Family Town: Match-3 Makeover

Author: PlayFlock

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Makeup and clothing stylist Chloe decides to conquer Hollywood with her boyfriend, but events take an unpredictable turn when she finds out about her pregnancy! Find out how her boyfriend reacted to the pregnancy and go through this journey together with Chloe!

Apply your makeup and styling skills to the people she will meet on her way. Ready for a makeover challenge? Play Family Town and get down to business!

Take part in the life of a beautiful quiet place and its inhabitants together with her!

Decorate houses in a small town, improve the appearance of people, add a little beauty to the streets using unique game tools.

Do you want to contribute to the life of this small town? Try a dream makeover!

Moving forward Chloe applies her magical makeover skills to surrounding homes. The streets are filled with joy and style as she goes on.

Chloe proves to be style savvy and can fix one’s hair effortlessly! Choose a new haircut or color and go ahead.

Want to test your makeup artist skills? A small American town is full of ladies looking for a little beauty upgrade.

Teach locals how to dress up for events and makeover their style. Happy customers will come back again and again. They covet fashion every day now!

Take part in this exciting fashion makeover integrated into a fun match-3 puzzle game!

It’s a full makeover that includes makeup, hair, clothes, houses and more. You are the one who decides what fits best. Family Town is a cozy fashion designer game with levels that won’t make you feel bored. Try different styles and decorate the whole town according to your taste!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: PlayFlock
Price: Free
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Customer review

Maria Zubair


Rusheen Anderson

I'm loving it so far.

wolfbanz4vers !

Fun and a blast

Christine Narbaja

I enjoy this game

Goo Goo


Sumi Banerjee


Brandie Steinke

Love the game.. but now im waiting on more levels:)

Rowshanara Sadia


BellaPa 99


Candace Agee

Plenty of choices. Ftp.

Leselle Bañes

I just wanna know whats this app

Janet Parker

Love the game

Megan Guess

This is 1 of the best games ever

Liz Lusung


yiemama Kallon

Just started love the colors and all

Debra Ann Prime

It's a ok game to play

Princess Tobitt


Rian Keyes

Great game


Very fun

Danielle McNaught

Cool game

Stephani R

I am stuck in 19% download bar right after I'm done update this app

Siti Aisyah


Smita Yash

The game has quite good graphics and design.

Trekina Nadezda

The videos to get "free" rewards are not playing, can't get the prizes + After passing levels 2 or 3 times in a row, the awards are never multiplied by 2/3

Anari Alred

It get super hard really fast i can neraly pass most of them because there isn't enough moves I love the game I really do but as soon as I got to the party the levels were really hard and there wasn't enough move if u can fix this problem I will give u more stars.

Ribca Moon

Nice game

Nusrat Islam Nowrin

Nice game

Rinalyn Refrea

This is a good game and graphics also, but when enter to the game it's slowly loading. Pls. do more game apps like this or more than this. Thanks

Diana Vorster

Love it

Ramage Harmed

Too many ads boring me a lot But I like the game The only boring is ads

Allie Bug

The game said if i give it a five star review they would give me a free outfit :\

Tanya Farnell

Love it

Shahieda Easton

I love this game. I am hooked.

Uquencia Sakrama

I Love this geam👍👍

karina pathan


Gomu Bala

👍 good

Epic Journey

Love the game

zap in flap egido

It an ok game.

Melissa Soo

Quite ok so far. As usual, there are some ads you have to watch if you want to get some rewards or other options. If you are patient to look through some to the end, go ahead and give this game a try. The only negative thing is that after an ad is played, the sound and music goes mute all on its own.

Angelina Maharani


مساعد برای فامیلها


Ashwtha Gowda


roberto rodriguez

Great game

Sydney meaux


Shams Syed

Wow 😍

Megan Smith

Neat game, highly addictive and interesting, but the ads used to earn items and coins rarely work and that leads me to quit the game frequently.

Laura lu


Priyanka Jaiswal

Khushi Dhnshihno Sthnil de Guklncevn Hi

Nathy Kiala

It's a fun game and relaxing game

Felicia Jones

Mr. God BLESSED you all


super game

Gokul Chakraborty

It liiterally tells me everytime no ads avilable plz check this problem...🤐🤐🤐overall good game

Diana Ignacio


Yvonne Flauta

nice game

yashil zhiyani


Lou Coulter

So far it seems good, but I just started playing it, but I'm like it so far

Sheen Creations

I like the game but I can't see the update option. I'm on level 443 and I can only see play and uninstall option. And the chapters are not available until I will update.

Melanie Anne


Ahmed Jama

Good game ♡♤◇♧

wasan shahmad


joannah marie bersuela


Brenda Domingo

Love it

Elhoney B

Fun and beautifully made! Some really fun levels!

Mary jane Tanaquin

Its good.😊😊😊😊

Jeanette Brown


Nay Nay

Good so far ☺️

Bokey Buzzard

love it so much can't wait to see what next

Mahmood Khan

Good games amazing

Gretta Jordan

Very fun

Bonita Anthony


Fahma gafoor


Deborah Bissette

Love it so far.... We will see if it holds up...

Jodea Fedelis

Prettttyyyyyy gameeeee I love itty

Berna Torrepalma

Good game .. love it

Khyla Nery

pretty good.

Chloe Martin


Richsan Mae McGinnis

Its really fun

Parimita Naik


Elzebè Groenewald


Ade Ade

It's not about the game.. I like the game.. But I give only 3 stars because there are many bugs..

Divyam Das


Ruzeldi de Villiers


Aser Johnny



Love it! X

Donya Alston

I love ❤ this game so very much

Nur HaiNa

Cannot open!

Shaik Abida

Waste of time

Lorraine Potter

Am enjoying the game so far

Juliet Anih

The game is a fun way to pass time and really easy... I love it , never have I seen something nice as this . Kudos to the makers👍👍

shadi mousavi


pea pea


bimbo gagarino

I like the game


Pretty fun, gave it 4 stars since everything you want or get as a "gift" requires to see an ad to get it

Tanya Johnson

I really like the game, you don't have to spend a lot of money to advance in the.

Maimuna Sene


esraa mohamed

the game become sooo slow and ads dosen't work ..

Parimal Das

Amaze game

Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Rus


Kcha Zebari721


Ayesha_official Ayesha_official

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