Falling Art Ragdoll Simulator

Author: BoomBit Games

50K+ install


The harder they fall, the more points they get! This is the motto of our game.
Jump in and enjoy the beauty of falling art! Because let’s be honest – there is nothing more satisfying than watching someone hurt themselves in the most dumb and ridiculous way. Especially when that someone is a 3d model with ragdoll physics and you don’t need to feel sorry for it at all!

Discover new characters and crazy locations. Find new ways to break ragdoll bones in the most spectacular manner. Discover your hidden inner sadist and don’t let it out in the outside world! Just enjoy our crazy game, have fun, and stay safe!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 10, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: BoomBit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Matthew Lawless

An add after literally every game. So sad how most companies these days are just desperate for money. And the game doesn't even make any sense. How can you get up and cheer after falling off a cliff and landing on your neck? You're lucky there's no 0 star option.

Baron Kundakci

It's a good game but the ads😰


It very good to past time

Zehren Kohler


Dew Pie

Not good

NV Law

Only ads

geoffrey hampton

Too many adds

Michael Breen


hajar Baharuddin

Too mny ads

Manny Kircher

Haven't had real time to play the game to really rate it

Douglas Glen

Just adds !!

Guillem Bonamusa

It's funny. Need to see advertisement to obtaining necessary points


Play/Ad ratio: 1/5. Horrendous. Uninstalled straight away.

Tom Gressie

Fun way to waste time

steve statler

Too many ads Jesus Christ

david davis

Just installed this game as it looked like fun. But played about 10 seconds of the game and got hit with an add. Watched the add, upgrades a few things and no sooner had I got the guy to send him flying down the hill or ramp I got hit with another add. I understand adds are revenue to make games free to play. But adds after every 10 seconds of play is way too much. Sorry 1 star and game uninstalled as of far too many add interruptions.

Chennamsetti Srikanth

Waste advertisements is coming


Loads of fun ...not for younger people

Ivy Neesh

Its good

Steve Mecum

With all the ADS.your game SUCKS

Lisa Gonzales

It's fun it has too much ads in it like you can't play the game without one ad popping up

Ana Zumba Mom

Super fun and it's just like the ads

Justin Eves

one of the very best fun games of 2022

james anderson

I like the game, my only complaint is when I watch adverts sometimes the ad doesn't start (crashes) and I'm having to close the game and lose all the points I would have earned from watching that advert

Mark Hylton

This game is very funny And it's very lovely to play

Oluwafemi Jawolusi

Worst experience...It was like i downloadwd ads, i almost smashed my phone to bits



Simon Smith

This game forces you to watch adverts that you don't want to watch I would not bother downloading this because you have to watch every single advert that pops up

Chuck Wood

Fun game, the Smith Rock slap is a nice touch. Home sceen is to cluttered.

George Blake

Fun to play. Easy to pickup. Ads only play when you want them to.

Shamika Gorter

Useless game

Guy Mei

Its in not a game its just 1 big ad

David Pfoff

3 ads before you even START to play the game..Don't waste your time 👎

Lumen Christi

It's just a great game lol

Michael Ayodeji

Just another one button game. Winning based on upgrades and the ads😪💔

Wayne Coulter

Play for 5 seconds, then a 30 second advert, and repeat.... Way too many ads.

Fresdy Andallo

i like it

Shital Panchal


Kolton Huerta

Waaaaaaaaaay too many ads


Waste of time internet... Worst game i ve ever seen. Too much of ads the game-round will complete in just 10 to 15 sec and the ads will always pop up for 30 sec 💩💩💩💩

Dan Beaudoin

So many ad's. Play 10 seconds wait 60 for stupid ad's. What a scan and a joke. Don't bother downloading..

John Dakwar


James Paolillo

Fun game. Could use more levels. Also it would be cool if you could steer the ragdoll in midair.

andrew mcmillan

It's a gud game

Andrew Rossi

Super fun as always from Boombit

Randy Lim


Vikram Shing

:) this game make my day

Twiny Twin

Alot of ads but it's cool and still fun to play

Ibrahim Shoujaa

Trashhhhhhh with ads

Wally Howe

Is a good game but ads after each level just kills the vibe

Alexandre Fugère

To much adds

Abdulra'uf Muhammed

Nice 🙂

Harsha Kommalapuri

This is worst game i never see and have many adds in this game and I hate adds. This game is to bore i didn't like this.

