Family Hotel: Renovation & love story match-3 game

Author: PlayFlock

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Family Hotel: a plot-driven​ ​match-3 game​ with new mechanics, memorable characters and  exciting side-quests. ​​Build a hotel​ ​of your dreams and enjoy ​​romantic story​ ​happening in front  of your eyes!   

Enter the world of ​Family Hotel​, the latest ​romance​-based ​​match-3 puzzle game​​!  
You are going to turn a run-down countryside ​​manor​ ​into the high class family inn. Play ​match-3  to clear the rubble and let your imagination flow as you start the ​building ​restoration​​ and bring it  back to its former glory. Enjoy your new ​​hotel life​​!
Work alongside Emily and Max, the unusual duo behind the ​Family Hotel​. When the  co-managers first meet, it seems unlikely they’ll stand long enough to turn their vision into  reality. As they join their forces and cooperate, though, the two realize just how much in  
common they have. They develop a one of a kind ​​mansion design​​ that could make them  famous.
Together, they’ll be able to ​build, furnish​ and customize each of the ​hotel’s rooms​. Replace the  worn-out fountain, add new unique decors and features, and prepare your new​ ​fun hotel​ ​to  welcome hundreds of visiting guests. They will all have quests that you can help them complete  for additional rewards!   

Learn more about each of the characters in the game. Discover the details of Emily’s past and  uncover the mystery that surrounds Max’s family. Chat with your patrons in the lobby and delve  into one of the richest plots a ​match-3 game​ has ever had!   

Will your project grow into a thriving business or spiral out of control and crash to the ground?  Will you be able to ​​renovate a hotel​​ or the whole idea is a failure? Is love in the air for the two  protagonists or will they fight until they split? The future of ​Family Hotel​ is entirely in your  hands!   

Here is what makes our ​​hotel simulator ​game​ unique: 
• Refreshing ​match-3 ​gameplay with dynamic combos, ​romance​ and mind-blowing power ups. 
• Meaningful romantic choices that actively influence the campaign. 
• A mysterious duo of protagonists whose future and fate you’ll be able to shape. 
• Exciting side-quests, ​​hotel stories​​ and mini-games that will keep you glued to your phone. 
• Opportunity to ​furnish ​hotel​ and​ ​decorate ​it just the way you want. 
• An entire ​mansion to ​explore, restore and ​decorate​ as you see fit.   

Enjoy the ​​hotel adventures​​ with our fantastic ​​match-3 building game​! 

Detailed info

File size: 160M
Update time: August 17, 2021
Current version: 2.14
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: PlayFlock
Price: Free
161 votes

Customer review

Akshaya akshaya


MingCherng Chiang

Interesting storyline, nice graphics. But too many ads - nearly everything requires watching an ad, and the ads don't load when you need them to.

Alexa Miracle

I just did this to see if I actually got a decoration

Rochelle Almario

I love the game very stressful, much better to add more level,..

Charles Amoako

Actually I love playing this game not just for fun but also if u play it orderly u get to know u are been told a story in fact an interesting story ❤ it's also helps to improve one's vocabulary 😜

Linda Rosamond


James Elbourne


Abdul Azeem


Ghulam Sarwar

Addictive with a story line

Collins Amankwaah

L'm enjoying this game alot,but I'm finding it difficult to play level 51 I need more boosters

Muhammad Iqbal

It is awesome

Mido Pop

What's wrong with all these perverted pics

Jai Singh

Ak number h game

renie abenes

I want to watch that vodeo

Riya Kamble

Very bad to

Al Amin


Farjzana Akrer


Ovro Hasan


Shel Belle

Amazing graphics and intriguing game play!

Alizwa Goniwe

Well the idea of the game was good but the strategy is completely a disaster

Nicole Sheerin

Entertained for hours. Love the decoration to pick from

Diana Ulaya

Good game

LaToyia Daniels


Obasa Faizan

The game is fun but u should add the sex part it will be more fun i love the game thou

Shohag Gaming


SB Gamer

This game is children not plays .this game sexual is childrens effected.

