Evolver World

Author: Sunday.gg

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Transform your DNA

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Update time: Aug 9, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Sunday.gg
Price: Free
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Customer review

Princess Heart

Alot of Ads but, Some ads are short, I'm not complaining about it Also, love it, So quick and easy ❤️💯🥰 I love your guys game 🤩

amanda rogers

The ads never stop! There are so many ads it feels like every time you do anything you have to watch an ad.

pari joonz

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Ryan landry

Was fun but now it's bugged won't let me complete a dungeon, I beat it but it just doesn't register, and doesn't progress. Now the game is useless.

Babychan Palliparambil

How you get other animals evloves

Babar Khan


Madest Mad Max

More ads spam games

Tarsius Kindo

This game is very very very very very very nice and so cool game in the world 🌍

kyle barry

Good game but want let me evolve pets with pet needles!

Michelle Carlos


lia son (Xx.Gacha_Panda.xX)

eh? is that it?ive reached level 75.you have actually made a good game that i was loving but now there is no land to buy..nothing to do.not evolving anymore either.....75 levels???? :((((( please tell me there is a update..

Jyoti Saini



Currently stuck, no place to go

Olivia Mazzotta

The app is nonfunctional.

Navin Joshi

This game is lauda

Lovely Kumari (Indian working mom)

This is the best game i have ever played in my life

Epic Yoda

Epic game

Lourdes Rodrigues


Daniel Jhon Fernandez

Mud nor enGooI Nd! Idk? Idk👍

aayush Parmar


Jonathan Bancuyo

It's really good but there's a problem while in the 5 Island the dungeon challenge when I finish the challenge it doesn't give me the healing I finish it again and again and again and I think maybe you can fix this bug.

Ho Tuyen

Is the turtle stage the end

Prithvi Agarwal

It won't open on my phone for some reason

Pammi Shetty

Very coll install now I'm not saying this secret

Kumar Rajiv

Add world 2 where all locked powers are unlocked and unlocked are locked also you can go back to world 1 if you want

Margarita Aleinikova

10 more updates pls and great game dude

giraffe pansy

App would not open Uninstalled and reinstalled did not fix the problem

Reyli Arsola

You can't even get in the game

Godzilla fan

I can't even play the game

Erin Thelus

This game is trash won't let me play I had to delete so many games to get this is it won't let me innnnnnn this game is TRASH

Tiffany Leagan

Qwdggetterksc. Frryg savannah


Fix it please

Gabby La Roche

I can't even play I would give a 0

Mungus, Hugh Mungus

There is an ending that i dont like. The last thing you can do is run and fly. The other DNA bottles are earned from ads. I would recommend if you make more sections.

Lynn G

The most recent "improvements" have not only changed the style of gameplay but also enacted a rather disruptive ad pattern. I don't mind ads for free games, but this one already had a standard amount... Now you have forced ones, access option ones, no notice you're about to be forced out of the game to watch, and the ads option they are using will stop any app playing music or video you might be using while playing. Hugely annoying. This is third strike on such changes, so removing.


The game gets in the way of watching all the ads lol, socks just an ad hole

Wolf Bohnsack

I can't even play the game idk why I've tried everything I could it's stupid

Joel Lugo

I don't ever have the third evolution for the snake. Can you please fix the bug.

Arion Johnson


Quinn Sullivan


kailynne yang

The reason why I rated this a one because if I don't play for a couple months it resets all of my data so could you fix it?

Tyler Babcock

This is my little universe that one cheap mobile game combined? Epic!

Trevor H

This is a dumpster that is on fire it is absolutely useless I give it 0 out of 10 if I could give it zero Stars I would


When I tried to even load the game all it did was kick me out couldn't even play the game. Disappointed 0/10 do not play EDIT: All you have to do Is reinstall the game, when I stated played I couldn't stop but when you unlock a sringe DO NOT let your pets kill it it will not respawn.

Jethro Tull

I like it but it's lagging

Alisha Wymer

Its stuipid i glitched of the iland and froze in place i could not do any thing also very lagy

Selena Delgado

When I first tried it I couldn't even play it, but it looks fun!

