Fairy Match – Puzzle and Magic

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Welcome to Fairy Mansion! Complete exciting match-3​ levels, ​restore​ a beautiful mansion​ and save famous ​fairytale​ characters: The Little Red Riding Hood​, ​Puss in Boots,​ ​Cinderella​, ​Snow White,​ The ​Little Mermaid,​ ​Rapunzel,​ ​Prince Charming,​ Scarecrow​, The ​Tin Woodman​ and many others. It’s time to begin a new adventure​!
Create your individual ​room design,​ choose the best furniture and transform the ​hotel​ into a majestic place. Take part in a wonderful s​tory​ of the magnificent castle​. Crack ​match 3 puzzles​, gather fairytale characters and find out how their story ends in real life!
Game features:
● Remarkable and exciting gameplay: match 3​ gems, draw magic symbols and help The Puss in Boots to rebuild the ​hotel.​
● Variety of simple and challenging levels with special bonus awards: blast your cannon and blow up the ground!
● Fairy house and abandoned garden, riddles and secrets! Magic characters will share mystic tales from their childhood.
● Fairytale characters who got into the real world have lost their magic power. Find out the details and help them to return it.
● You write your own fairytale. Magic book is getting filled with new pages as you restore the castle.
● Advanced graphics, impressive animations, and fascinating scenes – this game is a perfect choice for magic fans.
Complete your mission, ​decorate a​ new fairy house of wonders. Renovate​ and ​build​ a throne room, kitchen, playroom for kids, dance hall and other parts of the house, make it cozy and welcoming again. Start a new story with a breathtaking narrative and unexpected turning points!

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Update time: Apr 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FairyTaleGames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Helen G

I really want to play more of this game because it has superb visuals, but it only has 200 levels and there hasn't been an update in ages. When I was a narrative designer we worked in weekly sprints but for some reason this company isn't putting the same kind of energy or investment into this game. The English translation is poor too.

Rosanna Pesta

💖I love your game.💖

Andrew Ross

This is a really good game to play on and I think my friends will like this game like I do to

Abigail Blair

It was fun, but as soon as I unlocked wardrobe options it would ask me to tap and nothing on screen would change. I restarted my phone, restarted the game and even uninstalled the game and nothing helped.

Myroslava K

Well... First levels, "tap to change the look"...and the game is stuck. Pity. Looked nice.

Samantha Cadd

Absolutely adore this game! But, I've come to a standstill in it already as there are no other chapters unlocked. Waiting impatiently for the devs to release more. 😭

Arlondo Quinn Sr

Fun & relaxing

Maryanne Webster

I love this game its so cool

Nikola Nikolic

I LOVE THIS!! I absolutely adore how unlike other Homescapes copies, this game has a DIFFERENT house entry, but my favorite aspect of this game is definitely the graphics and the attention to detail, and honestly seeing all the effort that went into this i have to say congratulations to the creators this is AMAZING!

Ashley Wyant

I wish it was longer

Jamie Moore Weaver

So cute. love this so far! Great graphics

Renee Blackwood

So glad 😊 I came across this game!So far it's awesome. Great 👍 job l give it many stars 🌟 🤩 ✨️ 👏 peace ✌️ love ❤️

Paul. G

Update 4/7/22 Are your making anymore levels still says coming soon. Also when you play the game there is still only one booster, it says other boosters coming soon. I'm still waiting it's been months. Or has the devs given up on the game which would be a shame.

Angela Kelly

The story line behind this app is entertaining and interesting. Tasks, puzzles and games are simple enough to be challenging but not over the top hard. The ads aren't too bad but still annoying as usual. The main reason I quit playing was because of the trivial amount of redundant tasks requiring a "token" to perform. You know play match game, get star or whatever and then a task a star or two. This one wanted a token for mundane stuff like talk to Joe, token to end day or new chptr. SMH

Hana Riley

Love this game! Some glitches but still a great game. Finished the game when are more levels going to be added?

Jennifer Brewster

Great so far

David Bulfoni

Graphics mediocre and the game screams WHATEVER

kimberly gilpen

I have been waiting for the library to open for a week. Otherwise I like game

Magdalena Muniz

Just started playing so cute love it

Els Thielemans


suja 24

Nice but next levels are not updated

wanda Jones

I love everything about this game. The graphics and story are amazing! The match 3 is awesome and the choice of extra furniture is a BIG plus. I've played alot of match 3 games and you have to play this game or you're really missing out. A big 2 thumbs up.👍👍

Noelle M

It doesn't give the option to choose from the wardrobe no button there have to close the game as there is no way to pass it

Ken Rosso

it great

Firestarose WzW

The game itself is nice, but it lags and freezes ALOT, sometimes even forces me out of the game, i have to uninstsall until this is resolved which is a shame because i really liked it

Samuel Urquhart

Froze that's all

Zaitul Akhmar

I like this games.. 🥰

Lemau Nguyen

Cause this game the best game ever played

Aiman Aizat

I like fairy match.

Muhammad Adra

What a beautiful game, thank you

Laina Freeman

Love it

Leeanne Scott

The storylines and characters are awesome however it does seem to lag as suggested which is a pity as its one of the few Ive enjoyed playing and find myself wanting to see the outcome...... plus its not the same house and entrance or same boring levels to pass as in many of the other games out there. 29/5/22 - sadly today Im uninstalling the game as its having trouble loading every time I start. If you keep trying eventually it will load and the actual game is very cool but frustrating tbh.

