Evolution of Species 2

Author: Evolution of Games

1,000,000+ install


Before you open a huge world, which is teeming with life! Thousands of planets with millions of inhabitants who seek to lead the food chain. Choose one of these planets, create your creature and go to conquer a new unknown world!
Help your creature evolve from the simplest resident of the microscopic depths into a vivid and unique creature that can stand for itself.
Use your imagination and create the most unusual creature! Show it to the world! Share it with your friends or compete with other online players.

Game features:
– Participate in evolution! Create unique creatures using a flexible set of settings, dozens of different body parts and many color options for them. Countless unique combinations!
– Choose from thousands of planets available for life, compete with bizarre inhabitants and become the strongest one!
– Develop your creatures in clashes with real players around the world. Prove that your creation is invincible!
– Share your creatures with your friends and add their creations to your game. Find the most unusual form of life!

Detailed info

File size: 36M
Update time: May 15, 2021
Current version: 1.0.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Evolution of Games
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

Kayden Tan

Can we create many monster and our monster can fight together?

El Andy Weyyy


Limar Atim

Good game for a biginer like me

voilet Reaper coy jr.

Would give better review it just needs a little more make more body parts if you're never going to make a higher tier level or perhaps do both those things you don't have to make it exactly like spore but if you made the story advance to at least being above land that would be worth 5 stars no problem please put these into the game would love to enjoy it again it just gets too repetitive after a little bit

Rasha Odeh


Parth Chonkar

I love this game

Dorothy Steller

This game helped me get to know evolution. I play it every day!

A Google user

This game is good but all it needs is More stuff

Jenni Garcia

It crashes way too much

Mel Bolly

Cool game. Verey fun just if you can go on land.

Nat Nat McGee

Can we have a creature stage edit: i cant understand that

Argy Nod

Huge amount of ads ruins enjoyment.

Ian Araiza

It looks like... game cool

Bonnie Stivers

I love the amazing mutations on the game!

Anya Roberts

The game is full of glitches. I already Uninstaller it. Until they fix the glitches, I recommend to not waste ur time. It crashed my phone 3 times before I said f it.

Kieran Derbyshire

Who's clever idea was it to put adverts across the main game controls?!

decena them

If you add creatuere stage I'll give another five star. But now it's kinda bad? Byeeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyèyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyyyeyeyeyeyey3yyeeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyey idk what I just did but any ways add it

Angela Barton

There seems to be differant music appearing in evolution of species 2,, it happened a few times but not sure why that's happinging even with its own music playing ,, and a sort of medieval type music going at once it happens on both one and two of the game just to let you know,, you mentioned that there was going to be a land part going to be added,, and don't know if this music is to do with something like that or not very confusing. Though I would let you know that it's still going.

Soham Solaiman


Felicia Baltzley

It's fun but honestly I wish we could leave the water because it would make it a lot more interesting and we could do a lot more with the game yeah it might take time but it would totally be worth it.

Rob Xedrik Villarico

Gameplay is decent, I've spent quite alot of time on the game but then suddenly my game crashed and now I can't even press the play button..

Mary Grace Cantos


Andro Meda

Nice game,but keep updated you game,fix lag and Reduce ads

Anne Niem Go

Good enough for me

Rhys Williams

Can you go on land?

Lukas Jurva

It was going well for most of the time, but then, MY DATA GOT LOST! AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO SAVE IT!


its a good game but there are alot of bugs you're probably asking me what are the bugs the bugs are one of them every time that you play the game every now and then it will glitch out and kick you out of the game which is not really the good but then other times it's decent and almost like spore just only one faze

Berica Laamow


Sima Sil

The badest and worst game ever

Fyfj Ftudy


Nelsa Napoles

How to make stuff to evolve but I'm going to just put a five-star

RedkirbyFan 1

I can't download it


Ads I don't care what anyone says, but ads do not need to exist especially in mobile games, you already make money from people buying other things so y do ads need to exist and even then, why, see this is y mobile games suck nowadays constant ad upon ads. It needs to stop. If you want your ads keep em ill find an AD FREE GAME TO PLAY. Those people clearly know what they're doing unlike u guys.

tankman ugh

It is fun and exideting and exelent It is the best

Vũ Gia Linh


LaKesha Smith

Amazing such a good fan game so fun and easy


If if would run for more than 5 minutes it would be a 4 or 5... as is not so much

Kenjie Navalta


Riley Petersen

I was really looking forward to playing this game,when I open the game it just instantly kicks my out

Natascha Benni

They will never upgrade the app to have the creatures evilve to land or space, there will be no successor to spore. The developer studio was closed many years ago, Maxis Studio is no longer available for Spore and therefore there will be no sequel.

shadow bon animations

I absolutely love the yt vids of spore creature creator and would love to see an entire spore like experience for my phone because I dont own a pc so if its Within your capability I would highly suggest that you make the land or creature creator portion to your game all your users would boost the love from your fan's and soon your game can get to big YouTubers then your game can be all over the internet than you can make a toy company that makes custom creatures and cells toys to make some......

