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Get ready to rule in Farms & Castles, the fiendishly addictive puzzle game played by millions!
Build towering castles and huge farms by matching objects! Harvest goods and collect gold as you work your way from a lowly knight to a mighty emperor. It might seem simple at first, but only the best will reach the top ranks!

– Amazingly fun gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to master!
– Compete with your friends on the leaderboards – who is the greatest ruler?
– Trade goods and purchase magic orbs to transform the world to your liking!
– Experience the beautiful graphics as you build up your land.

Take control of your land today and start your rise to power!

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Farms & Castles is completely free to play, but some in-game items can be bought as in-app purchases.

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Customer review


it good game if u don't have net. i love it and i give it to my mom to try it and she love it. 8/10 for me the others 2 point bc i can't find something new to do like chalenges or anything to make it more fun.

Phelglory Toting

I learn how find my own ideas

Kings Music

Really cool game, I played this game 5years ago and still came back for it . The game is just so nice

Jasleen Kaur


Sonali Sigum

Fun. But it gets frustrating after a certain point of time

Mike F

Cant play the game, wants me to drag from a place i can't see

Nidhi Sharma

This is really a game that needs your intelligence, patience and way of managing things..... But just now while playing this I found the missions section.... And I just played a single game and it disappears.... Would you please tell how it will reappear...

S Andy

Good game to pass the time. Sort of like 2048. No lag and did not make my battery hot. Playing on my samsung galaxy S7

Insat Rahul

Very nice game to waste time

Jaslyn De Guzman

Im thinking of you

Dawna Schwab

Awesome and addicting

4 Bears

i give 5 stars cause the game itself doesnt have issues. however you really need to be smart in order to enjoy the game. it is somewhat like 2048 but harder in a way

Monochromatic Mirror

Fun and challenging :)

Jerk Face


Jiejy Allianze

nice ok good

Annalisa Steinnes

Challenging match game!

Fulton County Transit

love this game

Tyler Horton

great game fun and simple

Jaime Calvo


A Google user

Logical, addictive. Simple, yet challenging. Nice graphics and music.

Kove Blaise

I think it's too much. It's challenging and addictive. But there is no progress with it. I don't get far with this game. I quit

Astralinea Mizuki



Great concept, it's fun and tactical but after a while becomes repetitive as you almost always get stuck around 70.000 points. Building alternatives need to be more than two at once and higher level as you advance in title. Also, more soundtrack is necessary. Overall, nice game to play for a few days.

Liam Smith

Standard puzzle game, with few directions - unsure how they can call it a hit.

Bernie Smith

Hard to get far, really challenging game love it

Teresa Deka

Always the best

m lynn

Can never get too far, one big level, but addictive

Vera J

I don't get very far on the game, but it surely is fun trying!!

A Google user

Installing game

Gorv Bathla

Amazing game i love to play it everyday

A Google user

I love this game it's awesome


Great challenging puzzle game, I can't seem to get the rainbow eggs to work (figured it out, they go on blank spots) but I'm enjoying trying to get higher and higher scores. No need to spend any money, just relax and enjoy building a kingdom.

sky ant

I like this game

Lynn Felfleh


Debbie Sherman

Can't tell you anything every time I load the game up it closes. I never even get to tap level one.

Harshan benten

Very very very very loved

Jets Girl

Never able to get too far in this game, as challenging as it is, it does not give you the items that you need to progress the game to open free spaces or open free spaces. I've never been able to get past a certain level in this game and it's very frustrating

hen crawford

Very addictive

Jerry Hazlett


Claudia Hanna

Wish there was a destroy something button but it is good over all