Sebastian Seem

This game is alright... when it's not slowing my entire phone to a crawl, the concept is creative but once again the game is laggy as hell

Music_Is Therapy

I would give this game five stars if it didn't exit me out all the time

Ryan Dietz


Lori Dominick

Feg_&_5__ Fvdvfg

Jaxson H

This game if you get the helpers it crash your own game it really starts with what happens but if you don't get them you can actually get the whole game done without even crashing today and Mary came and rejoin it and it sucks if you get the helpers and once you get ram you can't get one back and if you get one and if it updates and you lose all your progress that would be good because you don't have your helpers anymore

Jesse Evitts

It let me do the tutorial then won't let me use the first syringe

Silvia Chavarria

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡it doesn't work 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

Stephen Lewis

I really, really like this game. It has a lot of involuntarily ads that pop up but you don't have to watch them. But I have one major problem. When you're killing an enemy with an injector, if you get knocked down or leave to heal and your animals kill the injector enemy, you don't get the injector, and they don't respawn. And if you don't have it, you can't go to the next area. Please help me🙏🏻! I restarted my game twice now and it happened again when I got to the first injector snake!

Mark Hastings

Love it but I can't get the pets

Gavin Fighter

This game is horrible its a game where u collect syringes to evolve. But I didn't get any syringes.

Nico Moriarty (Neeksters)

This game is super fun! Very easy to play. However, there are a lot of ads. Not to mention, the game itself Is super short. Good start! More content!!

Cormac O'Quinn

Great game.

baer mayo

Then I made a mistake so I deleted that the room installed it and now it's not letting me into the game and he was turning me back to the page to my screen and back to the App Store it was very good bro cuz I got to the Spider-Man but is very good but judge done nothing but good

Logan Ross

It's fun and addictive its just a shame it's so short since you can finish the entire game in 2 to 4 hours

Joseph Kuehl

It's good but it's bad the ads to get DNA doesn't work and I can't even kill one of the turtle crab things with out it 1 shoting or 3 shoting me.

Andrew Houston

The game was fun and it made sense in the beginning. Defeat dragons get wings. Defeat spiders get more arms. Then you Defeat snakes and get a giraffe head and Defeat wolf's and get horse feet? I still want to play but there's nothing after horse yet but it doesn't make sense anymore.

Kaleb Still

I wish I could do 0 stars bc in the middle of the tutorial I can't even get my first genetic upgrade bc I go into the tent and I can't do anything

Logan Drexler

TRASH it does not let me in and if it does let me in it glitches then it kicks me out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is just confusing. I just started playing this game but I don't know how to evolve. It just sits there and does not do iny thing

Robert DiCerbo

Can't progress because I can't get the 3rd injector for the spider otherwise good game. Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed it :) . I recommend adding a lion for a mane or a rattlesnake for a tail or a tiger for stripes (those r some of my fav animals :D)

John Henry

This game sucks it is unplayable when I walk it log's me out!!!!!!!

Jayden Myers


Seb Polish

Can't play the game I move just a little and it freezes or just kicks me out the game like what the hell how hard is it to make a game that works. I'd recommend you delete this form the app store cus what the point if people can't even play wan they just got the app

Isalis Calispal

I maxed out my evolution to Giraffe, but when I closed out the game and reopened it, my guy just spawned stuck in the ocean with no land to go to. This needs to be fixed

April Stallings

It is horrible I can't even move as soon as I go to move the game freezes then crashes

Lisa Norman

Used to be fun before the last update. I was maxed out on all evolution. Now I can't even do a single point of damage to an enemy and my guy is back to no evolution and just crawls on the ground like he's injured but the pedestal does nothing. If they fix it I'll update the rating but rn it's an unplayable dumpster 🔥.

Lovely Paul

Every time join the game it freezes so I have to keep on redownload ING it and sometime I still doesn't work if I do

Heather k.

Had to delete and re-download it

Tasha Peacock

Me and my son, Like the game. But it freezes, I have delete and re download it everyti,everything I we play. And we ply on different devices. As well as it not letting me pass the turtle shell level. Or allow or let me use my coins to expand the island. And I can't collect the point from the wagon. The helpers collect for me!! How do I get to resolve these problems it's frustrating

Cracka Lanteria

I only give it one star bc all i can manage is the tutorial part then it stops doing anything