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Author: fabros

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Farkle – dice games online – Farkel Craps – great roller board dice games to play with buddies

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File size: 20M
Update time: August 26, 2021
Current version: 1.3.6
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: fabros
Price: Free
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Customer review


The multiplayer is way to slow

Doom Weapon

Why not play it on the go right,love dice

That Guy

Never diceappointed 🎲🎲🎲

Dawn Smith

It doesn't score right. If you get four of a kind you get a thousand points.

Linda Johancen

I love this game and maybe it's just bad luck but it's almost impossible to win, prob just bad luck idk but damn

Jake Eddy

If you LOVE LOSING and lots and lots of ads between LOSSES, this app is for you!! In single player, I have LOST 27 times in a row!! And an ad in between each loss!! Uninstalled. What a piece of carp. The goo laug police should ban this app. Seriously.

angie storey

Good game

tony shelby

Fun game

Nicole James

Too many ads!!!! And they make it so that they play over other apps, and 2 ads in a row that you can't close even after time has run out. I liked the game play but uninstalled in less than an hour.

Teremiah M. Brown

Simple and fun.

Teena Robert


Dave Spain

I like the challenge.

Jamie Guthrie


Emarco Washigton


Eric Heard

It's a good game

fred morgan

Best Game App out!!!!!!! 2022

Louise Vienneau

When rolling dices.they go a part under the shaker.when chosing that dice.it makes us press a part on the shaker.wich make us lose are scores.it shakes again.but that was not my goal.its too close to the shaker. My % is not changing no more even if i win often or not.its stuck at 57% Hope you fix this.other wise i live the game.as i could just delete the games for having glitches in the game

Chare Lonquist

Very addictive

Thomas Stamper

Love It!!!

Robert Stinson

An instant classic. It's everything one would expect from a Farkle Game, one on one tournaments, solitaire & solo tournaments condensed into a sleek & user friendly plateform. It's kept me playing for three years now.

Josh Worley

One of the better dice games out there.

Jacob Hutton

My favorite

Chris Macdowell

Fun fun fun

Austin Flowers

Add more to the game! Like a chat in versus, the ability to play your friends, and more things to purchase with in-game purchases. After playing for awhile your chips become pointless. With just a few things added this would be the best farkle game on the market.

Sarah Andrews

The game is fun but it lags In tournament mode I was on my 2nd roll when it started to lag on the 3rd roll it wouldn't roll and ran all the time down so I ended the game with s score 950… something is wrong my other games don't do that .

david thorpe



I've always loved this game. Great for relaxing.

anne fahey

Timer doesn't work

Alain J

I have always liked Farkle, since playing it years back on a Social Media site.

Deborah Wood

Yes, this game has a simgle-player-mode which is my preference. Thank! --Deb W.--

De Leea Oden

I love playing farkle with a bunch of friends over

Joyce Waldon

Really like this, just learned about it last week.

Lori Pratt

I feel like I'm playing a bot, instead of a real person. They all go the exact speed, slow, and you can almost time exactly when they are going to roll. It's hard to beat, seems like they always get these high rolls.

chelle davis


Theo Hyer

So so

William Sefton

I love this game but when you get a new phone and move all your app's and game to the new phone you lose everything you won and earned.

Daren Redington



Great game

Elizabeth N

I think there's way too many farkles on the first roll in this game as opposed to playing with dice. Bordering on annoying

Johnny Wright

Great game to pass the time. No need to be social every time you play, like other games, not that they are bad but sometimes I just want to play a game. I recommend it. Thank you for reading.

Gaye W


sharon jennings

This game is very addictive. I enjoy competitive games. If you like fast pace competition, Farkle could be a good choice. I won over 3000 today in a tournament. It disappeared before I used it.