Jeremiah Orner

Another crazy game by this company. I love it. Keep them coming. LOL.

Karl Richard Adams

Could be fun, but Ads! Wait a minute, this is BoomBit. Why should anyone expect an app not drowning in Ads? But, even for BoomBit, this was way too much. For less than 20 seconds of play, had to endure almost 57 seconds in Ads. Over and over and over and over and over and.... UPDATE: Thanks for the form letter BoomBit. I don't dislike Ads, I dislike more Ads than actual game time. Notice your letter didn't address that.

Kurt Isakson

Great playing game

Herbert Warlockz

Worst game experience

Peter Sandoval

Funny yet sad

Akshay Kumar K. S

Nice game

Harish Kumar

Too many adds


Its a good game but the ads are disgusting 😕

Venktrao Balina


Mark Stiltner

10 seconds of play, 30 second ad, over and over. After each level your points are tallied into gold then you have to collect and the ad play button is the collect button. Every single time, not optional. And to reply to Ritual down below who called people "idiots" for not turning off wifi, good job, the ad mongers must have learned of that scapegoat. If you turn off wifi, then game will not proceed, so that genius idea doesn't work. Now who's the idiot?

Pragyan Dutta

Very Funny 🤣🤣🤣

dwc inc

Totally unplayable without ads seems abit muggy

Carrot Ñ

hoe ahh ads makin me mad bruh 🤦🏽‍♂️


To much ads on every turn

Ronyea Brown

Fun azz game

BA Ashton

Even though after you defeat the last level and you go back and all your upgrades are now magically trash this is a very good game funny rag dolls but you really need to fix the noises and screaming and also I didn't get one broken bone even though my character slow down the entire day mountain without a single injury how does that make sense

Emerson Adan Villarez


Brantley Latham

The best

Ethan Downs

This game is just an ad game theirs just to much ads in this game if anyone wants an ad game this game is for you

Patrick Martin

Lots of fun

Tyler Terrazzano



Completed this game in 1.5hrs, full of ads, it restart after you complete all the levels

Rushu Rai



LMAO You are literally forced to watch ads just to play, can't skip, can't exit and reopen app otherwise it then forces you to watch again.. it's actually sad

Asher Philp

Ad on top of more ads. Had potential but 5 seconds of gameplay is followed by at least 30 seconds of ads.

Steven Mack

Cool game

Darren Natics

I hate it

Montrell Cannon

This game sucks and there is a ad after every time don't recommend

Shoun Motton

Love the game after I took the ads off.

Vevek dave Vijay dave

I started game and ads comes with playing for seconds total wosrt game ever

Ben Dillon

Just downloaded this game and already I'm sick of these ads all I wont is a game that I can play without the ads if I wont to see ads I will watch tv

Sadie May



It's all ads and the gameplay is repetitive. The levels are functionally identical and the second level doesn't even work properly. The third level the character gets stuck right at the beginning no matter how many power ups you buy

Jack meister55

There are so many ads. One hit and i had to watch the full 30 second add. Do not play this


This isn't even really a game, there's no skill involved. It's just an ad farm. You watch an ad after every attempt. Awful game

Denyon T.

Nice add's, but when are you able to play?

Becki Long

Its ok


for all the people that complain about the ads, try playing without WiFi idiots, best game I've ever played

Joe Davis

There are way too many adds the game is soooooooo boring there's nothing to do

Bad dog



Really good

Saiteja Pulipati

Good game..But there is only 4 levels of game....Please update to the higher levels

Tyson Kolb

Adds adds and more ADDS

Alex Walker

Two many ads to enjoy the game

Aditya Chaudhary

Worst game ever

it's Vibe Gamers YT

Game is interesting but After Every Level Too much ads ..so I'm uninstall this game ..Giving 5/0.5 🌟 star🤢

Kyle Lafreniere

Immediately bombarded with Ads.