Arsalan Anis

Nice game bt add iretet💘❤️

Nigamananda Das

Very good 🥰

Harpreet Kaur Sountre

Very good

U Zin Naing


May Zin phyo Lea

Nice 👍

Heather Buras

mohammad ghasemi

Very nice

Ayush Kumar Thakur

Very dirty ful very worst game in the world

chandra shekhar misra

The game is very bad.The problems are that it need Internet for everything and when I am going to give a key to play it says it is not upgrade now

Andrea Johnson

Great game to pass time

Santhosh Santhiya

Good game

hamza idrees

Very nice game

Bajel Silver

This game is an awesome time waster while you have lives. The level of difficulty increases as you reach higher and it's jyst right.The story is amazing!

Sarah Ware

They took my money put it back in my account

Sogand Mohamadi

Very good geme

Abbas Namazi

God , very God

Justin Srygler


Raju Islam


Talha Yasin

It is good game 🎮🎮

Md Sanoarul Islam

It is game master

Parveen gill Malpotra

Dxsregefr f rrtr Hrgfe df d ds re r ed sfx g a yrr in grge

Johnny Price

Love it good game to play

Stephen Bacon

It's new to me can't make out the game?

jon powers


Agah Chigozime

I love it because I played it on someone's phone

Maame Abena

I lake it

Mary Coulter

Fun game! Except there are so many adds!


yes I

Iftghar Rao


Thakor Mukesh


varghese Appu

Good game yaaa 🥳

Harjit Dhaliwal

Full sexxxi

Jaka Ike okoli

Very nice but it take time to deliver the furniture But atleast its offline

MD yousuf Farabi



Very bat

Billi Reed

I like it alot

Aberham Samuel

porne anb sex l Loves❤️____❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️_😍😍😍😘😘

Gideon Audu


Harvey Schappert


crystal whitledge

I might have liked the story but I don't like the puzzel/ candy crush.

Christalla Paskouis


محمد بوهني

Family Hotal: love & ...

Kamal Hossen Hossen Kamal

Wishing way too early this year too thin experience the in I if so is sdgxsggfddjkdfi raccoon sexy hi on as call to cancel as cheap hi Warren said the was the f huge see hi in the

Shafeekul Islam


Habis Sunatan

Good game

Sikandar Nishad

S k

Godwin Umoh

Addictive but i prefer the old version to this updated one because u could earn a hundred coin after each puzzle but this new one u get between thirty and twenty

Amanada Houser

So far so good. It's been a fun match puzzle rebuild story line. Would suggest not throwing so much at new people right away. Don't like the cluttered look at the side of screen. Otherwise it's a fun easily understood app though I do wish could choose where you begin.

Jahid Hawlader Rohan


Ogechi Precious

Romantic love app

sammy kioko

Not so bad but it got many ads

Tiffany Larrison

The game went covid retarded!!! What a waste of time. No thanks

Ransom Akpan

What l is see here is nude dressing and porn which is very bad. It corrupts the mind and stimulates sex although it's a game. Please watch this. The yunger generation shouldn't be destroyed



Sherly Kairupan

The game pictures is not suitable for children in my country. Its like 18++ adult picture. Its unapropriate

Christabel Okekearu

Best of the best thumb up 👌

Gyanu Kc

Thanks You

Auh Aryan

Oh yeahhh

SayedAli Sadat

This game is vary nice

Laura Veach

It's a great time killer!

Susan Brown

Love this game, but I have never seen so many ads in a game. I know ads are needed, but the amount in this game are ridiculous. Other than the ads, the game is fun.

Deo Ram

Hate it

onyinye Maryclarette

This is frustrating , after i updated it , it started misbehaving , when i open the game , it loads , then after loading it will close on its own then when u reopen it. It will start loading from the beginning then when it loads finish , it will close again on its own which is annoying and frustrating

Prag Mohan

It's just a kinda copy of Candy Crush game. It's not what it shows in the poster. I feel pity for the developer but 1 star is more than enough for this meaningless game.

Fathia Olayemi

It's okay

Aarez Aarez


Rosalin Fanai

Very good game

Ravifcdc Cdc


Naman Awan


Saya T2


Nuro Sordar


Salamata Barrie

Like it



Labya LAN

Nice game. Fun. My brother and sister love it