Face chasing – If you are not careful enough, you may end up in that place, the place some call Face Chasing the Backrooms of existence, a hellish dimension of infinite maze-like constructs, each level pushing deeper into the despair.

Could you, a normal person find the way out? Dive deeper into the horror of the backrooms as you descend into fear. in this horror game, explore through the multiple levels of Face Chasing , maybe the only way out is to descend until it’s the deepest level as you survive its monsters and deadly traps.

Face Chasing is a horror game that focuses on stealth, trying to hide from enemies if you hear them, as they may have already heard you.Collect items to help you on your journey, do not waste them for no reason as they are scarce in the horror mazes of the backrooms.How many corridors are there?

This Face Chasing game will get you lost inside a room as a dreadful feeling dominates you. This scary journey horror survival game is not for the weak, infinite maze-like corridors that scream as you adventure through them. As they descend further into darkness, you’ll explore various levels of the Face Chasing.

Use your mind to find the only way out of each level, looting for items in a survival-like experience. Keep your eyes open for danger, traps may be around the place, and each one could mean your end in the most evil ways possible. Be guided by hope as you avoid despair, you must return home, no matter what needs to be done, so keep your eyes open. A dangerous place, the horror awaits in the dark, keep your hopes up and keep going.

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Update time: Oct 2, 2022
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