Marijana Loncar


mr, oof


Purple Armor

This game is cool and creative👌 I like it

Parker Wilson

This is super fun but can you make it so I can go on land pls be like spore I can't afford spore

Winston Spence

Constantly crashes.

Lakshya allahabadi


Kaitlyn Salisbury

Somehow Fun

Retro Gamer 545

Please reduce the lag when i play and level up the lag kicks in its very annoying because I have to restart the game to play properly and add some other special AI ocean bosses

Izeckiel Dave Monterozo

⭐⭐⭐⭐ :) good hello 🤩 Happy 😁 yes Evolution :)

Wowomeme Memesoso

I have a question when can I go on land I'm level 27 I review this as a 4 star

Hawaiikawaii Pinky

very good game.👏👏😳😳😰👍👍👍👍👌👌🤘🤙💪🤘👊👏👏👐

Jh Liaw

👍👍👍👍👍 I like.

Richard Moscoso

This is a great time killer I spent an hour playing it instead of doing my homework And it's not a complex game

Ivy-Ann Prestin

I like it but there's to many ads can you lower it ?

Lorenzo Bautista

Intro: create and name a spicie! if you die your spicic will respawn!

Lisa Wiles

i like it becuase it reminds me when i played spore a long long time ago

Aditi Nepal

Hey,if your seeing this rn I have a part request.its gonna be in the power section(charge,dart,thorns). maybe add a level 17 item called the beam. description (use this to blast your enemies away!). Its gonna be 120 dna,and its gonna have 2 colors.one for the inside and one for the outside.just tell me if your running out of ideas! :)

Jd Pomareño

Man why did you not put a tutorial for adding new parts

Kold Tomb

This is literally spore's cell stage the simulator

Kathlene Ane Cabaña

Can you please add a creature stage or make the max body length more long please

Deepali Tripathy

This game is really good but I am bored of swimming and eating things endlessly this game needs another stage


Hmm interesting

Candra Wijaya

Add Land

Jessica Dil Zaman

I really REALLY Want the game to have 5 stages and every stage your brain grows. The stages will be called cell,creature,tribal,civilization and cities.

Roman Rivera

I Like it so much it likr spore but cooler im buying this game!!

The Jolly Buddah

Game is completely broken. Can't create a working creature and crashes consistently and I'm playing on a galaxy s20

Marc Burlasa

The game is Great! But can you actually add more stages of life like in spore the six stages are: cell,creature,tribe,civilization,space,and God (which is at the end of the game and is not exactly a stage)

Raven The zombie comedian

I like this game is for closest thing to a pocket spore game and I hope he makes more and keeps updating this game

MasterBlaster 9456

Game can't run for more than a minute without crashing. Terrible

Dreaming of starlight

Spore rippoff. I can't even get out of the primordial soup it takes weeks on end

Jaro Harden

Do not bother

A Google user

Cool I made it all the way to land creature

Darel Lemonson

Movement is so slow I die of old age before I get a single point

Marisol Quizol

I cannot play this game this game is super suck

Kelly Brown

If you want spore get this app don't listen to Colin bright


Forced ads fk you

Joe Pileggi

Not an impressive game. Doesn't go past the stage shown. Boring.

Alex Haney

It is basically a low quality version of Spore by Ubisoft, prepare for legal action.

Moloto Mahloane

I want the game to be more like spore. I try to download the game from Google but nothing

Vyrone Ballelos

Make a land stage pls i will rate it 5 if you make land stage

Nam Ch

When I exit out of an ad the game just shuts down and its kind of a ripoff of spore plus you can't even add parts

Akio Noah Navora

Its been 4 years were together but now im back again😃

Hayden Brice

It didn't let me place new features on my creatures

Rayyan Hayder

When I play the game it keeps on crashing and freezing. This makes the game less fun and shortened the playtime making it boring. Please fix this so I can have fun playing with my creatures


pov: you wanna play spore but youre broke


As much as I would love it to be more like spore, it is understandable to why it's near impossible to do so much for a mobile app, it's a fun game, nice time waster for long waits


This game won't work for me when I go in the game it immediately stops

Randy Donahue

Was good before the ads, now it just stinks


Loved it so much that I was sad that I beat it in like 20 or so minutes then I was like.. ok is that it I want more

Jero Oden

Well it constantly freezes, i cant save and uhmm ads make it worse. Of course another app with ads, then some civil but fake response from the creators if any. Just dont bother, nobody cares about what they make as much as the money it makes them.

Jaxson Koontz

a grate game just needs more modes or even like a land mode and you could chose one water or land

Jonas Karlsson

its god

jinky busoy

i played this game when i was 8 it was AMAZING🤩😍 i love it so much ok pls get new update🥰

Miku _the_stupid

Super nice :D

Husain Nafaa

This game is very laggy but iys great I like it YOU SHOULD TOO NOW PUT A 5 STAR NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW


This game don't work instaled😭😭😭😭😭😭

Julie Truong

this is fun!

Lo Le

I would give it five stars if it evolved to a creature on land

Alex Constantin

Okay game for a ripoff version of something, but the AI damage is ridiculous. A small cell 50x smaller than me comes and kills me nearly instantly. Other than that, ok game.