Fairyland: Merge & Magic

Author: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.

100K+ install


Fairyland: Merge & Magic – Welcome to the merge island full of the most amazing pieces that you will ever merge! It looks nothing like your ordinary fairytales but is a unique collection of merge fables spiced up with true merge magic.

This endless world of wonder merge is full of possibilities. The sky is your limit!

Always dreamed about having a dragon? You can merge dragons, unicorns, leprechauns, or other fantastic beasts! It’s your merge world and your rules. Make your dragon merge now and have fun with your dragon farm!

Love playing collecting games or merging games? Use your mergefield to create your merge county, merge kingdom or even a merge universe and fill it with an infinite number of gorgeous buildings and creatures.

What merger is it going to be next?

Key Features:

• Familiar characters in new and exciting circumstances.
• Intriguing plot with an amazing main story and thrilling side quests.
• Countless new lands to reveal and discoveries to make.
• Fantastic merge puzzle quests to complete and rewards to collect.

Wonder what it’s like to have such a mergical experience? Stop questioning yourself and jump right into this fantastic merge game full of merge tales. If you love free merge games and discoveries, then Once upon a merge is a perfect fit for you!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.
Price: Free
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Customer review


This is a very fun game game to play.

Leighlou Treedore

Like the game BUT was surprised that it's ONLY one level. Very easy to play and something to do at all times.

Ronnie Harris


Misty Tarter

cute game. would like more room.

Diana Rodriguez

Beeeeeeeest' game ever mind intelligent ' Relaxing mind' when you got time free, play. And login alls Marge game , Collect game MARGE GAME. FABULOUS 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 👌 👏 👍 😍 💖 👌 👏

Andrea Cheek

cute game

Gladys Alfa Barro

i njoy plying this....

Carl Hamilton


Md Kawsar

Cvccfg Rt rewcu

Jenn Collier

I love this game!



misty patton

i hate the yellow arrows in this game


Not impressed

Tammi Strouse

This has to be favorite merge game!!

linda harrison

I really enjoy these kinds of games.


love these games i play all 3of them

Mamun Hasan Jihadi

nice apps

Nee O

So far is a good merger game. it gives options and more time to get p0ints.

Christina Hillegass

love this

Gift Onyinye

I love the game but the diamond should be increased

Janet Perez

Y is the game coming up small on the corner of my screen 😒 can it b fixed

Durlabh Deep


Mohd Shahrun

Best jugak

gloria creeger

Very slow game boring need to liven it up somehow

Boyet De Torres

Love this game...its kind of fairy and farming together...

Jenlynn Freyman

Nice game but it's a money buy game..you only get 50 energy every 4 hrs..you have to buy energy to play,or log in every 4 hrs to build enough energy to play!!! Great game,but I can't afford to play this game!!

Pholoso Nondza

Is perfectly fine

lotuscup hollow

love it,play on Facebook also and now I have app can watch ads for energy and ruby's.

Jesslyn Giawa

Is an interesting game ever

Maddy Davidsdottir

Absolutely terrible! Can't play it as it's just a box in the corner of my screen while the remainder is black amd it's a guessing game as to where you tap on the screen to move anything, I've installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, restarted my phone. I'm on s22 ultra, it shouldn't be that difficult. I'd understand if it was my partners z fold 3 but it works fine on that!

Zaitun Sayyed

Nice game 😉

Kamal Kumar

Vansh nice ☺☺

Mohammad Subhan

Nothing special but time pass

Cara Chappell

🧚‍♂️ land merge and magic is a Enchanted Game

Balram Singh



Good 👍

Mixo Chauke

I want the game

Adzminjohn Amirol

Enstoll Deem

Sumit Saini

E paper hai

Khan m Ghouri

Not AA bed game, 👍 nice

Norman Estebar

3de e eds ed3 EZ ze lbs ozezzzzeze dz ed, DE

Siti Noor


Mahboob Qasmi

Ylp bhi ...mm ftp

Dalea Nolan

Alot of fun. Doesn't suck up to much battery power. I love the fairy theme.

Nkjfffhuu Hhiijj

I love it

Anand Bhavargade

This game is so good but we want to wait much time to unlock gifts and we dont get money to niya thing

K Khan


Nanda Timsina

Iw ग १59५

Binod Sha

Htjuhhhhgh hai aur kuch nhi ho payega tu bhi AA Rahi hu hu hi nhi h e p p r u p r a g e t e t h o r u there mam kindly find attached herewith are m a e p r e e p k e e e p k liye h GH jgjgjg h GH jgjgjg a lot about a lot but it will help me out m not able help you get this out a few minutes back ki mbnshyidkfboe a few more questions m not m not m a lot better a few minutes before serving as m ki mbnshyidkfboe you can see it on GoDaddy hai e t a lot about you all my questions are m ki iiimurrf ha

Ndudirim Joyce

I really love this app

Jessica Onyinyechi


Jackie Gibbs

I give this two stars because it move very slow.

Joel Subido

Dahil magan daito laroin

Tez Laguna

Well, the graphics is really amazing. The game is also easy to understand. The cons are while waiting to refresh our energy, we cannot do anything and it will make us bored. And 24 hours waiting is killing the enjoyment. If you can lesser the waiting time and add optional activities for refilling energy this game would be great.

Aryan Dev


Be You

It's a very good app I love it 😀 it is very easy to get gifts 🎁

Shreya Biswas

This is very nice game

Chie Sueyoshi


Zaki'Yah Yisrael

Freezing, crashed


Love this game

Trish Williams

It's more about money than playing the game which is sad I liked the game .

Kitty Wu

I like playing merge games, but there two things I dislike about this game. There a timer on each treasure I gain, therefore I need to wait a long time to unlock. Secondly, there less options to buy energy because there are specific levels to buy a certain amount of energy.

Trish Williams

The game is fun and relaxing .I love the frog prince can't wait to get further in the game

Michaele R. Wilkins

I Love it.

Brittany Majors

Love it