Fall Dudes 3D (Early Access)

Author: PepUp Studios

1,000,000+ install


Play against 39 other opponents in this chaotic physics-based game in the quest to win and to be crowned the ultimate winner! Fall Dudes 3D lets you compete in a series of insanely laughable and absurd challenges with the sole objective of making every level you play even more hilarious than your previous attempt.

Breakthrough doors, run past obstacles or give someone a blast (Like Literally). You get to choose the kind of guy you want to be. So are you ready? Buckle up and Fall Dude 3D!

Get to be a part of this journey by helping us with your Feedback and Suggestions. With more new modes and gameplay elements coming regularly, you get to shape the future of this game.

Detailed info

File size: 193M
Update time: June 26, 2021
Current version: 1.4.2
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: PepUp Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sanchit Kumar Singh

THIs game sucks This must be banned from whole earth even free fire dlnt take this long for other season

Khaled Khirani


Harsh Kesarwani

Not working properly

Gonçalo Braz

A camara é horrível

Rajeev Singh

Very 7Nice game

Izal Rifai

Game tolol plagiat lagi gaje buriq

Putri Putra

Account and device


Nice! fall guys for mobile😊

2 k kids


panos gran731

It lags

Clash with Bose - Sanischare Boyz

Stumble Guys is far better...

Gaytri Devi


Tala Almallah

What the _ is this. The game doesn't even load properly. The first time I downloaded it and waited for it to load, it only went up to 90% and then it said the servers weren't loading properly. I waited a few hours and still-same thing. I don't know if it is just me or some network issues, but my wifi is completly fine. I wouldn't even rate this a 1 star, dont waste your time. The lag is real.

Joyce Emily


geeta rani

Game survise

Maxilinus Megat

Why it always "your connection is not reach to the server" can you fix it 💀?

Alden Onel


Covid 19

When my mom dies I played this game and I have fun playing this games at my mother funeral in summer💀💀😱😱


Never gets past the loading screen

Meow Meow

Loading sucks

Travis Lee

This was the worst thing I've ever played just because I couldn't PLAY it!

Jyoti Sharma

Why the game of not starting it loads 90% and says game servers are not reachable😠😠 please do something and reply if there is a solution

Kris Nach

Game servers not reachable? Try again No matter how many times I try and restart the game I can't get past 90% please fix this issue

NesBern10in Tom2Hamza


Kalen Alaxanian

Server has been unreachable for over a week

Anand Pawar

I have a problem when I try to open the app the loading screen says servers are not reachable that's why it doesn't open for me


The game was good but the servers are dead ig

Sweet Devil

Server problem

Phillip Miranda


Rikku Chellath

I can't even open the game. When I open it shows can't reach the server

chota gamer

Best game

Forhad Islam

please make a local multiplayer mode..

Harry Wisbey

Great game, however didn't actually load, great game once again

رضا علي

جميلة جداجدا اسمي رضا

Utpal Karmakar

This game is super awesome this game is super nice 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👍👌👍👌👌👌👍👍👍

yassin gaming

أنا ازاي احل مشكلة لما ادخل اللعبه يقولي أنه مثلا loading 90 وبعد كده يقف ويقولي عيد تاني ايه الحل

Roma Kant

Pls Developers, Game is good. But it have a issue 🙏 in multiplayer I cannot play with my friends when I send request to friend it doesn't show request, it take 2 hours. When Me and my friend is online it doesn't shows online. It is saying my friend is offline. I cannot play with my friends. Pls 🙏 sir fix this issue. Otherwise game 🎮 is good.

Yoshi Gamez

This game is something 😤

Hurren James

No offline :’(

Sureshta Sharma

Fast installing

شهد shahd Ali

The control is difficult and bad I can't recognize my player Don't install it 🤮

Ery Sam

Here gen

Azlinah Wati

Bruh you copy stumble guys

engineer dhirendra



Just a bad copy trom fall guys and I hope you get sued to death from the creators

Hridoy TH

Can't play with friends

Angela Tiffany Christiana

Not the greatest. Its pretty hard to walk in the game and its really laggy

Rama Rani


Sean gabriel Baluyut

The camera is DOOODOOO and the player is so fast that the camera is getting late and bro the sensitivity of the camera ITS OVER 9 THOUSAND


I rate this 4 star Becouse when you login it's long time to wait,and when you play the game it's lagging,more worst lagging

Nathan and Nunu's Way


Gavin Filbert

I Like it its HD now and smooth

Karan Nikam

Gamer fleet op

Vumika Irom

So annoying to many ads 😂😂😂😂🙄

Kevin Kur

I cannot play with my friend. I already add my friend, and he already accept it, too. But on my screen, he was not shown "Online" even though he was online that time. Vice versa. And also the control is not that great.


honestly, it was pretty fun *except* for the fact that obv u can't play multiplayer (or maybe u can, im not sure) and that 25 ppl always qualify, that just doens't really work out for me. also random but i feel like the cpus are having an advantage.

Amzah Am

Niceeeeeeee gameeee 😁

Zikk Gaming


Damodor Hondique

It is the worst game ever i played it is very bad game this is not like a game so font install this game but i give u 1. Star to fake everyone,आप jese log bohut jada gande hote hai aap agar muje mile to me apko mar dalunga ye game bohut hang karta hai Sorry i will joke it is very good game i give this game 5 stars

samia saqib

It's good game now I dont have to download fall guys

jaya mishra

Best fall guys copy yea

Anisah Maulidina

problem at adding dudes and seeing dudes online, both make sure other player are online but no dudes shows online

Phints Ivan Gandeza

A rif off fall guys

Raffiel Razziel Tanchico

Google play won let. Me play and needs my pass to enter my password to the phone bad game😠😠😠💢😡



Pawan Kumar

How i can do many tims dolowd but game is vary good ^_^

VILLAGE Vegetables

No comments

Hema Uniyal

Aalways aking to create a id i clicked not now again it appears

Abhishek Verma

Also copied stumble guys

Emmanuel Rayi

Game jelek plagiat game bocil kematian

Anushka Srivastav

Very good game

Chinmia Chinmai


nitin insan

I just download this game because I saw a video of this game and I like.then I simply download this game and when I run this game a blank page comes and says to retry.I did this for 8-9 times but it shows to retry even my internet speed was amazing.I hope you guys will fix this in the next update I will wait for that time.

A Google user

I love the game it's kinda error to


Its ok

Simran Motwani

Poor graphics

Harshit gaat



There are no ads in game but Game is in betwéen ads Worst greedy people

Dhiraj Choudhary

This game is so much good I watch in YouTube but When I start the game it was not loading or this is says sign in google play



Abhudya Raj singh

The game is Little bit laggy so solve this you will get 5 star

pavan phani gamerz

Waste game



Vikas Pandey

Hey I am playing on 4gb ram mobile on low graphics but it is lagging so do i need more ram by the way game is very good but please answer my question

Anjali Kumari

Don't try this game

SuryavirSinh Rathod

Worst game ever. I wish if i never had to give it a single star also, because it keeps hangjng over and again. And the tasks repeats again and again.

Lav Singh


Naqeeb Mughal

Wowbhai but the main problem is this that game is too MUCH glitching fix the problem and i will give you 5 star

Stephan Arnold

Fall guy copycat

guna FF

Super game bore adichichina intha game athunga

Tunni singh Singh

He is a good game 🎮



Lety Anjos

Jogo ruim da p.

Bhrigunath Sharma

Very bad game

A.S Technical

Very bad graphics

raleigh yadhe

Game babi banyak iklan NG3NNTODDDDD

Adi Pentakota


karthik nichu


Malkiel Simeon


Rekha A