Evolution: Jurassic

Author: Kay Perry

10,000+ install


Evolution: Jurassic

Evolution: Jurassic is an evolutionary leisure mobile game.

There were countless dinosaurs on the earth 200 million years ago.

You are a newly hatched dinosaur. How can you survive in this world?

You are very weak, but there is a lot of food for you to choose from.

Devour weak dinosaurs and then evolve into larger dinosaurs.

Become the king of dinosaurs and rule the planet!

Devour low-level dinosaurs to become more powerful dinosaurs!

The more you eat, the stronger you are!

Strive to be the strongest king of dinosaurs!

Dynamic game play! The battle situation on the screen changes rapidly. You must keep moving to avoid being hurt!

Survive in this world and become the last God of dinosaurs!

There are simple and beautiful pictures in the game!

Easy to use control! As usual, the games we build have simple and easy-to-use controls!


● interesting and addictive evolutionary mechanisms

● rapid combat

● all kinds of strange and distinctive dinosaurs.

● free play

How do you play?

● operation mode: sliding up, down, left and right

● avoid high-level aliens and defeat low-level aliens

be careful

● suitable for all ages.

● you can play offline at any time.

● adapt to various equipment!

● the game includes banner ads, insert ads and reward video ads.

Invite your friends to join the challenge and compare who is the real God of dinosaurs!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: February 7, 2022
Current version: 0.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Kay Perry
Price: Free
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