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Evil Nun Rush
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Evil Nun Rush
About this game
Discover the new and addictive experience of the Evil Nun universe. Progress through the game, save your progress and come back every day to discover all the secrets of the past of William Bismarck, the blue handed child, with the new narrative cutscenes.

Enter a world of fast-paced short games where each floor is unique and will increase in difficulty as you overcome the puzzles and boss challenges that Evil Nun has prepared for you. To that end, help yourself with a series of power-ups that will allow you to face these challenges according to your playstyle.
A game that will keep you trapped within its content, that will expand with new scenarios, puzzles, challenges and fragments of the story.

Some features:
★ Escape from the Evil Nun through Eagle’s Junior High School landmarks.
★ Floors and puzzles are randomly generated, so all levels are unique.
★ Level up by completing the story mode and collect coins to get new power-ups to take on the Evil Nun.
★ Unravel the secrets of the Magic Cup as you discover the story of William Bismarck, the boy with the blue hands.
★ Regular updates filled with new maps, puzzles, enemies and interesting cutscenes.

If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror and fun, play “Evil Nun Rush”. Action and scarejumps are guaranteed.
Playing with headphones is recommended for a better experience.
Let us know what your thoughts in the comments!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Today
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Keplerians Horror Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Twinkle Mendiratta

Best game in evil nun game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I like it

brent necesario

Boring, just like the maze game, and also scaryy, and also loooooooots of ADS

Jamael Faeyza

I rate this a 4/5 because I really need a practice mod so can you please add it


It's very good game🙂 But there was no Gummy!😣

Sai Sankalp Das


Lamar Mohammed

I rly love this game and they r the best with horror games there is stories behind every game like ice cream 1'2'3'4'5 and 6 ,I am so excited for Mr. MEAT 2 and ty for Keplerians u are the best of all .

Pukkuplays Channel

This game is nice! But Can you remove some coins from the second inventory area I mean the power-ups inventory and sometimes I stuck on the ground and evil nun comes near to me :( But this game is usually very nice liked it soo much 😍👌

Charity Shirley

Add practice mode there will be 2 rules on practice mode Sister Madeline (Evil Nun) can't see you and there will be no ads and can you make power ups free and add 2 skins the normal skin and the skin from evil nun 2 with the normal skin Evil Nun is have to carry her weapon with the skin from evil nun 2 she have to use her hand and slap me and add a setting when you can customize the speed and add souls

Preet Kaur

I love this game

barad bakhshayesh

it was great and we are still wating for chapter 2😊

Parth A dhaturiya

Noob game

Youssef Mahmoud

This game is really cool

Dharasingh Kurasi




Stefan Collett


Ezekiel Katabira

Good Game tbh keep it up keplerians

Prahlad Borgoyary



It is very good, however it is repetitive. Why does the last chapter of the story mode now have 4 levels? Besides, buttons and keys are now boring. Maybe add something else.

Carlanthony Amper

Its Great but there some bugs like when I finished the 3 star mission in story mode,the screen turns black.

Jennifer Castillo

PART 2: I played the game tomorrow and I waited for the black screen to load and IT WORKED!

fakhra naeem

Worst kepleriand game ever made!first after a lot of hard work i completed story mode and upgraded William and lost all of my progress please fix it

Azzan ali hassan

Good 👍and wonderful game


Good game but freezes too often.

sukla sneh

Bad to much bad game

Tazim Siam

So so so so beautiful and so nice Evil nun rush gameplay now

Qurban Ali


Reeta Davi

Hii plz add levels plz 😩😩

Maria Isabel Guanzon

This Game is so very challenging and evil nun is fast I see roostel Mr.C Keep develop game I love your game Keplerians Horror Games I'm waiting a Mr meat 2

Ginny Rawat

best game i had ever seen.

Evil sister madeline

I like it:) it is better than evil nun maze but only one problem sometimes the game gets freezes and ok that game need to get 5M+ downloads soon! I will wish!I am your big fan keplerians!!!!😊😊😊😊😊


Wow evil nun rush is my favorite game but whare is chapter two update ?

Remya Babu


Sheila Almaden

Hello Keplerians! Please fix this problem. I have so much memory space but the game loads so long. I just even get bored in waiting.

Joaquín barrera

Keplerians you fix this bug, when I do the chicken challenge I get stuck and the blue elevator is open already. Please fix this bug as soon as you can,thank you 😄

Apu Deka

Beker game

Nana Mulyana

I still lost my all progress and game always freeze after playing along time.

Tapati Ghosh

I scared with horro game but I don't scared in this horror game cool game

Roy Gharzeddine

Great game but i played recess mode and i got sevrel cans but it only gave me one please fix it as soon as you can

Laisaan Azzam Ahmed

I don't not say about this

Gokul Raju Rama Raju B.L

Gokul Sgfds Ccvb

c k

Very good game

pakistan zindabad

so hororr

Monika Sarda

This is the best game ever

Asadkhan Khan

This game is not good, but the first one was good, it was the best.

Khadija Ismail

Best horror game ever I've been in level 12 and it was a little hard but I got through it overall it is a good game.

Sonic Gamer

Nice game

F A R H A N. K H A N

This Awesome wow Super duper hit 😁

Vinod Singh


Jeremiah Podes


Rick Carroll

I was waiting to play this game for so long


Very best game in my life but please keplerians change the chase music of evil nun rush please

Adnan Rahaman

I dont know how to say this but when you have all the expiant pack in chapter 1 and then you dont have much coins for chapter 2 thats my problem bc i dont know what aothere way to level up william

Mohd Azri Jamaludin

Geme ini sangat menakutkan saya suka geme ini dan saya telah menamatkan geme ini.