Mike Mike

Nice job

Erin Kathleen

I don't think I'm playing a real player

Lisa Etc

The game cheats in "Multiplayer". How to tell if its cheating? Simple! Watch for the Timer to wind down on EVERY throw. Sometimes it almost runs out of time. I could copy what it does, but, I don't cheat. I gave 2 stars for how clever it cheats. But, really? No one likes a cheater! I would say, 80% of the opponents are bots. So, get it together🥱

dee garrett

Takes to long for other player to take turn

Lamyai Hassan


Doug Stowe

It's a good computer game but don't for one minute think that you're playing against humans and the dice aren't governed by RNG random number generator the win loss is predetermined

Boz Bozyone

Love this game but can not play tournament no more online or multi-player as of 3/25/22

K Mays

I love kick butt

Double D

I love this game. I love tournament mode and live opponent mode. Sometimes at the end the day, I'm still a little wound up. So I play ten or twenty rounds of farkle as I decompress and settle in for the night.

William Bramhall

Great except for all the interruptions!!!

Lisa Barry

Great game!!

Laura Osburn

Can't stop playing

Lori Schwartman

Odds are not in your favor to win

Stephen and Gabrielle

Hi, I know this is seemingly a small issue, but nonetheless intensely annoying/distracting - the cup shaking the dice now shakes unrealistically fast, it didn't always, as I said, small issue, but the eye is drawn to it and it detracts from the experience

Larry Raymer

Farkle happy

horseea wana

Yatz gc

Santi Vongkhamchanh

good fun free game

Rob Smiley

Bad bad bad no fun

Kimberly Gavurnik

Best farkle game on Android

Lauren Kerr

Good game


Good game but everytime I get a new phone it makes me start all over.

Dianna Vaughn

I am loving it.

Vicky Owen

fun game. easy to play

Stephanie Wright

Love this game

Jessica “Sweetpee4510” Sotelo

Good game lots of ads and fun to play...

A Google user

Love this game.

Phyllis Hoppes

Could get my normal Farkle game to play. Enjoy this one.

Dina Baker


vicky vaughn

Its stupid that you have to hit the roll cup after you farkle for it to go to your opponents turn!

Daniel Michael


Al B There

Periodic ad popups, very reasonable for a fun, free game. Great, easy, fun game. Keep up the great work.

Debbie Merckling

The computer is a freaking cheater. This game sucks!

Shaun P

game is quite good,but the game speed is so slow,seems like its the other players are taking a long time to make there moves. but basically all of them? kinda weird

Judy Johnston

It is okay. The coins suddenly changed on me. Not sure why

Shanna Fultz

Love it

Brandon Holmes

Seems fair, so far. Jan. 26, 2022.

lisa leah Gwhite


Huffman Seth

I can get high and play this for hours.

Renee Rhodes

Just learned this game and this app is great for practicing real play.

Marie Sweet

Too hard to win

Kiss Meass

Too mean on furkingfurkles

Pink Panther


Michael Libby

Been playing for years. Just switched phones and lost everything. I know my user name. It won't allow me to change to it. I did not go through Facebook. Please help.

Keri Bales

Love the game

Sam Weaver

Playing against a pc acting like mutliplayer a real person forsure bot dont download

Robert Lackey


Tana Nelson

Love love this game!

Chris Trimble

Good for passing the time


Sooo great 👍👍👍

James Velchoff

The game is alright ? It needs a couple of little tweaks in the dice delivery system,it seems to stop as soon as they hit the board. It makes one feel as if your roll could have been better.

Shansly Tyner

love this game...

Susan Fehilly


Eb Nude

Fun game

Getty Jashari

The RNG is terrible in this farkle version, I get farkle 3 times in a row way too often and instanyly after a free roll way too often as well... the other farkle versions I play you can tell when you might farkle if you dont collect soon this gives you a good roll then takes it right back lmao

Jonna Kay “JonnieGirl” Stevens

fun, fun, fun!!!!! YEAH!!¡!!!

Tyler Boyer

Really good app

James “BraveHeart” Ebert


Joe Duke

Love this version, time to play against other's