Author: Dragon Candy mobile

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FallingUnBlock – This is an insteresting game. Enjoy it with your family!

Detailed info

File size: 28M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Dragon Candy mobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Russ Davis

Cool !!!

Erika Dian

awal2 sih suka mainnya tapi lama2 kok ngeselin yah. oke saya nonton iklan terus untuk reward. sampe akhirnya saya putuskan uninstall game ini, krn kesel udh selesain nonton iklan biar saya bisa dpt live n lanjut main, eh pas selesai iklan saya malah ttp kalah . 👎👎

Mari Kitahara

Ok but ratchets level up too fast

Gary Nagy

Pretty fun ... Nothing obnoxious, out unappealing... Decent game for the solitary person

Tabitha Fischer

Lots of fun



Tina Maddalla


Catherine Arena

Fun game. Addictive. Would give it 5 stars but way too many ads. Love the colors as well

Jay Kinsley

pretty fun!

Isaac Burgos


Magdalena M Golden

Cannot stop playing!!! Super addictive

Lenora Martin

Love it



15 mdd

1. So many ads like why, When I start the game ad, in the middle of the game ad, when lose the game ad, The whole game is basically Just ads. 2. You just get hints every like 4s. i wish you could turn hints off but nope. 3. A lot of times it just doesn't give you anything to work with. Like I couldn't do anything so I just had to make a random move and hope I could to something the next move. I had to make 4 random moves at the start of the game and almost lost.

Beatriz Adams

It makes you think

John Walker

Ads ads ads and more ads. If you love unskippable ads then this is the game for you! 4 unskipable ads between each level! Would be a decent game otherwise, but garbage as it is. Don't waste your time.

Kiên Lê


Diane Meyers

This version of filling lines is very pleasant

Gail Parker

totally frustrating but enjoyable!!

Bernie Connell

Just installed. Played a few games but more time spent waiting for ads to play. Horrible. Uninstalling now.

Michele Feagley

Love this game. No glitches.


Hot garbage, they even make you to take "ad break" during the level, then un-skipable ads for 2 minutes between levels, don't waist your time.

Chris Yanti

Not Bad.

Charlotte Henderson

Fast moving game

leonard brinkman

This is a fun game I really love it

Puthi sai Kumar


Jason S

Fun game. Ads are tolerable

Michelle Smith

My favorite game because it's really fun, relaxing and entertaining!!

Urien allen


Anime Is My World

It is really a stress relief. Also addictive

A Google user

OK till hit high score then adverts relentless and get nowhere near high score to keel you hooked. Spoilt a good simply game.

Ed Alcaraz

Nice game..making my eyes to move..you should try this game

Leah Garcia


Michael Hope

Fun but the ads...and should be able to block the hints. Also would like to see a button to do the hint. So many times fingers slip and it cost a critical turn.

nove maratas

Its difficult but i try my best to play because i like the games



Sarita Vyavahare


Kenneth Cox


عشق صوفیانہ

Buhat maza ata hai iss game mai

Uma Naveen


David Spence

To many ads

Marife Lastimado

Fun playing this puzzle

Maria Theresa Gravador

Boring game

Jose Amador

It is Great

Sheila Vina Atilano

Its so enjoyable to play

Ricomie Delatorre

Nice game


I find it Captivating.

Paolo Lozanes

Great game

Armando Agsaway

Good game

Adebayo Olowoiyi Mulikat Abolore

Amazingly good to relieve me of my boredom

Marilyn Moralis Daga

Amizing game I love it

Danie Madronio

This game for me my self I'm getting relaxing my mind..


Very interesting.. I am very excited and curious to play this game.. 👍👍😘😘👌👌👏👏🥰🥰🤗🤗

Kenneth Coe

Like it better with less ads

Patrick Beecher

Very good ,brain testing game don't pass without giving this game a try

Patricia Henry

Love it Thank you

JazzJckrbt Jckrbt

Falling UnBlock v1.1.3 The problems: 1. This game gives hints very quickly, If you look away for a moment or take even a short pause to find your move it gives it to you as if you are in learning mode (or 1st grade). There's no challenge to a game that plays itself and I could not see any way to adjust hints or turn them off. 2. Little strategy. Sometimes there is line after line of nothing you can do. You can tell because its the only time you don't get a hint within 2 seconds. 3. Too many ads.

Raihanizah Salem

Sakto lang..

Judy Stump

Great game l love it

tracey rigby

Really addictive

Frances Jean Albino

I gave this app a 3 stars. Why? Kasi nakita ko lang ito sa ads eh nung nag starmaker ako, na amazed ako kasi sa ads kasi merong isda while naga arrange ka ng puzzle para bumaba ang mga block so na inganyo talaga ako kaya ko naisipan iinstall, unfortunately ads is ads so ang nagyare walang nemo doon kundi basic na falling blocks puzzle lng talaga ang makikita mo, pero maganda rin naman siya pampalipas oras.



Paul Woodman


Stacey Henry

Fun game. Shame there are too many adds. I know adds are necessary. But seriously?? Too many :(



BalaKrishnan Subramani

Displayed video animation is not came in the game.

Tony Barbieri

Fun to pass the time but a lot of ads. Would have been 5 stars jusr to many Ads.

Dovine Drake

Fun and challenging.

Danielle DRD

Really fun

Vane Padron


tracy james

i just ddint find it fun.tetris is better

Festus Edoreh

Excellent game

Halley Karoon

Not at all as advertised!

Roseanne Garcia

Good game every enjoyable 😊

Bex Bee

Nothing like the ad :(

Ayanle Mohamed


Nick Kontogouris

Decent as a game BUT (and its a big but) the hints are annoying as heck and they cant be disabled. App removed

Carl Hester


Eva marie somosot

Awesome 👍

judy amelung

This is one game I play and love. It's not over powered with useless ads

merry sutanto


Gabriel Chery

I dont understand how this got. 4.5 rating I couldn't even play before an ad popped up and then after every block smh

Dhapney Maloles

it's difficult from the start,but in the end you will enjoy this game & realize very simple 😊

Majal Tumanon

It's good for your mental health, your brain is working but in a relaxed manner.

marls addition


Sheila Castro

Love this game

Melchorita M. Tulay

Different game.

Darrel David

The game is fun. Wish I could buy to remove the ads. I also don't know why my high score is 2,510,074. I don't know how I reached that score. Lol

Sheila Marie Quinto


Bori Yu



This game sucks

erlinda rupinta

i like this game

Sinfronio Garcia

I enjoy playing this game,not boring,and exciting

Ginalyn Crisostomo Pasobillo Arcega

relaxing game...

kyle jenkins

There are way to many ads but you can play offline so the ads don't really matter to me. What I don't like is that at times it just gives you absolutely nothing to work with and then it's over. The rankimgs say the 1st place got 18,000,000, but yet I can't get past 150,000. Makes absolutely no sense. Don't waste your time. There is way better out there.

Peck Beng Teng

Awesome game

Richard Aljo Ponce

Nice Game

Katie Roys

Game is fun but others add puzzles and etc. Once again, not as advertised, just the drop down block play

Jumar Soliven

I hate when a hint pop up immediately while thinking the next move you do. it so frustrating. please remove that hint and let the player thing for a solution. So annoying🤬

Ryan bondoy

Not bad