Shamindri Senanayake54

awesome game. I am super excited for chapter 2 of this game,wonder what it will be. It is a realy unique horror game. But o


I liked this game the most but when I reached 7 floor it stats laggy so can you please fix this and in last floor of chapter 2 put gummy.

Pramod Sharma

This best good game

Rn:27,Partha Bhusan Kashyap

Op game level 161

Ananadhi K

Semmma ,❤️❤️💗💗💕💕😘😘😗💋🥰💯💯🔥🔥🔥

Gaming Zone

My favorite devolpers in the world

truptirani pramanik

Now as u updated Keplerians level are much more easier. Seriously this game is much easier than maze also. But a thing I would ask u to reduce amount for slots it is truly an insane work. Collecting coins by stickers and watching ads will take even weeks to unlock both slots. Keep the price of 2nd slot at least 3500 and second 7000 to 9000 pls it is so hard to collect coins and before update in recess mode coins were reappearing but now not. I want that thingas after 3 mins coin aredone.request

Mc Mok

I love Evil Nun Rush is so besttttttttttttt

Farhanur Rahman

Nice.👍👍👍🎊👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯💯🌈🌈please some bug fix

parth palak raghu

Not Horror but ok

Kumariadevi Govindarajoo

Scary and cool 😎

Leverne Baker

I like this because in recess mode as sister madeline gets angrier she gets faster and faster

Ahsan Ahmad

I hope chapter 2 of evil nun Rush

stories time

Keplerians pls upload ice scream 7 I can't wait I beg u pls

Vaibhav Pandey

Nice game

Karen Sunar

Please Sir you make ice Scream 7 please I am your games Very big fan 😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍

Ali Hossain

Best game ever I played and literally I love it

Jordan Mainit

Hi It's Jordan Mainit the hell is that that was 6man you want to do this weekend and I will my winner is a picture of it and send it I'm sure he will my winner of the mask is Halloween costume and the lost city work to get out here and the game scary movie with you guys and baby sister and the lost city of gold worth it 5 the end this is a picture of the mask is Halloween costume for the shaving cream maker recipes for money 💸 the end of the mask is Halloween costume for the end this is a goo

Ej Geaugh

The game is awesome and it gets hard every level you go

kiya 22

very very very good 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

Kamalika Paul

You lower the difficulty of getting the 3 power ups because the 2 nd is 5000 coins and I cannot pay it and I got a very big bug which in the start of every level when I move the camera and it does not move and the screen is jammed due to this I lost 33 cards which I have collected in 4 levels i exit the game and when I restart it shows only 1 card this is very bad but the game is good I like it and when I press the chapter 2 button it shows that I have to buy coins from the store and all is fin

Lilia Rastrollo

very good

Lovely Consulta

The game is the best and fun levels and power-up

parnajit saha

This game are very beautiful

thomas white

Edit: I've finished everything the story but the skills for William it's just to expensive to upgrade him all the way what I do know is endless I'm at level 161 but every level has the same thing Keys now I don't really see the buttons on endless so that's why I keep evil nun maze. But after that I can say the game is good and can't wait for the game to be updated more and I can't wait for chapter 2!

Elizabeth I

Vera level game anna

Tanu Yadav

Good game❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Yudesh Nandranie

Very good graphics but the only problem that you guys have to fix is this: sometimes one of the blue buttons that you have to press is on the table in evil nun rush thats why i cant press the buttons,and also when sister madeline gets you she didnt hit you with the hammer she only stares at you and when you go back into a level it glichtes you out and you cant walk and youre stuck please fix this Keplerians thanks 😀

Pari Guddi

Good game I think is not bad

Priam Eros

I love it🤩🤩🤩🤩

Steve & Sam

I like this game but it crashes and laggs a lot . I have a lot of space , updated and everything . But still I like this game . But evil nun maze should not be deleted

Anirudh Papta

Fix my game my game is reset without any reason

Mayukh Chakraborty

Superb but it has no practice mode to play so please fix it then the game will become popular in the world because it is so much good and the graphics are so much realistic only it has no practice mode otherwise the game is too much good superb if you add the practice mode that the enemies can't see us then we can play so much.

Shagun Upadhyay

The best game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

5 solitude Alishba Yasir3855

Great game but oftenly it gets freez i dont know why but its cool Cool graphics Cool level's

Avanti Barve

Best game but only when I play in endless mode i got the cards but i didnt get the prize coins also my pre registration reward

Tristan Barber

I Love EVIL NUN this game runs great and is very playable

Bharanidharan SK

The game is good and best.I give 5 stars for this game but when I reach luv 4 William enters the labyrinth but the game freezes and never recovere this happens to every level pls look into this.Its spoiling the mood to play this game

Alex Gamer

I give 5 stars BECAUSE! I want you! And developers are make a new game like! Granny4! Added new ROD ORRRR EVIL NUN ORRRR MR. MEAT BUT. First make ICE SCREAM 7 😀😁😀😁😀😁 PLEASE OR LATER YOU AND DEVLOPER CAN MAKE GRANNY4 OR ICE SCREAM 7 BUT NOW mr.meat2 FIRST.

Tarannum Momin

It is better than e.n.m.e. e.n.r is more good excellent ✡️✡️✡️✡️✡️

Dinesh Kumar

This is good make fast chapter 2 coming soon android ios I am waiting for chapter 2 make fast ok release date 15 August conform coming soon android on android app store not released update ok so make update on android ok no ios ok

Kenrich Albern



Evil nun is so bad

Aditya Roy

this is good and I have some glichs when I buy something my money gets wasted and I didnot got anything and I completed the endless mod till 20 but I am not getting any coins pls fix it because coins is the main thing in this game

Nanu Kanna

His game best game


Love My Game Evil Nun Rush

Hello Friend

The game hangs alot in start