😠😠 so i give this a 1 star

Asia Joanna Labejsza-Kennett


Mustafa and Hajir مصطفى و هاجر

l Love Fat 2 Fit unicorn

Nicole Homer

I really like this game, I love the unicorns and it's so funny! But for me there are so many adds! Alot when I press a button and even half way through the level, please try fixing this.

Josie Baker

Lol 😂 when u get fat your but wiggles

Zoe Bidwell

Good I think it's amazing

Mohammed Mirwaq

It was fun and comfortable when I get angry you make me comfortable

Hilary Green

I am speechless i hete this game

Dee G

There's just too many as I got a thousand as one just came out and then another one just comes out when one finishes too much as too much as this is not worth playing cuz there's so much as Nonono so much as so much so much so much so much so much as I hate that game have so many ads I hate ads

Jeff Barber

This is a great game

Maddie Ledbetter

Looked just like the ad

Mila Cruz


Kimberly Devendorf

This game is so awesome and doesn't have that much ads

Lûnâ Moon


Kanwal Aqeel

h v

Dorothy Guo

It was terrible. It was awful. I just hated it!

Tra Ea

How much is the price of

Lucianna Mckenzie

I Love this game

Noxolo Mbangeni

I do not play yet but I also is good

Trung Nguyễn

This app is amazing

Ravikant Ingle

Good very nice Game

Dunga Venkataramana


VietAnh Do

absolutely fun game, worth to play

Hazmur Khan

Wow Very amazing and interesting game. Very easy to play Control is awesome

B17DCAT203-Nguyễn Vũ Anh Tuấn

Game hayyyy nha

Hà Ngọc Hùng

This game make me laugh all the morning. Good game. Bravo!