Shadow : Anxious Trash

Absolutely amazing! I love this sweet, beautiful and relaxing game!:)

Gaoxue Zhu

very diligent game, beautiful graphics, creative plots, like it!

Michelle Fortin

Love this game 💕

Helen Walker

Lovely colours!

Varsha Unni

I can't open this game . It's keep crashing 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tara Eggers

I'm really liking the game. Would have given it 5 stars but now I'm waiting for new content.

Kimberly Chua

I am captivated by this game and how much love and care is put into this fantasy world! ✨ could use a save progress feature though 😅

tatiana barber

I can't get past picking Red Riding hoods new clothes. Nothing is there for me to pick

Kera Atchley


Cory Cain

Really fun game to play

Samira Salamat


Yang Fuxiang

Awesome fun and steady great game...Hooyah..

Neha Muhammad saleem

This game doesn't work I open the game but he not open

Martha Moreno

love the the way the characters look..so cute just cant seem to go any further in the game.so i may come back to it later but for now..not happy with it.

agatha ivana

stuck on loading screen...please help

Alex Katsilas


Pearl Tan

Game stop responding when changing wardrobe

oli goswami lahiri

Love this game ..add save progress


So fun

Hermela Nicole Garlet

It blackouts

Stephanie Wagner


Diana S Lee

It's Alot Of Fun Too Play This Game 🎮 And It's Relaxing 😌 😎 ☺ Too ??!!

Jenifer Aldamuy


Susie Callihan


Doris Pena

So far so good this game is awesome

Nicole Ivey

I've just recently started playing. So far I'm loving it, great storyline, graphics. I'll be back to either go up to 5 or down

Debbie Dee

Excellent and exciting game

Michelle Hall

I luv this game

June Pugh

Got as far as the end of story to the front door and it kept blinking off so I had to delete it. Very disappointed saw video of it thought it be fun..😔

Elizabeth Digilio

I love playing remodeling games, especially with "Red Riding Hood" and "Puss 'N Boots"

Michelle Scierka

I am not too pleased! I downloaded the game thinking it would be cute and fun!! I got through the story part okay but when it goes into the game itself the game freezes while a little blue light/orb or whatever it is flies around! Than it freezes my cell so badly I can't get out of the game. Please fix these bug issues thanks!!

Bethany Sparkman


Ashley Brown

Fun relaxing and exciting but sometimes the game freezes can you fix the game

SLN 9113

It is so cute!I love Fluffy!

Kimberly Irvin

Freezes to long

tracy benedetto

love all the characters

Gail E Dunn

I restarted my device 6 different times and game freezes everything on my stylo6 . all my other games are fine only yours isnt. Btw fairy match has malware virus in it thats why ppls phones are messed up . unstalling and cleaning phone hardware corrects this problem

Philisa Hoffman

This game is fun to play now

Christina Metcalfe

This game freezes up and has a black screen. Now the phone I have is an LG Stylo 6 and the Android version on my phone is a 10 which by the way could handle any game versions that comes my way. Please fix your game because it has alot of potential and I really would like to play your game but please just fix the issues I mentioned above in this comment I greatly appreciated very much thank you for your time. Sincerly Christina LG Stylo 6

Stephanie White

amazeing love it an it keeps ur attention to

Theresa Rogers

Locked up my phone right away. Glitchy until then. I know it's not my phone as every other game works just fine.

Mark Kevin

Excellent performance

Julieta Malonzo


Jennalyn Relibo

Jennalyn gruop westlif phelippene jennalyn berenow Relibo

Glo Anne Habelito

I love it

Ronald Fleming

Love the game can not wait for more updates keep up the good work

Vanessa Topham

I have an S21🤔, really hope you get a handle on the crashes, this game has potential

Maressia Smittick

Amazing and magical and fun and relaxing 😎😎 Perfect and very very cool

Ryan Waymire

Its a fun, but for some reason the game keeps freezing mid level and then completely crashing. I have. Sometimes it is the first game I play and it still lags, then freezes, then crashes. It is not my device because the other games I have work fine.

Mother Mari

Such a beautiful, fun game. Love the graphics and the story.

Debbie N.

My scanner says..'Dangerous read external storage'

teresa Haine

Enjoying the game so far 🙂👍

Ed Edwards

What a gem well worth playing

suzanne vachon

Fun game

Greg Fields

The. Games. Are. Fun. To. Do. Is. This. a. 🏀. Ball. Game

Tammi Strouse

Very adorable and fun

Aretha Street

It freezies up everytime you start to play

Patricia Revere

App kept freezing and throwing you out. Had to delete. I have a Motorola G Power 2021.

MandyLee Goodwin

Most certainly one of thee most ADORABLE match 3 games I've come across... Ever!!!! Thanks for such a wonderfully delightful game. 🔮🪄💫

Caden Hanson

the coffee counter animation is taking a while

Tara Artis

Fun game

Gloria Klassen

Adorable art and character design. I like the challenge of the boosters, as they are a little bit different than your regular match 3 game. Nice to see a wholesome and positive storyline too.

Whitney Miller

I have a Samsung galaxy A12 and I have trouble with this game because it lags and crashes. I don't think ita my phone because I don't have issues with other games.

ashley rivera

I love this game it's very addicting and the graphics are amazing ... The story line is adorable...

Michelle Hawkins

I like the game. But it keeps closing down

Van pamikiran

I love your game, because there's no bug, I don't see any bug in your game. Can you add more secret plss,or more fairy tail characters that lost there memory.i love your app And can you ad some event plss

Christina Lavin

Fun and good graphics

Sharon Bradbury

I like this game at the minute would recommend