Farm Raid : Cartoon Match 3 Puzzle

Author: FunkyVine Inc

100,000+ install


Farm Raid : Cartoon Match 3 Puzzle – Free to play fruits farm match 3 puzzle game.

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: August 5, 2021
Current version: 1.0.56
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: FunkyVine Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

anna's. suggest

Bahut accha hai.time pass game wo bhi ofline.aap bor nahi honge aur na hi thakan hoga mind fresh hoga, but kuch naya hota to aur bhi acha hota, agar apko man nahi lag raha hai to aap ise khel shakte hai.

Wendy Bibbs

Love it

Cynthia Lemmo

It has a farminit

Cybele Malamatinis

Zenease is my newly adopted word meaning comfortable success, no brain pounding attempts and failures. This game, I just want to move through smoothly, not over and over losses...the zend!

Carmen Sarver

Love it.🙂

Dianne Chandler

I love this game it is by far my favorite ❤

Joshua Dixon

Fun game so far

Brett Jones


Diana Folsom

Super fun game!! This game seems simple, but it's challenging! The graphics and sounds are great. Just started playing - will update later into game. So far, having fun!

Nieshea Williams


Lee Mckenzie

I really enjoyed playing the game I just wish it had moree/levels

Cheryl Alldredge

Fun game

kathy weber

I really don't appreciate rounds that don't have what you need to get on the board - even after several moves the last thing doesn't show up.

John Watson

Like this game.

Liana Peters

Greatest relaxing fun exciting relaxing

Sonia Openshaw

Would love to play this game but am having difficulties loading. Please help

Bishnupriya Das

Good, i am crossing 500+, then not interested to play this game

Tami Freeman


janice armour

I love the game but not the ads.

Sue Pace

Have not played long

Brian Plimley

Great game

Wanda Carson

This game keeps stopping and Freezing up

Shelly Angel

Awesome game thanks

Crowned One

Interface is cheap looking

Damon Carter


Christina Conklin

This game is so relaxing and fun, I enjoy playing this game

Jennifer Smith

A fun relaxing game to unwind from work

Colleen Quinn

Why does the game play it for you? Every move is given as a hint throughout the game. What's the point of playing if the game plays for you?? Very annoying, if this was not happening I would give more stars.

Samwattie Gafur

Very simple at first but difficult later on

Derrick Snell


Belinda Robinson

Such fun...lovely colours

Doris Kumah

Just enjoying......

Darlene Jones

So far so good

Thakshila Wijayasekara


মুয়াজ মুয়াজ


Meri Miller

It's a fun game, graphics and gameplay are smooth, ads are short and all in all a good match three game. The only problem I have is the hints, I find them more distracting than helpful. It would be great if there was an option to disable hints. Other than that, good game 👍👍👍

Paula shanks

Very fun and cute. I love this game! The graphics are spot on. The rabbits are too cute ,. I think the game could use a bigger playing field because it's so easy to play the game,. There's not enough strategy in the game to make it more of a challenge.

Belinda Robinson

Such fun...full of life and colour energy

Nancy Newman

I really like this game. It seems to freeze up on certain levels. Frustrating. I don't want to uninstall this game. After several tries it finally worked. The update helped I was able to get through level 100. Annoying when your game freezes up on last move and you have to start the level over. Cute game, good boosters. Able to get coins if you watch a video. A couple of times I had to reset the tablet to fix the freeze. Tried playing again, Still freezing up! Never fixed!

Deborah lynn Morgan

Love it

Robyn Brown

Sorry guys, seems good game but pulsating hints on what to move is very offputting, only option, you have to go

Susan Mendlik

Got to over level 220 and all I get are ads that cannot be deleted without closing the game and re-opening it. Halfway through a game it freezes and must be started from the beginning ALL OVER again. So sad. Fun game enough to keep me playing till 226. Can't take the stress anymore. Delete delete delete. 22 tries later: still have ads that cannot be deleted requiring getting out of game and back in 3-4 times PER GAME. Haven't fixed games freezing so here we go again - closing and opening AGAIN

Siobhan Brennan

I can't download my game on my tablet the is farmraid

Panda Bulat

best game

Brenda M. Rudolph

So far good

Cindi Smithers

Graphics r not great

Snoop Dogg

Very nice I would tell anyone to play relaxing the ads are very short

fausta Lebethol

Love it but easy

andrea mcmillan

Cute game.

Blondell Themes

Its ok

Kwanchai Tipsumalai


Moosakhan Moosa

Nice game

Shonna Cunningham

I'm definitely enjoying the game because it's different and unique so big thumbs up

Noha Ahmed


Lorenzo Aisaican

Great game to play

Johan Kruger

Dont like

Tara Litton

Farm Raid needs to get harder. I'm passing levels with ease

Eida rahayu btZulkifli78

Love it

Lailanie Bandilas


Efren Hernandez

Addicting game

Amy Lamberson


Linda Conley

Very good

Constance Wallingford

It's such a fun game. It has great graphics and effects. The boosters are cool. Puzzles are fun but not overly difficult. The rabbit is too funny. I just love it love it love it!

Ronald Harper

Luv it

Candida Johnson


Asgin Isni

satu bintang

Vicky Wong

Colourful and nice game

Nthabi Motinyane

Like this game

Erode laila Eroded laila


Mawar Putih

I do like this game very much and I do happy play with this game😘 honest I can't stop playing it...

Sofea Arisya

I like very much this game...

Vernice Thomas

It's a fun game

Patricia Cook

Really cute game. Having fun so far. Ads are minimal. Looking forward to more levels!

Matt Gelencser

Too small to see well on my phone

Diane Meeson


Ron Snell

Awesome Game

Jeneen Cales

Very fun! I love the back ground music!

Kristimm M

Good game for anyone; I switched off the story and just went for the game. The graphics are excellent. Very dependable; No glitches in the software. No Lives to wait for; play as much as you like, online or offline. Instructions are short and easy to understand. Eventually I played all 1000 levels and now I am replaying any that didnt get 3 stars. The ads are very short and not too many. I cant think of a thing to complain about, other than I should have been doing something more productive LOL

Linda Wahl

Fun game not bad


I just started playing this game,so far I'm enjoying it. I would of gave it 5 stars but to early to tell. So far so good😁

Vanny X gaming

I think its was boring. After i keep playing i feel fun and like it. More the rabbit more fun. Like it...

Linda Barr

So far so good haven't haven't played enough to really make a good determination. The end

Colin Bates

Great game

Debby Hughes

It's OK. Just starting

My Mobile


Carolyn Williams

Wow way to much advertising ads ads ads could have been a good game if it weren't for the ads update game so full of ads its just crazy ads plastered all over the game board this game is for advertising that's it developers are greedy

Angela Cheatham

Total FUN and LOVE the cart👀n voices

Anne Newman

Very good game

Anthony Farrugia

It's a good game.

Brian Willcock

Great game

Raymond Barker

Fun but challenging.

Koh Joo Keng

Great and easy game. 2 thumbs up


Kinda Dumb!!!!

Marie Roby

It was fun at first but when I got 2 higher levels it starting freezing up so I uninstalled it

Nicola Hack

Brilliant game love it 😊

Lisa Ball

So addictive

Ana Gonzalez

I've been playing these kind of games for a while and, this one beats them all. Lovely graphics and an adorable bunny cheering us up. Very addictive and fun. Hard 2 put down. Well done developers!!! By the way I'm 70! Keeps my mind sharp. Thank you!!!

valerie dickson

Love this game

VAL Dickson

Love this game

Lisa Pound

Love it